There is a litany of examples of this statement documented by an, For every allegedly corrupt silver dealer, there are also two-bit silver criminals who use supposed low price silver sales as a way to, Confirm the Silver Selling Counterparty is Legit, You must always be sure of the trustworthiness of the counterparty you are considering buying silver bullion from as. Our suggestion: any silver bullion dealer you may consider working with we strongly suggest you confirm their latest customer reviews on hard to rig review websites like, Also, be sure to dig into the Negative Reviews of any potential silver bullion dealers BBB page to see the nature and volumes of customer complaints as well how the silver bullion dealer handles any discrepancies which may occur from time to time (especially when they have tens of thousands of transactions per month like ourselves. The following 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin price data shows the ongoing premiums or price volatility for sales on eBay over silver’s fluctuating silver spot price. Likely they represent some of the lowest silver prices one can acquire over spot for those parties thinking of allocating significant dollar figures into silver bullion (e.g.). Note that standard new brilliant uncirculated 1 oz Silver Eagle Coins cannot be acquired by the public directly from the US Mint. Thank you for visiting us here at SD Bullion. Buying Silver bars online has never been easier! Be careful if the silver seller or silver dealer you are considering has no online track record at all. We have even seen some silver bullion products being sold in small volumes also, either priced at or just above silver spot prices (10 oz silver bar sales priced at the silver spot price, not normal for our industry). Not all supposed sellers of silver bullion are honest nor safe to transact with. Any secondary products we buy from customers are also checked and verified legitimate using various methodologies to ensure no counterfeit products are ever introduced into our silver bullion inventories. If you are ever offered silver bullion at prices below spot, then it is most likely a scam in waiting. All .999 fine silver bars for sale at SilverTowne are 100% quality guaranteed! These smaller silver bullion bars are often purchased at prices per troy ounce slightly higher above the fluctuating silver spot price when compared to the larger aforementioned 100 oz silver bullion bars. Can you Buy Silver Wholesale? Buy your .999 Silver Bullion here at SD Bullion. Discreet fully insured delivery. First, (#1) the quantity of silver bullion you are buying. At SD Bullion, we believe in doing business the old-fashioned way. These low silver premiums or prices at or just above silver spot price will change if history is any precedent. This is because purchasing a full monster box offers the very best discount available! They were selling at prices on average as high as 80% over the then fluctuating silver spot price for a brief period. We are committed to helping you make your best wholesale silver bullion buying choices combining low prices, long term storage safety, with your best interests, and buying perimeters get fully considered. These are typically the size silver bars used by low silver premium seeking investors and financial institutions. Many of the silver bullion storage firms we work with have been in the bullion safekeeping business since the 1800s. Click the button below to view all of our silver bar products, or browse our sub categories by silver bar weight and mint/design below. Again to achieve your lowest price point over the silver spot you will want to buy in high volumes, and typically in the popular silver bullion products, we carry which have vast and robust secondary markets, not merely here in the USA but around the physical silver bullion trading world. Bullion Exchanges is also proud to sell a great assortment of bullion silver bars to investors and collectors. Here at SilverTowne, we are committed to making sure that all of our customers are getting the 'best bang for their buck'! How much available supply is there versus the current demand? Mints such as the US Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the British Royal Mint sell silver bullion, but only certain government mints (like the Royal Canadian Mint) sell silver bullion in the form of bars.