463–479 from, Haynes, Rebecca "German Historians and the Romanian National Legionary State 1940–41" pp. Considering itself the heir of the Iron Guard's political philosophy, Noua Dreaptă embraces legionnairism and has a personality cult for Corneliu Codreanu but they also use the Celtic cross, which is not associated with legionnairism. With Codreanu as a charismatic leader, the Legion was known for skilful propaganda, including a very capable use of spectacle. According to a 1933 police report, 8% of the Iron Guard's members were women while a police report from 1938 stated that 11% of the Guards were women. Particularly gruesome was the murder of dozens of Jewish civilians in the Bucharest slaughterhouse. [18] Sima was close to SS Volksgruppenführer Andreas Schmidt, a volksdeutsch (ethnic German) from Romania, and through him become close to Schmidt's father-in-law, the powerful Gottlob Berger who headed the SS Main Office in Berlin. On 7 March 1939, a new government was formed with Călinescu as prime minister; on 21 September 1939, he, in turn was assassinated by legionnaires avenging Codreanu. 00 ($1.38/Fl Oz) $16.00 $16.00. Unknown to Carol, however, Antonescu had secretly reached an agreement with other political figures to force out the king. Instead, they wanted to recreate and purify the way of thinking in order to bring the whole nation closer to God. Journalist Edward Behr claimed that in early 1947, a secret agreement was signed by the leaders of the exiled Iron Guard in displaced persons (DP) camps in Germany and Austria and the Romanian Communist Party, under which the all of the Iron Guards in the DP camps except for those accused of the murder of Communists could return home to Romania in exchange for which the former Iron Guards would work as thugs to terrorize the anti-communist opposition as part of the plans for the ultimate Communist take-over of Romania. Our Conveyors feature high-capacity and low maintenance grain handling alternatives for conventional systems. [38] In strikingly sexualized language, the Iron Guards argued that most Romanian men had been "emasculated" and were suffering from "sterility", which one Iron Guard Alexandru Cantacuzino called the "plague of the present" in a 1937 essay. Horia Sima stated that the camps "destroyed class prejudice" by bringing together those from different classes. Out of stock. Customizable to support everything from light loads to very high capacity conveyors of over 400 tonnes/hour with minimal use of towers, greatly reducing materials and installation costs. For questions or support for one of our many AGI products or brands, please see our Product Support page. The perpetrators hanged the Jews from meat hooks, then mutilated and killed them in a vicious parody of kosher slaughtering practices. [23] For transport, the Legion possessed almost 200 trucks in Bucharest alone. Central European University, Jewish Studies Program, 2003. Codreanu got wind of this and ordered the violence to end. Next. ", Ancel, Jean "Antonescu and the Jews", pp. "[6], The name of the League appears to have been inspired by the Black Hundreds, an anti-semitic group in the Russian Empire (particularly the regions bordering Romania) who often used the name of the archangel. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 10. Totok, William. [7], In 1927, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu left the number two position (under A.C. Cuza) in the Romanian political party known as the National-Christian Defense League (NCDL), and founded the Legion of the Archangel Michael.[8].