But she has continued to create a welcoming environment in her home in the midst of it all (usually a delicious candlelit breakfast by the window with tea when I stop over). WOOHOO! Please leave a comment! I was so immersed near the end, I was holding in my tears on the flight home! Do you actually remember your grocery list after you’ve written down the items you need, even if you walk off leaving it on the kitchen counter? They may not see it as such, but we know better. & Virginia Price, Ph.D, The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele, The Enneagram – A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr, The Wisdom of the Enneagram – The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Riso & Russ Hudson (one of my favorites), The Enneagram in Love and Work by Helen Palmer, “Every rhythm and atom of existence are spaces in which the kingdom can come, in which the story of God’s love can be told anew, in which the stuff of life can be turned marvelously into love.” Sarah Clarkson. But most days we were able to take some time for listening prayer, journaling, reading for delight, going on unhurried walks, having meaningful conversation, and taking fun excursions with our kids. My desires for my family are fixed on these ideals, and I don’t know how to accomplish them if we spend much of our life in front of screens. His ability to communicate our human desires and longings are outstanding. The leaves have changed, but only to yellow here in the mountainous, desert-like climate of Colorado. The second stanza begins…. I’m fortunate to have one copy of Journal The Word Bible (NKJV) to give-away. My temptation is to look for how I can work more to gain more material things. What we learn as adults is carved in ice.” – David Kheridian, poet. Type 1 (Reformers) – Realistic, conscientious, and principled. I feel it too. A self-help book may give seven steps to living a successful life or give a simple, un-nuanced message about quitting negative behaviors. As Glenn mentioned, it certainly wasn’t always easy as much of our time was spent with our four children. Reading great books over and over again helps the richness of their words sink deeper and deeper with each reading. ‘Ennea’ is Greek for nine and ‘gram’ is Greek for drawing.The Enneagram is represented by a nine pointed star within a circle and shows how you are primarily motivated and how you view the world. Knowing the history behind assessments helps, but I also typically wonder if various personality tests have any scientific validity. Our preparation for Sabbath looks like scurrying around an extremely cluttered house, picking up books, clothes, papers, random food bits that should have been dropped only in the kitchen area…since we have a rule of only eating in the kitchen and dining area…except that I have children who don’t always listen and walk around the house humming while eating crackers and dropping crumbs along their path. Next, we headed into the recreation phase of our trip by heading out on a two week road trip through the Midwest with our whole family. Sabbath is the time to receive silence and let it deepen into gratitude, to receive quiet into which forgotten faces and voices unobtrusively make themselves present, to receive the days of the just completed week and absorb the wonder and miracle still reverberating from each one, to receive our Lord’s amazing grace.”. We are passing on a life, not just information. My prayer is that this podcast brings encouragement to women and families, and I would be honored for you to tell others about it. Type 8 (Asserters) – Direct, self-reliant, self-confident, and protective. Of course, since we have four children under the age of 12, these lines blurred a little, and we needed to include more recreation into each day in order to keep them occupied and us sane. I hope they will learn an abundance of character lessons by reading  great stories— more than they will by my lectures on what ‘they should do’ in any given situation. Read more Read less. She can wander under willow trees and hear the sweet whispers of the wind. (I get it: he spends a lot of time reading, writing, thinking, etc, while I can’t wait to get time to do any of the above!) This online event is based on my new book, Awaking Wonder. Need to be needed. Both Inside Our Family & Outside in the World, Awaking Wonder: Catching Up with My Friend Sarah Mackenzie, Girls' Club: Cultivating Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World, Modeling Christ to Our Children During Times of Conflict : Leah Boden. I’m aware of those who are struggling with cancer and hope to live another year. (Wendell Barry’s Jayber Crow is a great example.). Need to be against. You might see yourself in a character or find it easy to empathize with them. They grow in rest.” — Mark Buchanan. In the midst of my own pain, I’ve neglected to do some of the new family practices I had had in mind for this year. Here are a few sabbatical reflections from Glenn…, “Sabbath is a time to stop, to rest, to delight, to play, and to be renewed by the Creator and Sustainer of all things. If I could only point my wand and have a healthy meal appear. In