“I went out after seeing that cover and scoured the guitar shops and found one,” Clapton said. The remarkable noise they assembled on ‘Layla’ is a joy when heard in the normal fashion but, when heard isolated, it is perhaps even greater. Pattie encouraged Clapton’s attentions, teetered on the brink, and still resisted. I got on the plane and took off with three hundred dollars, my guitar and a suitcase, and the clothes on my back. “Tom said, ‘Hey, man, the Allman Brothers are in town,’” Whitlock recalls. “It was Eric’s idea to play it fast,” he says. EVERY SONG IS CONVERTED TO MP3 FROM MY PERSONAL 45 COLLECTION, AND THERE'S NOT ONE THAT I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND YOU SEEKING OUT. “There was no slapback echo, no fuzz tones. “This guy brought two of them by and gave them to Eric, and Eric gave the other one to Duane when he finally showed up.”. THIS BLOG IS ABOUT 7" RECORDS ONLY. Born Domingo Samudio, the Memphis musician was an old family friend of Whitlock’s who had made his name on novelty songs like “Wooly Bully” and “Li’l Red Riding Hood.” With his career having pretty much run its course, Sam was hoping to kickstart it again with a new album under his real name. Duane is out of tune, that’s all there is to it. We have tapes of that, which are just hours of instrumental, fun-type jazz things. When Duane arrived, that’s where ‘Key to the Highway’ and the other covers came in. He was lying low, plotting his next move and trying to convince Pattie to become his lover. I arrived at Heathrow and exchanged my dollars for pounds. This entry was posted Duane Allman was excited when Dowd told him he was producing the debut album from Clapton’s new band. “Blues Power,” composed by Clapton and pianist Leon Russell, one of the group’s Friends, was a rock number in Russell’s southern funk-soul style on which Clapton cut loose with the kind of fiery soloing that guitar fans longed to hear him play. Much has been written about this album and if you are reading this, you have read all that as well!! Also included among the selections was the Chuck Willis country blues tune “It’s Too Late,” recorded, by Whitlock’s account, as an audition for The Johnny Cash Show, the country legend’s music-variety TV show, on which the Dominos performed on November 5, 1970. As for guitars, it’s well established that Clapton relied on Brownie, the 1956 Strat he’d purchased in 1967 during his tenure with Cream. In late 1968, while in Los Angeles turning over the Beatles’ White Album master tapes to Capitol Records, George Harrison met Delaney Bramlett, a young guitarist who performed with his wife, a singer named Bonnie. “And then ‘Anyday,’ and then ‘Tell the Truth.’ It felt really natural for us to write together, because we were friends first and we weren’t writing to make money or anything like that. The band was back in England when Whitlock says they were told to return to Criteria for one final recording. The name Layla - “of the night” - was more than a cover. Though it’s unknown exactly who played on which of the album’s songs, Whitlock says he, Clapton and Gordon were among the performers on its breakout hit, “My Sweet Lord.”. Keltner had preceded Jim Gordon as Delaney & Bonnie’s drummer. Sometimes, my own music can be like that. In desperation, Stigwood had stickers declaring “Derek Is Eric” printed up and placed on the records, but to no avail. They were married in 1979, but the union was short-lived and ended in 1989. Being a wealthy musician, Clapton could afford the best. Although Layla initially failed to get much airplay in the U.S., the album sold fairly well, reaching Number 16 on the Billboard Top LPs chart. But you know, it’s almost become endearing after all this time. It’s just a band that I’m a fan of. And I said to him, ‘I’m going to have to go back home. Whatever the real story, the audience at the Lyceum was underwhelmed by the performance. For years, guitarists have noticed that “Layla” is pitched slightly sharp. Okay. “We even did a tour of England, playing little clubs, and there would be nobody there, because nobody knew who we were, so they didn’t come! And these two young guys - we were all in our 20s --they were like two old, sage black blues guys talking it over with a bottle of whisky, and then playing the music, right there. But following their work on Eric Clapton, the couple considered themselves stars. Allman, who was in the midst of an extended solo and had his eyes closed, didn’t see the group come in. “It was never gonna happen again. From the start, the sessions proved fruitful. When they weren’t working on Harrison’s sessions, they rehearsed their own songs. And that’s how Derek and the Dominos came together.”, Over the next month, Clapton, Whitlock, Radle and Gordon lived communally at Hurtwood Edge while working on Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. Amid one of Clapton’s lengthy solos, he and Whitlock launch into another verse, singing “Baby” before realizing the solo hasn’t finished yet.