To us Extraction means to mix the substances well and separating. The equation for the reaction of benzoic acid and water doesn't exist. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. Double Displacement (Acid-Base) Reactants. C6H5COOH ( benzoic acid ) = C6H5COO- (aq) + H+ (aq) Ka = 6.46 x 10^-5 Balanced Chemical Equation. ), reproduced below, indicates that C2 is diamagnetic. benzoic acid + NaOH ---> water + sodium benzoate, HC7H5O2(aq) + NaOH(aq) ---> H2O(l) + NaC7H5O2. I am really struggling with this and don't understand a thing!!! 1 Answer. for other one try this link The aqueous, sodium benzoate could be converted back into benzoic acid by adding HCl into the solution. © 2020 Yeah Chemistry, All rights reserved. write equation for benzoic acid + NaOH + HCl? All Rights Reserved. For the best answers, search on this site, benzoic acid reacts with NaOH to make sodium benzoate, (sodium salts are very soluble: C6H5CO2H & NaOH(aq) --> Na C6H5CO2(aq) & H2O(l) Na C6H5CO2(aq) & HCl(aq) --> C6H5CO2H & NaCl(aq), HC7H5O2(aq) + NaOH(aq) ---> H2O(l) + NaC7H5O2, HC7H5O2 + NaHCO3 ---> Na+(aq) + CO3(aq) + H+(aq) + C7H5O2(aq). Who was Hillary Clintons running mate in the 2008 presidential elections? C6H5COOH ( benzoic acid) = C6H5COO- (aq) + H+ (aq) Ka = 6.46 x 10^-5 Benzoic acid dissociates in water as shown in the equation above. Top Answer. What is the complete chemical equation for ethyl 4-aminobenzoate and 1.0M hydrochloric acid? The benzoic acid still remains in the organic layer and repeating the addition of NaOH and extracting the aqueous layer each time can minimize this. COOH The reaction of Sodium hydroxide and Acetic acid (also called Ethanoic acid) represents a net ionic equation involving a strong base and a weak acid. Reaction Information. Why is the periodic table organized the way it is? There is no reaction, thus no equation. The equation for the reaction is shown below. The balanced equation will appear above. I have a 1993 penny it appears to be half copper … Source(s): retired chem examiner. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. C6H5COONa + HCl ----> C6H5COOH + NaCl. Jim. A 25.0 ml sample of an aqueous solution of pure benzoic acid is titrated using standardized 0.150 M NaOH . Benzoic acid with NaOH Balanced Equation: It is because the product, sodium benzoate is ionic, that it is very polar, which makes it, more soluble in water than benzoic acid was. C6H5COOH + NaOH -----> C6H5COO- Na+ + H2O. 1 Answer. Trending questions. Then we obtained approximately, 2 grams of benzoic acid. Trending questions . Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? After the solute had been separated and the aqueous layer was placed on ice, 6M HCl turned the solution pink and white solid began to form in the solution. 7 8 9. Still have questions? Relevance. The acidic portion of benzoic acid is the carboxyl group, and it reacts with a base to form a salt. Table: 3 Compounds Water 1.0 M NaOH 1.0 M HCl Benzoic acid Soluble Soluble Insoluble Add 6.0M HCl insoluble Ethyl 4 aminobenzoate Insoluble Soluble Soluble Add 6.0 M NaOH When the benzoic acid was added to 1.M NaOH a soluble solution was observed.