our home, we aim to spread before our kids a broad feast of books to read and for us to read to them. Last week, I began my second book by Saint Augustine, The City of God. Looking through the window of a beautiful Victorian home, I saw a park filled with gorgeous cherry blossom trees. When leaves are turning red; As we share an experience through reading aloud together, we also begin to truly enter into the story God has been creating for the past thousands of years. Nor can we suppose that the life messages passed on by those institutions or authorities are in agreement with our own philosophies. The aspens have change to a gorgeous gold-like yellow blaze in the prime of fall. Then, in college and into early adulthood, I skipped reading fiction, thinking it was a total waste of time. I have to admit, as much as I enjoy our autumn season here, I dearly miss the memory of fall in the Midwest. I have a strong desire to eat healthy, but eating healthy seems to mean spending endless hours making your own dressings and condiments, chopping vegetables until your hand hurts, and well, not eating any sugar. I had the great privilege of having to use mine as a child. Since we live in a fallen world and various life events can interrupt a perfect Sabbath day, I’ll take what I can get. She mentioned feeling like taking a 24 hour Sabbath, as the Bible suggests, was almost impossible considering all the factors and stresses of life in their current situation. ), serve a family member (as they do reluctantly), or…create a nature camp or ballet class for their siblings (as Sophia and Norah are fond of doing for the younger two). The gayest of the year; So, we’re starting again by going back to a symbolic act at the start of our weekly sabbath, lighting a candle. Read it; you won’t regret it. Reading is something I love to do. I believe He gave us His Word so we may know Him and glorify Him. When we listen to someone reading, if we’re reading anything worthwhile, we’ll hear sentences with great language, flow, and structure. This absurd tale is full of humor and you might find yourself laughing out loud along with your kids. This means our plans will be constantly changing; we will grow and be stretched, developing life-giving goals in the scope of our moments. Learning, growing in curiosity, pondering ideas, and creating new thoughts are not dependent primarily on academic studies or finding the right curriculum. The LifeGiving Home book is an inspiration to open your home and to be hospitable to your family and others within the limits of your personality and God’s timing. Our struggle itself can be the carrier of joy, albeit joy in disguise. She recommends the reading of what she calls, ‘living books’. There are numerous books out there that have a captivating story and are also wonderfully written. Type 4 (Romantics) – Sensitive, warm, and perceptive. Years after college and grad school, because of the prompting of some close friends, I once again got on the path of fiction reading with To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Do you ever feel as though there are certain statements you say to your kids that you think you’ll be saying forever? Catalyst 2015, catalyst conference, leadership, Orange Conference, Reggie Joiner I’m live blogging from Catalyst Conference. But in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself. Time in front of screens may not be harmful; but it takes up the space for doing other things which are far more beneficial…and beautiful! But alas, the magic of food appearing hasn’t happened yet. I liked the sound of reading a ‘living book’ to my child— much better than a dead one, I suppose! He can continue to bring His kingdom about in His world when I am at rest. When I take the time to journal my thoughts and impressions, I find I become more aware of how God is speaking to me through His Word. Yet, I had to possess the wisdom they needed before I could pass on this wisdom. —Sally Clarkson, Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Child's Heart to the Beauty of Learning I am so very excited to share 9 Ways to Create a Life-giving Learning Atmosphere in Your Home in an online conference sponsored by Christianity Today. It’s easiest to identify our type if we think about how we naturally were prior to age 25. “Most of the things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. (Most Enneagram Type 5’s out there are probably asking this same question!) It seems easier to connect to the longing in our hearts when we come face to face with a physical or emotional challenge. Self-awareness, perhaps contrary to what some might suppose, is not actually a selfish pursuit. December 1, 2018 10:00 am . My family has some things in the common with the Clarksons— our love for music, books and art to name a few. When I have a quiet moment, which is rare, in a house alive with four children, I hear the ring of a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow my kids have been working on memorizing. We thoroughly enjoyed this dramatized version of The Hobbit. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to rest, be renewed, and delight in recreation with our family.