I see that phrasal verbs are difficult to acquire but I think to say that formal verbs are “wrong” might be misleading. I am aware that return is already used for the phrasal term go back but I think it is a more accurate representative of put back and restitute is even more accurate than return. ändert sich im Englischen die Bedeutung des Verbs, je nachdem, welche Partikel gebraucht werden. Native speakers use phrasal verbs without giving them a second thought. READ ALSO: Tips and tricks for IELTS Academic Task 2. Even though phrasal verbs are common in spoken English, you shouldn’t use them in academic writing. ; Go after. Maybe you have heard the word ‘awesome’ which is an informal word meaning ‘very good’. However, there are also some exceptions. Here are some common phrasal verbs with the verbs that you can use instead. A phrasal verb is actually a verb made up of two or more words: the main verb with an adverb or preposition, or both. Following are few examples of such unsuitable phrasal verbs. You cannot deduce the meaning based on the two words alone, they can be difficult to find in a dictionary, and they are different from one English speaking country to another. This is particularly true when they have a similar word in their own language, for example tolerate in English and tolérer in French or tolerar in Spanish. Enago Academy offers comprehensive and up-to-date resources for researchers, publishers, editors, and students to learn and share their experience about research and publishing. ). I appreciate for your describe and introduce these phrasal word, if you can, could you please give an address to study about the phrasal words ;of course free and not to purchase; because in my country”Iran” i don’t have any accessibility to VISA,MasterCard and etc…. Therefore, they negatively affect your academic writing because they make it unclear. Academic writing must be clear and informative. Phrasal Verb Types . The main reason why you should avoid them is that phrasal verbs have different meanings and therefore have a negative impact on clarity. e.g. Wearing the correct type of clothing will reduce the risk of radiation. They are multi-word verbs and can be separable or inseparable. This makes them difficult for non-native English speakers to understand. For instance, the word “carry” means taking some object from one place and moving it to another place. She taught Business and Academic Writing at the University of Massachusetts Boston. For teams and individuals. e.g. I do not think replace has the same meaning as the phrasal term put back. We’ve already mentioned that phrasal verbs have many meanings. e.g. This is the message that we want to communicate to the public. I won’t tolerate it! He takes after his father. How to Assign Authorship & Contributorship, Fulfilling the Trust: 50 Years of Shaping Muslim Religious Life in Singapore, Encyclopedia Of Thermal Packaging, Set 3: Thermal Packaging Applications (A 3-volume Set), Theology and Science: From Genesis to Astrobiology, An Editor-in-Chief Shares His Insights on ‘Avoiding Ethical Issues in Academic Publishing’, An Editor-in-Chief’s Advice on ‘How to Avoid Desk Rejections of Your Manuscript’, Enago’s Author Workshop at Yonsei University for Korean Researchers, Author Outreach Program by Enago: A Big Hit amongst Latin American Academics and Research Professionals, This “sets” it “off.” (NEVER This “sets off it.”), These results suggest that it would be best to, Delete or remove (e.g., The irrelevant paragraph was, Shape by cutting (e.g., The DNA model was.