We tried and tested 21 tomato ketchups to find the best. ★★★, Tesco Dijon mustard55p for 185g, tesco.comDefinitely looks thicker, firmer, with a more solid texture. We asked 100 regular tomato sauce eaters to compare Heinz original, Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt, and No Added Sugar & Salt Ketchup to see which they preferred. Whether its to dip our chips into or to dollop on a burger bun, tomato ketchup has been a staple in our cupboards for over a hundred years. Some testers picked up on a delicate paprika note and most commented on the well balanced, smooth finish. This actually tastes like mayonnaise and not like salad cream.★★★★, Taste the Difference mayonnaise£1.50 for 230g, sainsburys.comSalad creamy … this would be good if we were tasting salad creams but we are not. Overall Score: 75/100With its vibrant red colour, this sauce has a sweet and sour aroma that some testers found a little vinegar-heavy. Slightly odd moussey texture. Zingy and tangy. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. It burns on the finish rather than being flavourful. So probably worth trying if you love the iconic original Heinz Ketchup but want to cut your salt and sugar intake. Tastes like it has that mushroom ketchup mixed into it. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. ★★★, Marks & Spencer sriracha sauce£2 for 290g, marksandspencer.comRelatively spicy. ★, Tracklements strong English mustard£2.09 for 140g, ocado.comLooks like it came out of a baby. Good warm heat to it and, lest we forget, this is chilli sauce. A deep red, pulpy ketchup with specks of spices. New Which? Not quite sharp enough. But is it really the best-tasting ketchup? Not as strong as I thought it would be, probably not what you’d look for in an English mustard. This can get its coat and leave. Not tomatoey at all.★, Stokes real brown sauce£2.99 for 320g, ocado.comVery dark. Not as spicy as I’d like. Strong.★★★★, Essential Waitrose Dijon mustard72p for 180g, waitrose.comThis one looks more yellow-y. Best Black Friday deals for 2020 revealed by Which? You can’t tell the difference. Smooth, creamy, with a fresh mustardy flavour. What are supermarkets doing about plastic? It almost has a Christmas-pudding vibe to it.★★, Cooks’ Ingredients sriracha£2.25 for 240g, waitrose.comMore noticeably sweet at the beginning than the others, and more rounded. This sweet and tangy condiment is the third-best selling condiment in America, so we set out to find the best-tasting … Though recently surpassed by mayonnaise as the country’s favourite, this familiar sauce is still an essential. The fairest way to administer our experiment is a blind taste test. Deep red, smooth and thick in consistency, our panel devoured it with their chips. The cheapest ketchup was the best. Sandwich maestro Max Halley tastes and rates condiments, Last modified on Thu 28 Mar 2019 15.53 GMT, Asda real mayonnaise70p for 500ml, asda.comThis is nice. See more of the best food and drink – we’ve taste-tested white wines, steaks, olive oils, gin, beef burgers, bacon and more. Heinz tomato ketchup £2.55 for 650g, ocado.com This is the smoothest, the most emulsified.Looking at it, it has the smallest bits in it. BUY IT: Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup, $5 for a 32-ounce bottle on Amazon2. The Best Non-Organic Ketchup: French'sIf you don't care for the mark-up associated with organic groceries, … Extremely creamy, slightly like salad cream. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Slight sweetness to it. Our panellists rated the three ketchups, ranked their preferences and scored the sauces on appearance, aroma, taste and texture. … While it wasn’t judged to be as smooth or thick as the original, and our tasters didn’t think it looked quite as attractive, it’s worth a try if you want something slightly different to regular ketchup. ★★, Bramwells English mustard35p for 200g, aldi.co.ukGreat colour, you’d slap that on a renaissance painting. Lots of sugar and it feels bitty in the mouth. Ultimate trick to get ketchup out of a bottle, Asda launch Hot Dog Pizza with mustard and ketchup, We found the best vegetarian tart for Sunday lunch. It has a simple, sweet tomato aroma with tangy vinegar note. It’s not that strong … is it saltier? Eco Buy recommendation reveals the most sustainable appliances. From the more tomato purée-led flavours with authentic, homemade appeal to those with a familiar, sweet and sour taste, each sauce still uses just a few simple ingredients. This looks the most like dijon. The flavour is deliciously sweet and concentrated with a thick texture and refreshing tangy finish. Buy it for £13.19 from guardianbookshop.com. I don’t like it. We asked 100 regular tomato sauce eaters to compare Heinz original, Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt, and No Added Sugar & Salt Ketchup … It’s not very well emulsified. Our panel enjoyed the deeper, fruity tomato flavour with perfectly balanced sharpness and added garlic, This smooth and vibrant sauce has a sweet concentrated tomato aroma with a tangy vinegar note. ★★, HP original sauce£1.85 for 425g, ocado.comIt’s got a musty mustiness to it, like a back-of-the-cupboard-for- ten-years vibe. Good sweet and sour finish. Research was carried out by consumer research specialists Wirral Sensory Services. Tastes a bit like wet socks after a long walk, like damp leaves. What would any burger be without a slather of the favorite topping. The winner will surprise you. The flavour is subtle and inoffensive with fresh tangy tomato notes. It has a slight wibble about it. There’s a nuttiness, like a rapeseed oil flavour. A dark red, smooth-looking ketchup with a pleasantly rich, baked tomato aroma. Not all that punchy in flavour.