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I would like to know if a stipulation can be put in place without my knowledge and falsified and still have an order submitted for child support? The court mandated payment is still 650. His daughter has now recently moved back with her mom, in Utah. nothing was brought up about her rights or she didn’t get to talk to the judge about this matter because her lawyer lie to me about things and nothing was change in this matter .

I live in WA but my daughter’s father lives in CA and that is where the child support is set up. I feel like fathers should get together and bring this problem up to their separate leaders of their state, write petitions/letters and see if they will look into this and get this problem out in the open and be brought up in Congress and Senate and see if something can be done. I now have a great new employer, and the only problem that I am having is that he is very confused by the orders, and now has told me that he is going to “withhold” my entire check until he gets confirmation from the state on the amounts that is owed.

I did get a small settlement which she got almost half $10.000.00 and what I had when to bills, shetler, and people i borrowed money from. Never miss another story. This should show ALL payments that have been made and the amount that was supposed to have been paid. If there is a change in your income (for example, if you are laid off, or get a different job that pays less than you were earning before), or there are other circumstances that affect your ability to pay your child support, you should immediately file … Generally, however, you should get paper documentation of whatever significant change has caused you to stop paying child support. I have two other children that suffer from the disparity of the percentage of my income that goes to my daughter. This seems crazy to me. I heard similar stories: fathers who were in arrears requesting to have their child support amount reduced—even though they weren’t currently making payments.

Because so many factors are involved, it is probably a good idea to contact one of our attorneys in Texas and see if they have calculated your child support amount correctly. I’m worried we’ll end up paying double for the first few weeks. Legal Disclaimer: All information provided on is to be used at your own discretion.

After months in court I received a stipulation from the public defender. In most states, the amount of child support you pay will be lowered based on what you are already paying in child support from your first marriage. Please help.. Give us a call. The courts actually lowered it at a court date I attended over the phone, but when I got off the phone, my ex told them of my odd jobs I did in Minnesota to make extra money. My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship. What was the child support order based on?

To be sure, family law facilitators and child support services are there to help, but they are woefully overloaded and don’t have the resources or time to enforce as well as they should.

She submitted 1,800 mo she is self employed and cooks her books, but the docs I have show checks from people not on the books for that date.

My question is how do I go about getting back the money that was overpaid since it was through no fault of my own? My husband is in the military and we will be moving across the country from where the child lives with his mother. She never did. Attempting to say that an over-payment was made and therefore should be vacated and the payments returned to him or credited to him in the future are difficult and generally, not advised. She is sucking the life out of him. How am I still paying $800/mth for my son when I am barely making $400/mth on my new job. After my children’s father took off to live like Timothy Leary in the woods of Northern California, CSS would occasionally locate him. If I have paid child support and the recipient has torn it up. I don’t have proof that he makes that much because he falsifies his income on taxes, etc. No one can live off $1500!!! Become a member at DAME today to help us continue reporting and shining a light on the stories that need to be told, from perspectives that aren’t heard enough. If your son is paying $1,000/month in child support, it means that the combined income in pretty high. I am of the mind that she should now take on the health coverage or pay me child support.

Recently my ex moved to Colorado and now Im afraid that I wont have enough money to go see my children or bring them back to CA for their visitation. Meanwhile, his balance kept growing. I have a situation. I do not know what happens from here and I am from Texas. There have been spots where he was unemployed, so he is in arrears a bit, but nothing extraordinary.

Hi, I’m from CA and my brother has a one year old child with his ex-girlfriend. My mom pays child support for my little sister and due to a profit sharing check she gets annually she has been ordered to pay waaaaayyyy too much. As above, is there a way to keep her from raising the child support? While concern grows over non-custodial parents’ rights, there seems to be little interest in how a family continues to live with the absence of the other parent’s financial support. 2 children 4 & 6. We have 3 kids together and I was wondering if the child support can get adjusted based on that? I’m already paying child support ($900) from a previous divorce. stop being so selfish. While you might be reluctant to do this, keep in mind that this money is going toward the housing, food, and expenses of your child. These cases are prosecuted by federal authorities. Good luck! My oldest son just turned 31 and his mom has not seen a dime of the money I have paid in sens he was 18.

I’m not behind in child support nor have I ever received anything stating that I was behind either! She has also lied on her financial statement which the Support agent told him to just stop talking. He truly loves his daughter and money is not a concern. His son is also on his insurance and pays 250 a month for that. And “now” not know. The only thing you can do is hire a lawyer to fight for you. He already had a child support agreement and visitation with his son’s mother but not his daughters. My ex makes about $ 65,000.00 a year. Even then there likely wouldn’t be funding. How long is the term of maintenance?