This book is a collection of poems that captures the various moods and emotions of a person. In the film, Collins plays Snow White, whom most of us remember from Disney’s animated classic as an almost childlike princess who innocently warbles with hand-drawn birds. It was really fun to play her, because while she’s holding a sword, fighting with the prince, she’s also wearing ball gowns and corsets. And honestly I don’t know how to approach … From The Hunger Games to Brave, we’ve seen strong-willed teens willing to fight for themselves and others. PI: In today’s culture, do you believe fairy tales are still important? PI: What sorts of lessons do you hope people going to this movie will take away, particularly when you’re talking about girls? Earlier this year, I had a chance to talk with Lily Collins, who plays one such princess in Mirror Mirror (recently released on video) for the Official Plugged In Podcast. Mirroring a conversation partner’s gestures, expressions, posture, vocal pitch or tone can reflect rapport or a desire to please, research shows. Be the first to ask a question about In Conversation with the Mirror. Each poem is a manifestation and a reflection of our very internal thought that wishes to be let out gently, and sometimes, subtly. Build Your Connection First. She’s kind of passive. In Conversation with the Mirror by Ayesha Rahman. It’s nice to disappear for a little while into this world where adults can kind of recreate those kid-like qualities in themselves as well as having kids revel in their imagination. Mirroring creates an unconscious effort to destroy that intimidation, and create a feeling of like-mindedness that is helpful in all situations. I wanted her to be [reminiscent] of that original version at the beginning, almost devoid of personality and unaware of evil versus good, because she’s not been exposed to evil, really, that she’s aware of. The poems do not stick to one style, but explores myriad genres. Fairy tales are so well-known, universal and timeless that families can bond over them and disappear from issues for a little while until those bonds become more secure and families can take them back into reality. Mirroring your partner can be achieved by copying speech patterns, body language, pace, tempo, tone, volume and vocabulary style. Although it is not solely responsible for breaking the ice and completely diminishing a person’s defenses; mirroring a person’s communication style can absolutely allow you to increase your effectiveness throughout the conversation. This year, we’ve seen that princesses can be more than beautiful. Every year it grosses so much money and there’s so much advertising out there, and it’s so in your face everywhere you go. LC: I do, especially with the world today, issues going on and what families are faced with every day. Movies are, by definition, trendy. You can hear more of what Collins has to say by going to our podcast homepage and clicking on episode No. Almost a caricature of an animated princess, but not quite. Refresh and try again. LC: Well, never once does Snow White herself look in a mirror, so she’s very unaware of her beauty and what it’s doing to people. PI: Why do think there’s such a focus in our society on beauty? Welcome back. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published This specific type of technique is extremely useful in business situations of all types, and can be used to better communicate with people you’ve just met, people you want to make a good impression with, etc. We’d love your help. saving…. She takes her destiny into her own hands. If the person is soft-spoken, it is more effective to speak and communicate on their level, therefore increasing their level of comfort and allowing you to communicate with them in a more conscious way. By using these techniques, he is able to enhance his ability to make more connections, and build his business by forging great relationships, based largely on first impressions. Does it come from the media? LC: Even with the bird. Filmmakers want to make movies that folks want to see—movies that’ll grab their attention and, hopefully, bring them back for more. by Notion Press. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.