★★★, Asda hot English mustard37p for 180g, asda.comA muted yellow … quite nice, some sweetness. The flavour is natural and sweet with a well-seasoned finish but some testers found this slightly lacking in vinegary acidity.BUY NOW Ocado, £2.49 for 300g. It tastes damp somehow, but it’s zingy … deep and sweet and vinegary.★★, Tiptree brown sauce£2.15 for 310g, ocado.comVery sweet, almost raisin-y, tastes like molasses or muscovado. Shares some flavours with fizzy cola bottles, which as a Haribo fan I rather like. ★★, Sauce Shop sriracha£2.99 for 250ml, ocado.comI do not like this at all. Tastes more classic. Good sweet and sour finish. 0 stars, Bramwells Dijon mustard35p for 200g, aldi.co.ukPunchy! Rubies Rubble Ketchup (Ocado) 70/100, £2.99 for 300g, Heinz 50% Reduced Sugar & Salt (Ocado), 70/100, £1.75 for 435g, Tesco Tomato Ketchup, 68/100, £0.68 for 550g, Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup (Ocado), 67/100, £2.95 for 580g, Real Good Ketchup Tomato No Added Sugar (Ocado), 64/100, £2.20 for 310g, Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Ocado), 64/100, £1.75 for 460g, ASDA Tomato Ketchup, 63/100, £0.67 for 720g, Farmison Handcrafted Tomato Ketchup, 62/100, £3.95 for 250g, Mr Organic Italian Organic Ketchup (Ocado) 61/100, £2.49 for 480g, Lidl Deluxe Tomato Ketchup, 58/100, £1.09 for 280g, Foundations and concealers for flawless skin, The best long sleeve dresses to buy right now, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Prices correct on 31 October 2019, excluding special offers on different sizes. Home » Recipes » Condiments and Sauces » The Best Homemade Ketchup – Made with Fresh Tomatoes! It almost has a tomatoey freshness to it. Prices correct on 31 October 2019, excluding special offers on different sizes. ★★★, Tesco brown sauce90p for 465g, tesco.comSo shiny. It’s got little bits in it … I wonder what they might be?★★, Heinz tomato ketchup£2.55 for 650g, ocado.comThis is the smoothest, the most emulsified. But if you’re looking to slash sugar and salt, or are just looking for something different to and more tomatoey than the original, this could be for you. I think this would be really good tempered in mayonnaise. They felt it wasn’t as smooth or thick as the original – so it may not be quite what you’re used to. The Best Ketchup for Your Backyard Barbecue If you haven't tried these 14 tasty varieties, it's really time to ketchup. Max Halley is the author of Max’s Sandwich Book (Blink, £14.99). One thing we can state as fact is that Heinz is the market leader for ketchup. It also has the most sugar (22.8g per 100g) and salt (1.8g per 100g). Strong. A delicious bargain, this ketchup should always be your cupboard staple. The No Added Sugar & Salt ketchup fared the worst of the three, but many of our testers commented on its richer and more authentic tomato flavour. This healthier option has more tomatoes than the original – 178g per 100g of ketchup – and unsurprisingly, given its name, half the sugar and salt – 11g and 0.9g per 100g respectively. I think mayo should be a little firmer. Of the three Heinz ketchups we tasted, this one has the least tomato in it – 148g per 100g of Original Heinz compared with 200g per 100g in No Added Sugar Ketchup. It’s yellower than the others. The sweetness was balanced with the vinegar kick and the flavors just popped, especially when tasted side-by-side with some of the other big brand offerings. Extremely thick. The original came out top, but the 50% Less was judged to taste so similar that you could be fooled for mistaking it for the original. Velvety, smooth. Why is it so lumpy?★, All items blind-tested. A very smooth, bright red sauce with a tart tomato aroma and very tangy tomato flavour. The panel especially enjoyed its tanginess and sweetness. It also has less sugar and salt than the 50% Less ketchup – just 4.4g of sugar and 0.05g of salt per 100g. Satisfyingly sweet and sour. My favourite.★★★★, Marks & Spencer hot English mustard£1 for 180g, marksandspencer.comLooks like chicken liver parfait dyed mustard-yellow. It performs the task you want from ketchup.★★★★, London Steakhouse Company posh ketchup£3.25 for 250ml, ocado.comFancies itself as a posh ketchup. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Where to buy the best ready-made roast potatoes, Best flavoured smoked salmon for Christmas, Best dessert centrepieces for Christmas 2020, JOINT RUNNER-UP: Sauce Shop Tomato Ketchup, Waitrose & Partners Essential Tomato Ketchup, Good Housekeeping, Part of the Hearst UK Fashion & Beauty Network. I got that nosey-burn straightaway which I didn’t get from the others. A dull red colour and slightly grainy appearance is offset with a natural, well-balanced tomato purée aroma. This one has the most tomato bang for your buck with 200g per 100g of ketchup. While Heinz is probably the most recognised name in ketchup, with arguably the longest history, there are lots of leading brands and supermarket favourites out there, each claiming a unique taste. We asked 100 people to blind-taste, rate and compare Heinz Original tomato ketchup to Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt and No Added Sugar & Salt. The testers all found the flavour surprisingly natural and more reminiscent of a pasta sauce but it has well balanced acidity and is pleasantly seasoned. Ketchup! Categories: Home & garden, Shopping, food & drink, Tagged as: barbecue food food Food and Drink Food shopping. Delayed punchiness, but perfectly pleasant. There's nothing quite like ketchup - and condiment lovers know that the best ketchup … Quite punchy. Given it’s such an iconic bestselling product with such a recognisable taste, it’s hardly surprising that the original Heinz was ranked top by most of our tasters and received the highest score for taste. Looking at it, it has the smallest bits in it. Dark red in colour with an appealingly thick texture, this ketchup has a deep, rich tomato purée aroma with a well-seasoned, concentrated baked tomato flavour.