This is the rhythmic aspect that will help to give you that authentic jazz sound. Required fields are marked *. Would you immediately think about the details of music theory or would you close your eyes and gather inspiration for your solo from some other place? (Notated below in Bb), “The whole idea of narrative melodic development was taken to new heights by Sonny. In other words, he put his stamp on the music by following his own creative path. Notice how the solo uses an almost constant stream of 8th notes occasionally broken up with a rest or a couple of 16th notes. Sorry JazzGuitar, when this post was published were only at the point of streaming MP3’s. Blue Bossa is a 16-bar tune and is in the key of C minor. Sign me up to the Guitar Jar Mailing List. Using just arpeggios does make for great practice. "BLUE BOSSA" SOLO #1 - Learn a new Rich Severson solo for the popular Bossa Nova jazz standard Blue Bossa. Don’t just imitate the players on your own instrument or follow the herd when it comes to creating your musical style. Playing an Em7 arpeggio over Cmaj7 gives us the major 9 sound: Playing substitutions gives us a richer sound compared to playing the vanilla chords, something that is almost always desirable. 1 part • 5 pages • 04:13 • May 09, 2020 • 207 views • 5 favorites. These studies are not meant to sound good, they sound boring, but they are a good way to master arpeggios so you can use them in a more creative and musical way in your solos. Solo. While many of us learn to play Brazilian Jazz tunes in our practice routine, learning how to pay an authentic bossa or samba groove on the guitar can be tricky, especially for those players who didn’t grow up in Brazil. On first listen it may sound like he’s simply creating a spontaneous solo, but he is actually using the skeleton of the melody as the basis for his improvisation. He found a way to make each idea expand to a logical conclusion while simultaneously spinning it off into fresh territory. About Steve. But you don’t have to accept creative defeat when you encounter this situation. A well written melody perfectly follows the contours of the harmony and creates a memorable musical moment for the listener. That’s it! The bass notes come on the beat and are played with the thumb. The solo ends with the use of arpeggios high up the fretboard. And whichever solo you end up choosing, the real benefit comes when you learn these solos by ear – straight from the recording. Find the solo and the musician that connects with you and inspires you the most. Bossa Bassline – During the chord study you will notice that the thumb plays bass notes on 1 and 3 of each bar, mostly the root note but sometimes the 5th or a chromatic note can be added in to create movement as well. Learn more here…. This video performance includes a special slowed down section for ease of learning the fingerings and hand shapes. Hello, I found the harmonic analysis with the chords and the scales that can be used very helpful. Guitar Jar Lesson – Jazz Blue Bossa – Key Centres Tab, Guitar Jar Lesson – Jazz Blue Bossa – Arpeggios Tab, Guitar Jar Lesson – Jazz Blue Bossa – Full Jazz Tab, Win free professional tablature courtesy of mySongBook, Guitar Lesson: “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri, Guitar Lesson: Diminished Sounds Applied to the Guitar Fingerboard, DVD Review: John Abercrombie & Greg Osby – Solos The Jazz Sessions, Guitar Lesson – Artist Profile: Yngwie Malmsteen, Become a Guitar Tutor with, Guitar Lesson – Artist Profile: Allan Holdsworth, DVD Review: Charlie Hunter – Solos The Jazz Sessions, Guitar Lesson: Stuck in a rut? Jazz Inspiration and Advice from Russell Malone, Norman Brown – Man in the Mirror – Fingerstyle, Michael O’Neill – A Superb Jazz Guitarist, Dear Fred – Letter to a Potential Adult Student, How High the Moon with George Benson and Lage Lund, Jazz Guitar in the Style of Norman Brown – Overview Video, Discover this "Secret" and Dramatically Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing. Blue Bossa is one of those songs every jazz player plays. You can see in the Blue Bossa chord study below that there is text below many sections of the tune to indicate a certain chord shape or Bossa technique being used at that part of the tune. Neemias2. This is your musical apprenticeship with the musical master of your choosing. Ask about product. And one of the most common problems for a lot of beginners is making this progression sound musical. 