The campaign of 1796 which led to the awakening of the Italian people to a new consciousness of unity and strength is detailed in the article NAPOLEONIC CAMPAIGNS. When you go into explanations, it’s like admitting that your No is offensive. The immense and incalculable problems involved in the rise of Japan, the awakening of China, and their relations to the European powers and to America - known as the Far Eastern Question - are comparatively but affairs of yesterday. The awakening of death. 2. Some have proclaimed the awakening of Wi-Fi to be a moment of panic on Google’s part. Sleepy sickness was brought to popular attention by the Hollywood film ' Awakenings ' starring Robert de Niro. 132+3 sentence examples: 1. For a lot of them, this is a rude awakening. 5 February 2020 inasentence. Her career on Broadway is extensive, with plays such as Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening, and she appears on some of the original cast recordings for these plays. What’s with this “school-kid chic” costume trend, also shared by Broadway’s “Spring awakening”? How to use awakenings in a sentence. GREAT AWAKENING, the name given to a remarkable religious revival centring in New England in 1740-1743, but covering all the American colonies in 1740-1750. At the time of the "Great Awakening" of 1740-1743 and afterwards, Chauncy was the leader of the so-called "Old Light" party in New England, which strongly condemned the Whitefieldian revival as an outbreak of emotional extravagance. Raj Dasgupta: Technology is one of the main reasons why we have so many arousals and awakenings … Witness the Awakening of Illidan Stormrage: Description Light's Heart is to serve as the vessel for Illidan Stormrage's rebirth: my last act of service to the Light. 2. In an eco-friendly culture awakening, you may want to consider going green whenever you can. In 1995, she had a spiritual awakening with an Angel. THE 5 awakenings will be led by Sri Preethaji who is a mystic philosopher. In a parallel survey of 224 first year university students, I found that 83% claimed to have had a false awakening. The fury he'd felt since awakening from the dark place the Black God kept him started to fade. An impressive announcement of the Easter Communion Service, made by the Rev. He had not to deal with the opposition of a recalcitrant monk, but with the awakening of a nation. The heroic but foolhardy attempt of the brothers Bandiera, Venetians who had served in the Austrian navy against the Neapolitan Bourbons in 1844, was the first event to cause an awakening of Venetian patriotism, and in 1847 Manin presented a petition to the Venetian congregation, a shadowy consultative assembly tolerated by Austria but without any power, informing the emperor of the wants of the nation. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The dramatic improvements that followed were later documented in his book, Doing this will completely use your gauge up, so it’s almost always a better idea to enter this mode and fight until the gauge is almost depleted, then activate your ability. In addition to these great and beneficent changes, means were taken for developing more rapidly the vast natural resources of the country, public instruction received an unprecedented impetus, a considerable amount of liberty was accorded to the press, a strong spirit of liberalism pervaded rapidly all sections of the educated classes, a new imaginative and critical literature dealing with economic, philosophical and political questions sprang into existence, and for a time the young generation fondly imagined that Russia, awakening from her traditional lethargy, was about to overtake, and soon to surpass, on the path of national progress, the older nations of western Europe. Examples of Awakening in a sentence The car accident was an awakening that helped the teenager fully understand the danger of texting and driving. A great example of this is in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis include a pus-like discharge and crusty eyelids after awakening. sleepy sickness was brought to popular attention by the Hollywood film ' Awakenings ' starring Robert de Niro. The awakening distresses. There is something extremely delicious in these early awakenings of the tender passion. He considers " bodily effects " incidentals to the real work of God, but his own mystic devotion and the experiences of his wife during the Awakening (which he gives in detail) make him think that the divine visitation usually overpowers the body, a view in support of which he quotes Scripture. It is our vehicle for awakening. He wrote Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga in 1966, about the time that more Westerners were awakening to the benefits of yoga. The Bororos of Brazil fancy that in that shape the soul of a sleeper passes out of the body during night-time, returning to him at his awakening. Examples of awakenings in a sentence: 1. The word "awakening" in this sense was frequently (and possibly first) used by Jonathan Edwards at the time of the Northampton revival of 1734-1735, which spread through the Connecticut Valley and prepared the way for the work in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut (1740-1741) of GeorgeWhitefield, who had previously been preaching