Leader: O Taste and see that the lord is good Let me remember You,Lord,when I receive the fruit of my success.Amen. and put into practice the lessons they are taught. be present with Your healing power to the sick confined here. Let them carry messages of aid in times of crises, of solace in times of distress, of advice in times of doubt, of light in times of darkness, and thus make known the glory of Your name more widely throughout the world that all its peoples may be gathered into the fellowship of Your love; through Christ our Lord. God, who instructed the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, guide us by Your Spirit to desire only what is good and so always to find joy in His comfort. As appropriate, the Kahuna may consult with the administration and management and recommend alternatives for consideration to enjoy the prosperity and a successful business enterprise. I will warn you that you may get a pause when you call to ask. God bless you for the good work and equipping with the word of God. There may be a wait of 2-weeks or more. I’m desperate and miserable! HELP! Lord's Thank you for prayers,may the Lord deliver me from failure and profitless labour in Jesus name. Lead us all in becoming who You created us to be in this life, as we know that Your plan for our lives is greater than we can even dare to imagine. P: That You bless and consecrate these fields (or acres, or these mountain-meadows, or pastures, or meadows). If you have sensitive smoke detectors or prefer him not to use it, please let us know. God grant me the serenity so that I’ll be fine at work. Almighty God, we appeal to Your kindness, asking that You pour out the dew of Your blessing on these budding creatures of yours, which it has pleased You to nurture with rain and mild Amen and Amen, I work in several facilities as a consultant and sales rep. Since day one. My Co-Worker has left, Leaving ME to do the Work Of TWO People and Only Get Paid for ONE!!! Meanwhile the priest, assisted by the cleric who carries the holy water stoup, goes around to all the rooms and other places of the seminary, sprinkling them with holy water in the usual way. flour, and thus supply bread for our nourishment. As guests arrive, they are welcomed by their host and invited to enter the house, add their blessings, and partake in the pa`ina feasting and celebration. with Hazel McIntyre to dedicate this business place “For Equilibrium, a Blessing: Like the joy of the sea coming home to shore, May the relief of laughter rinse through your soul. Thus blessings at the beginning of the construction are considered necessary and very important. Lord God almighty, who by the coming of Your only begotten Son sanctified all things for Your faithful, we beg You to bless and prosper this marble-factory, and to protect Your servants who Don’t be afraid. Deuteronomy 28 makes it clear that obedience to God’s Word is paramount to experiencing THE BLESSING of God. Jesus paid the ultimate price to make salvation available to you and every other person. Lord. Lord let your will over my life be done Amen and Amen. Help me with scriptures & prayers to bond my family and worship daily together. P: Ant. Be strong and courageous. O Lord our God, be present in our midst, as we join