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All you can do is play melody. Stare case – Giant Steps changes (sax solo by L. Konitz – C/Eb inst.) Chet relied on his ear for everything that he played and this is obvious when you hear him sing. The styles are completely different. To practice improvising over Blue Bossa, you can use the following “Karaoke-style” backing track video, made with Band in a Box. Miles Davis moving to New York to seek out the new music of Charlie Parker, a young Frank Sinatra absorbing the performances of Billie Holiday and Ethel Waters, Lee Morgan learning the musical language of Clifford Brown…. A lick for major chords, a lick for minor chords, a blues lick, a diminished lick…. downloads: 5,49 EUR. Solo #1 Using Key centre scales: Blue bossa can be viewed as having two key centres. Freddie implies a one bar ii-V7 and a two bar ii-V7 over the F7 chord creating a long line with musical momentum. And the history of this music is full of countless examples. Learn a new Rich Severson solo for the popular Bossa Nova jazz standard Blue Bossa. Blue Bossa is often played at jams, so it’s a good idea to add it to your repertoire. At it’s core, improvising is simply playing the melodies that are already inside of you. You play the same tunes with the same chord progressions with the same old lines. (And why you should start singing as well!) The original version can be found on “The Best of Kenny Dorham – Blue note years” (Blue Note). Blue Bossa is often played at jams, so it’s a good idea to add it to your repertoire. Once you’ve found your solo, put the recording on repeat, close your eyes, and focus on each note. Present an idea, take a deep breath and continue that idea with another musical statement. Most player are focused on the notes, however knowing how to use space in your solo can take your playing to the next level. This anticipated chord movement is common in Brazilian music, and it will be one of the hardest parts of learning this chord study, or any Brazilian tune on the guitar. You can see a strong outlining moment over the G7 chord in bar 6. Listen to his vocal solo on It Could Happen to You. Let’s go through each of the solos and point out any interesting or tricky parts. When you know this position well, go to another position and do the same. Blue Bossa (sax solo by D. Gordon – C/Bb inst.) All of the theory and technique that you learn is just a tool that enables this inner-sound to come out of your instrument. I arranged the melody of Blue Bossa the way you would play it in a jazz trio by adding chords to the melody. This forces you to come out of your comfort zone because you’ll end up in places on the guitar neck that you’re not very familiar with. The result is a kind of improvising that invites and brings the listeners with him as he literally makes connections between ideas that are both surprising and inevitable at the same time.”~Pat Metheney. You’re not just playing one or two chords, you’re playing over the entire form of the song. 59 scores found for "Blue Bossa" ALL INSTRUMENTATIONS Piano solo (102) C Instruments (55) Guitar (48) Guitar notes and tablatures (37) Piano, Vocal and Guitar (35) B Flat, E Flat, C and Bass c… Besides The Girl From Ipanema, Blue Bossa must be the most popular bossa nova song ever. That’s why we the developed the Ear Training Method, a step by step in-depth ear training course with over 300 audio tracks that will teach you how to get the ears you’ve always wanted. The tone is also very different. Without some solid ear training skills, transcribing solos or even learning melodies by ear will be a frustrating uphill battle. Neemias2. Yeah sure no problem! Listen to Clifford Brown’s solo on Joy Spring and pay attention to how he navigates each ii-V7 progression: One way that Clifford creates interesting melodic lines is by using enclosures to emphasize goal notes. The best approach in a normal situation would be to use a little of both. Learn 11 New Licks, Guitar Lesson: Slurs (aka Hammer on and Pull off). Click the lovely button below to get started. Enjoy working through the solos and remember to learn from them, try to get in the habit of deconstructing any solo you learn. Usually, the root note is alternated with the 5th (or a b5 in the case of m7b5 chords) in the bass. The key is approaching these harmonic devices with the musicality of language. For example listen to Freddie’s solo over Birdlike: The first step is learning the jazz language. Notice that bossa nova chord patterns always have the following specifics: Here is a similar chord study, but this time on electric guitar, without the alternating bass pattern and some variations added in. 15 minute video lesson with closeups includes a printable PDF … The way he played melodies, the way he articulated and accented his lines…. Stablemates (guitar solo by W. Montgomery) Bolivia (vibe solo by M. Jackson) Swing spring (sax solo by J. Henderson – C/Bb inst.) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The final minor II V I lick uses C Dorian with passing notes over the II chord, G Altered over the V chord and C melodic minor (a common substitution for Dorian) over the I chord. Remember, the key to improving starts with your ears. just I would like save these MP3 version (key centres, arppegios, full jazz, backing track) but I dont’know how to do ? Blue Bossa Bob Mintzer Solo Bb. Thanks. Blue Bossa - Dexter Gordon Solo Transcription. When playing these bass notes, you should accent the 3rd beat in order to create a more authentic Brazilian feel with this chord study. The faster the tempo or more complex the chord progression the simpler the content of his lines. But look back even further and you’ll find it…. Download the latest version here. These notes are left: E G B D, the notes of Em7. Try making some of the licks and lines your own by phrasing them differently as well as trying them in different keys and tunes.