in the South, especially at Savannah, Georgia. The idea here is that since they're "good" and you've cut the ties with your old habits, you can now safely ease up a little on the anti-carb stance without awakening the now slumbering cravings. © 2020 His face was not a pleasant sight to behold on awakening. The list which follows includes some of the more recent works which illustrate the history, manners and customs, and awakening of Korea: British Foreign Office Reports on Korean Trade, Annual Series (London); Bibliographie koreanne (3 vols., Paris, 1897); Mrs. 2. As much as 6 percent of the world’s population may experience sleep paralysis, the inability to move and speak for several minutes after awakening. These mesh with other principles within Kriya yoga, which stem from awakening the loving and divine being (or inviting the divine into the physical body) through meditation. In this exclusive LTK interview, Dr. Kevin Emery, on awakening psychic abilities, discusses how he gave up a corporate life to become a spiritual teacher and medical intuitive. 2. That it’s not Ok, unless … awakening in a sentence. The movement came at a time when the idea 48. Some believe the song is about sexual awakening, while others believe the song is about life as a homosexual. A happy awakening, although it went too far in establishing royal absolutism; and a victory too complete, in that it enervated all the forces of resistance. The Renaissance and the Reformation were awakening extravagant hopes in the minds of the German peasants, and it is still a matter of controversy among historians to what Tb extent Luther and the reformers were responsible for ~ their rising. Awakening sentence examples. Episodes persist after a schedule of preventive awakenings. Example sentences with the word awakenings. The opening of these will quickly bring the awakening of your latent psychic abilities. The story of mankind's spiritual awakening, and of the part we play in it. The awakening distresses. Despite the fact that with the exception of the period of the "Great Awakening" (1740-1742), when he preached as an itinerant in several neighbouring colonies, his active labours were confined to his own parish, his influence on the religious thought of his time in America was probably surpassed only by that of his old friend and teacher Jonathan Edwards. This series of calamities was accepted by the Doukhobors as a punishment from God, and a spiritual awakening of a most energetic character ensued. In 1969, Dr. Malcolm Sayer (Robin Williams) is a dedicated and caring physician at a Bronx hospital. During the graduation, the seniors experienced a reawakening and felt a sense of pride around their alma mater. Lummis, " The Awakening of a Nation " (New York, 1898, previously in Harper's Magazine), are valuable as giving information (especially the last named) and points of view. Some of those who were discontented with this decision retired from the preliminary parliament, and a few of them, of republican sympathies, called the population of Upper Baden to arms. Prepare Yourself But awakening the kundalini is not always going to be helpful to you if your mind is not clean. No mere synopsis can adequately convey the strangeness of cinematic vision expressed in Awakening of the Beast. great awakening in a sentence - Use "great awakening" in a sentence 1. After the slow awakening, the palate builds with cherry liqueur, cassis, plums and fleshes out with dark chocolate, leather, and earthy bits of brambles and oak. Current revision A few words mid this morning awakening. Among the Baptist leaders gained from Congregationalism as a result of the awakening was Isaac Backus (1724-1806), who became the New England champion in the cause of religious liberty and equality, and the historian of his denomination. 4. Morality, important though it be as preparatory to the "higher life," does not alone lend itself to that awakening of the spiritual faculties without which progress along the Path is not possible. To quicken this by awakening deeper insight into the real objects of "faith," as these bore on their actual life, he develops his high argument on the lines already indicated. Scientific zoology really started in the 16th century with the awakening of the new spirit of observation and exploration, but for a long time ran a separate course uninfluenced by the progress of the medical studies of anatomy and physiology. There was to be a rude awakening, however, for all at Elland Road. It shows us the Lord Jesus entering on the mission predicted by the Baptist without declaring Himself to be the Messiah; attracting the multitudes in Galilee by His healing power and His unbounded sympathy, and at the same time awakening the envy and suspicion of the leaders of religion; training a few disciples till they reach the conviction that He is the Christ, and then, but not till then, admitting them into the secret of His coming sufferings, and preparing them for a mission in which they also must sacrifice themselves; then journeying to Jerusalem to fulfil the destiny which He foresaw, accepting the responsibility of the Messianic title, only to be condemned by the religious authorities as a blasphemer and handed over to the Roman power as a pretender to the Jewish throne.