The Glitch Mob producer offers up an ever-evolving, staccato lead sound for MASSIVE X – for free. Get started with a FREE account from Splice. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 7. Legendary Voices: Candi Staton by Samplesound – £15.99. 100% royalty free to splice and dice or use as … 22 separately sampled notes range down into the baritone register, and you can elect to play either sound on its own, or both together – either layered or crossfaded with the mod wheel. KARRA Vocal Sample Pack by Splice & KARRA, 2. Copied! We asked some of our favorite artists and creators to dive into our flagship production suite and play through the…. Splice - Millions Of Samples & Professional Plugins - All In One The library boasts sounds from the 1920s onwards, with samples including FA Cup Final Wembley 1966, Khatmandu: Busy street with heavy traffic and bizarre samples such as Inside a human or animal body. For artists that are just starting, here are 8 of the best vocal sample packs for production. 1. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 53. Suitable for any genre such as trap, pop, RnB, house and even techno. Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Within the pack are 81 samples, loops, and fx made from her voice in addition to several full 8-bar phrases. Free Vocal Samples. Hollywood Choirs is my favorite product inside all of the EastWest Composer Cloud range. The pack also works good for creating vocal chops and atmospheric pads. You get sustains, marcatos, staccatos, true legato patches, and even special presets like clusters, falls etc. Featuring both male and female singers, Vocal Hooks intends to deliver one factor perfectly: clean vocals. Here are a couple of Deep House Vocal Sample Packs that will be great for you. Wotan is a male choir that is inspired by the classic LOTR soundtrack in the mines of Moria. PUSH TURN MOVE and PATCH & TWEAK author Kim Bjørn explores methods for interfacing with music through hardware and software. 1. The sounds are split into categories that range from World War II to St. Paul’s Cathedral, to Washing Machine and Volcano. Get started with a FREE account from Splice. No singer, no problem. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 57. Ultimate Acapella Collection by Ghosthack – €69.95 [Read below to get 25% off], 2. And with the nice convolution reverb included you feel like you are in heaven. Vocal samples allow people to make music that’s almost impossible to reproduce in person. Music has no limitations on what you can create with vocal samples. To create this highly focused vocal ensemble library, developer Dave Hilowitz recorded himself singing ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ 16 times, over a total of 352 notes, then turned the resulting multisample bank into a playable choir. Learn about the collaborative project between Irish producer Eomac and the Japanese artist Kyoka. From powerful BVs and smooth legato sustains, to quirky voice-based sound design and an emulation of one of the greatest vocal productions of all time, every member of our thrift-conscious quintet brings something different to your desktop studio – and all are well worth downloading. Soundbox brings an amazing Vocals pack that will definitely increase your productivity level and give you 200 hook heavy vocals to play with. While this pack is focused on male vocals, Trap Soul Vocals has 25 female vocal hooks included, guaranteed to make your next dark, melodic, futuristic banger stand out. Deep House Vocals Vol 3 comes from a series of best-selling House Vocals Pack and can bring fully featured construction kits and vocal phrases to a producer’s doorstep. In many cases, songs representing electronic dance music are wrongly judged on the basis of only its drop or whether the melody is catchy enough to make the song a radio-friendly hit. Without further ado, here are the top 8 vocal sample packs. Since most producers don’t have access to premium vocals, I’m excited to give them an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of vocal editing. Kickstart your next project with samples from Best Vocal Samples by Audentity. PS. But you don’t have to splash out to get started with quality laryngeal-based NKIs. More and more productions are becoming world hits and best-selling records thanks to other aspects, such as a neat combination on the producer-vocalist line, simple but catchy lyrics, or a properly cut out vocal sample that fits perfectly with the drums & synth backgrounds, like in Keys N Krates’ Dum Dee Dum or Fisher’s Losing It. The Ultimate Vocal Library 3 is the best vocal library we have ever released yet. Arva gives you that light-hearted and beautiful voice of a children’s choir. 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Monster Sounds produced and engineered many vocal sessions from the underground to commercial singers and rappers, including gold-selling artists have left no stone unturned in the making of this pack so you can rest assured these are pro-quality vocals. Trap Soul Vocals, by 91Vocals, delivers some of the most hypnotic melodies, spacey rap vocals, and ambient trap verses. Anything from the deep bass of male choirs, to divine female choirs, and gentle children choirs. Glossy and up-front, Singers is the perfect backing vocal library for pop, RnB and other commercial styles. Start For Free. The pack contains 4 song starters and 150 exclusive royalty-free Candi Staton Vocal Samples. ©2020 FloeMedia, LLC - All rights reserved. That experience quickly humbled me. If you are interested in a top-notch vocal library for Kontakt, the below list is the rundown of the 5 best in the Kontakt Library market currently, so, let’s dive in… Note: These are the current prices as of the time of writing this review, so, it might change. We hired the most professional singers from around the world, artists with millions of streams on spotify, working with the big ones from the music industry to bring you top notch quality samples. Browse, preview and download all 199 samples & loops, or download only the sounds you want. For those looking to make fusion songs, the E-Sensuals pack is perfect for you. Best for: Trap Music. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 6. Download the Manchester producer's unstable-yet-user-friendly mutating lead patch for MASSIVE X. Ultimate Vocal Library 2 by Ghosthack – €29.95 [Read below to get 25% off], This pack from Ghosthack includes more than 1,100+  professional state-of-the-art Acapellas, Ad-Libs, Phrases and One-Words recorded by male and female vocalists. This collection of vocal loops & cuts will bring you club-ready hooks and percussion sounds that will inject your tracks with undiscovered serenity. Soulful Vocals Free Pack By Sample Magic. To play the media, your browser needs to have javascript enabled. Vocals are one of the hardest instruments to mix and master. Latin, Slavonic, and lots of vowel combinations. If you need a powerful men’s choir, Mars will deliver. Listen Killer Acapellas 4 in action down below: As we said at the bottom of the article – here’s some of the best free vocal sample packs. Woman singing a short wordless melody in a cinematic style 54. Dominus Choir has a very classical and warm sound, with amazing expression in the dynamic range. contains: This a one of a kind pack from a one of a kind vocalist. A unique selection of blissed-out toplines and harmonies that are sure to bring an ethereal and dreamy vibe to your productions, perfect for injecting some humanism into your beats 100% royalty-free. It didn’t matter if I was trapped in band class, I kept coming back to the idea until I tried to make my own in a pirated copy of FL Studio.