With a bottle normally pricing around £25, let’s say I had £7.50 worth for pres. For now, get out and grab them while you can! This meant I lost my first drink, and had to down my second and third. Winner of the IWSC Silver award, this whisky is a blend from grain and malt whiskies. It’s dry with plummy fruit and a touch of oak. Final Review: It was a friend’s birthday, so I was definitely ready to get on it. Get exclusive offers first. This is the best-selling wine, of any colour, in the whole French range at Co op. As you can see, bulk wine, watery beer, and strong liquor are the cheapest ways to get drunk. We can see why when the budget supermarket’s Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut costs just £12.49 and is the winner of a very prestigious award. Produced exclusively for Waitrose by the team at Cederberg, this fruity Chenin has several awards under its belt. All of the items listed below are generally introduced as a seasonal addition to the supermarket’s core beer, wine and spirits selection. While we're on the subject of drinking, let's highlight a few good things to stock before the big game, or whatever sort of party you're having. It’s a great match for goat’s cheese, fish and white meat. For those really looking to show off, Lidl recommend blood orange. It’s more economical to buy Patron silver and drink it at home. These flavours join the three existing flavours: Pear Drop, Lemon Sherbert and Parma Violet. It beat prestigious rivals including the popular Sipsmith gin, which usually retails around £28 – £29 , during a blind taste test and also holds an IWSC 2017 Silver award. It’s won the Decanter 2019 Gold award, an IWSC 2019 Bronze and an IWC 2019 Bronze. Absinthe didn’t crack the top because of its prohibitive cost and … If anything, it will fill your stomach, preventing too much binge drinking. New for summer 2020, you can now buy Cola Cube, Rhubarb and Custard and Strawberry Laces gin, pictured left. This is an impressive achievement given Aldi is competing against brands which are more than double the price such as Sipsmith and Hendrick’s. It meant it clouded my senses and I didn’t know when to stop. Final Review: I spent about £11 on the bottle of vodka, drunk about half of it (oops) during pre drinks, which included both shots and mixed drinks, which is about £5.50 worth. Serve with tonic for a classic sweetshop G&T or experiment with your mixers to create a fun new cocktail. The supermarket is now selling magnums of bubbly – 1.5L of the good stuff, compared to the common 75cl bottles – for £16.50, so you get more booze to enjoy on a special occasion, or just on a sunny day…. It has a long finish and is perfect for uplifting your go-to mid-week meal. When we got to Pryzm, I can’t remember buying any drinks, despite remembering the night (so I’ll add a drink onto the total just in case). A Spar best-seller nationwide, this reasonably priced gin is best served over ice with ginger ale or tonic water. We all know Revs is normally a good night, but it’s also quite expensive. Make your own booze. Tesco can be one of the cheapest places to buy your alcohol from, thanks to their fantastic deals – a bottle of Tesco’s Pinot Grigio 75Cl will only set you back £4.50. It seems like almost daily we see a new wine or spirit that’s making headlines thanks to its ability to stand up to more expensive alternatives. A bottle costs only £8.25 – by far one of the cheapest in the top 10 list with the most expensive being £48. Cheap family meals: Recipes under £1 per head, Child development stages: Ages 0-16 years. 5% OFF. The wine is dry and aromatic with a good intensity. Spar’s own brand of bubbles, Valdobbladene Prosecco, has been named the best Italian fizz in the UK by consumer group Which? Britain’s thirst for Champagne shows no sign of stopping. With all of this knowledge, you can now throw a raging Super Bowl party without completely breaking the bank. Once again it has been awarded a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC). The conclusion: There is no doubt about it that the shots got me the drunkest, but that wasn’t the point. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Add. © The Minimal Minute. Winemakers Selection Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc – £6.99. When I got to the SU and all my friends were getting sambuca shots, I was getting vodka shots, which was definitely fun. It’s from the same wine makers who produce Miraval rose for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  – if you sip with your eyes closed you’re transported to the south of France! Cimarosa Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – £5.99. Love Espresso Martinis? The IWSC said the wine had: ‘Melon and stone fruit characters which caress the palate and bring a layer of minerality. At under £8 it’s almost £10 cheaper than a standard bottle of Kahlúa so you can create your favourite cocktail at home for even less. Strawberry & Watermelon Vodka Crush – £11.99. It’s vegan and vegetarian friendly too. This led to me getting drunker than I thought I would. Follow me on Instagram to see images like this on the regular. Final Review: This was my most expensive night, but I feel like the downfall of this was the venue. Gold medallist at the Spirits Business Gin Masters, this chic bottle is a great addition to your drinks collection. The International Wine and Spirit Challenge (IWSC) have voted Morrisons Albarino white wine as one of the top 10 Spanish wines. We all know that the SU is always packed and therefore drinks can be knocked out of your hands no problem. London, HA0 1HX. Life is good when an entire bottle fits in a glass. If you’re fan of a nice glass of white wine after a hard days work, this Spanish classic is sure to please. Judges described the wine as “an outstanding varietal example with great texture and a lengthy finish”.