Can you think of anyone in the Bible who resisted temptation? The Bible Lesson: Read Revelation 3:15-16. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. (Example: Pharaoh, King Saul, the Jewish leaders). Copyright: ©2000- As you talk through this peel one of the oranges to mimic someone without their armor on. A cactus has needles to protect the water within, but when we drink of the living water, Don’t worry, there’s a video to show you exactly how to fold the origami boat! Bullying. She also works as the Outreach Ministries Director at LifePlan, an organization with the mission of "Spreading the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life". Is our reaction fitting for a Christian? God gave us His only Son as a special gift. An Illustration to demonstrate how quickly time passes. Thank you for your support. What do you store in yours, trash or treasure? . An illustration that compares Jell-O to our fleshly (sinful) desires. Try it! Ten lepers were healed, but only ONE thanked Jesus. Salt lowers the freezing temperature, making it more difficult for something to freeze. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. The Experiment: This is an experiment that is best conducted when it is very, very cold outside (like -10 or colder). We stand in awe of God. However, we don’t exactly celebrate death— but rather life. An illustration of hardened soles and tinder care. . (Perfect for grabbing the attention of fidgety 5th grade boys…). The children will understand the gravity of sin and why God requires righteousness. Baptism expresses the forgiveness of our sins and the freedom to live a new life in Christ. Proverbs 12:19. The burden of sin makes it hard to walk the narrow path. Do you think they were grateful? If we tried to eat that one, we might break our teeth! 10 Cool (and easy) Bible Object Lessons & Experiments for Cold Winter Days. Alarming. You are never too young or too old, the reward is the same. We can believe with certainty Jesus is the Son of God, similar to the way we believe airplanes can fly. These lessons are free to use but if you would like to support our ministry you may make a donation using this button. This trick will make you a little nervous, but isn’t that a little bit of the fun?!! ( Log Out /  A simple Object Talk to show how much God desires our love and adoration, all throughout our lives. Are you made with the right stuff? 10 anti-lame object lessons (with videos) that are pretty much guaranteed to make you a better teacher. In fact, we still could have eaten it. Sunday School Lessons for Youth "What I Need: What God Has For Me" A 3 part series of Youth Bible Study Lessons on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The children will learn what to do with grace. to Samuel being called by God as a young boy. A shadowy figure skittered and dashed through the alleyways at night, hoping that no one would see him. It is comforting to know we can trust God to keep us safe. An object lesson to demonstrate the truth of creation and the power of God. And the best part is…all you need are some plastic cups, slush powder, and some water. Yeah, things turned out ok, but everyone in Mary’s family, plus Joseph and other people around town, were truly shocked when they found out that Mary was pregnant! Life has many pitfalls but with God's help we can avoid many of them. Demonstrate how Jesus is the “light of the world” with a simple electricity experiment. A demonstration to show what can happen when we display God's kindness, mercy, and love without favoritism. Read this lesson and find out! One mom serving one God and sharing with you . What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Plus, a game, daring activity, and discussion questions that help teens uncover life application. I actually saw this on Pinterest a while ago and am excited to teach on the Believer’s Armor just so I can use this object lesson! Followers of Christ are a lot like gardens. I’m a 64 year-old writer who loves Jesus, spent 30+ years in the American Evangelical Church, and walked out the door over the Religious Right and their support of Donald Trump. “The Feast: A 7 Week Easter Study for Families”. At different times, go outside and check the bananas. Then place both cups outside in the cold. Christians In Action Baseball Cap makes a great gift for games and graduation. (1 Corinthians 9:22). Salvation is a free gift and can’t be earned. Children's ministry resources that provide everything you need for a great Sunday school experience in the classroom or at home. This object talk will show the kids that it is easy to be fooled by the devil. Can you think of anyone in the Bible who had his life completely changed . The power of the Holy Spirit is an everlasting gift that never runs out. Kids remember the Bible Lesson with a strong illustration. . 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The Spirit is willing, but the body is weak. With just a pumpkin, some carving tools, and a candle, you can help kids remember the One who is truly worth celebrating. Teen Bible Lessons © 2020. They can just be used as an extra ‘attention getter’ as you review the story using the water in the cups. Elementary Sunday School Lesson: World’s Most Honored Dads. How to Choose the Best Sunday School Curriculum The closer we get to temptation, the more likely we are to melt! Then talk about how God redeems/rescues us…and as you do smack the plate / toilet paper tube away so that the egg safely falls into the water. And MORE Sunday School Lessons for Kids. Water Over My Head (God can do the impossible), 7. She enjoys serving the children and youth at her church as a Sunday School teacher, children's worship leader, and children's music and drama leader. BetterBibleTeachers is dedicated to teaching the Bible to kids in crazy interesting ways. Do your actions match the words that you say? Sunday School Games, Lesson Introduction. The story covers everything from Hannah praying (and someone mistaking her for being drunk!) This Object Talk demonstrates the power of God's forgiveness of our sins through Christ, and how the Holy Spirit can melt away the barriers that keeps us from Him. Heaven and Nature Sing will help kids learn that the good news of Christmas pushes away our fear and worry. Just as it is difficult to see through a dirty window, we cannot see God clearly through a life of sin. Allow one hour per lesson. The bubbles we made were hard! If you're making your own children's ministry curriculum, you can find lots of ideas, worksheets, graphics and … This object talk will help kids see the power in these blessings. Children love to get invitations to birthday parties. Can be used as a Christmas Lesson. Possessed by The Spirit Ties in with Halloween. The children will learn that a growing faith will have signs of spiritual life. . Easter Bible Reading Plan for Young Children (Read-to-Me), On Winter Fun and Learning | Orthodox Christian Sunday Church School Teachers, #20: Sophia Berger from Michigan Migrant Ministries, #19: Joanna Beasley on Natural Family Planning, Simply Serve: How to Make a Difference in the World, My Brother’s Feet Smell as Bad as Noah’s Ark, A Thankful Heart: 4 Lessons for Preschoolers, Bold: A 10 Week Study for Families and Churches, Journeying Through James: A 35 Week Study for Families and Churches, The Book of James: A Hands-On Homeschool Curriculum, The Book of Acts: A Hands-on Homeschool Curriculum, The Call: A 10-Week Study for Families and Churches, She Found His Grace: A Review of Serena Dyksen’s New Book, A Lesson for Families on David & Bathsheba. What does this verse call you? Teaching about Halloween? The more you ignore Jesus, the harder it is for you to listen to Him because your heart becomes hard. This section contains bible resources for elementary and grade school kids. This lesson covers Joshua’s story from the 12 spies sent out to the crossing of the Jordan River. The Pharisees did all they could to make themselves appear righteous – they wanted to look like they were close to God. ), When it is frozen, you will have a yummy, sweet treat – hard ice candy! I hope you get half the fun out of this that I did!! What does the word “faith” really mean? They taught us that one last year.” If you’ve ever heard kids say those kinds of things when you mention the Bible story you’re going to teach, it’s probably time to spruce up your material.