And we’ve got more coming — we’re hitting the streets of Los Angeles in November. Chat with @CalifiaFarms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. Think of this as a precursor to your smoothie to warm up your digestion. A good whir in the food processor and you’re all set. See more ideas about Califia farms, Califia, Recipes. There are plenty of great markets near Califia Farms HQ — we’re in Downtown L.A. — that have been in blossom for a little while, as Southern California tends to have a long growing season with all the great weather. We are very excited to be entering this market and believe that Califia Farms products are a natural fit for discerning Australian coffee consumers who love healthy beverages, but who will not compromise on taste.”. Add the remaining ½ cup of cereal, goji berries, cranberries, and pecans, and blend just for a moment to coarsely chop the last round of ingredients, but retain most of the texture. Gently fold in the berries, then spoon the batter equally into the 12 prepared muffin cups. Truth is, it’s not easy to evolve habits that you’ve enjoyed for years – or your whole life! I add maca powder to my daily smoothie, and I add a little extra before my cycle begins. In a bowl or jar, combine the nutmilk with rolled oats, coconut flakes, cacao powder, and coconut sugar to taste, if desired. Sweeten to taste with coconut sugar, as desired. At Califia Farms, we believe great coffee should be available for everyone, everywhere. You’re welcome. I don’t want to just chip it up. The cake should release easily, transfer the cake to a wire rack and allow cool completely to room temperature before glazing it. But we recommend grabbing a bottle of Black Label Cold Brew Coffee (now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market) and taking in the murals — enjoying the product coupled with its artistic expression is the ultimate experience, thanks to Mallory Heyer. Not only does it prevent acne, but it is one of the best anti-aging products to fight wrinkles that you can stock your pantry with. Creamy coconut nutmilk makes for a perfect pairing with cacao powder and fresh raspberries. Califia Farms is the best chemical-free Almondmilk on the market — one of the many reasons why I love it. ‘Tis the season for your local farmer’s market to round the corner into spring produce. “Our mission is to create a healthy, lower-sugar, cleaner energy beverages that taste great. *How to make the rosemary syrup: heat ½ cup pure cane sugar and two cups water in a small saucepan until sugar dissolves. This recipe is inspired by a similar recipe in Lily’s cookbook, Good Clean Food, along with a recent trip to Bali, where the smoothie bowls were topped with the freshest coconut flakes and toasted cashews. All Rights Reserved. Share your overnight oats with us using @CalifiaFarms + #CalifiaFarms. You’ll think you stumbled back in time with this adult beverage: Blend together equal parts Califia Nitro Cold Brew with a nitro stout beer (of your choosing), and top it with a generous scoop of almond ice cream. Our products will begin popping up on shelves beginning May 1. We made them into useable lumber and they’ll use it as a bench in the beer garden, so the tree will go from living there to getting cut down to [Angel City Lumber] and back to its origin, which is now a part of the stadium.