tall, brown (Tan), good body, curly brown hair, good taste in clothes and earns a descent pay :), Hair: Brown or Black [[not fond of blonde idky though]], Eyes: I LOVE my friend's royalish blue eyes, Skin: I really don't care, I have had crushes on all colors :D, Height: Taller [[but less than 6in. caring . Girls, Describe Your Dream Man. my dream man has a personality like john cusaks in his films, dresses like a nerd, enjoys eating pocky, is tall and averaged build, is in love with music, has an unhealthy obsession with the clash and DOESN'T wear flip flops with jeans. 6 notes. I love this concept and would write but i always start shit and never finish BUT: (character name LMAO) is a new upcoming youtuber, literally famous over summer, emma chamberlain 2.0 rise to fame type shit. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; aphrotidy liked this . Modern . Is it ironic that my ex gf got married after she changed her name to Mary? heart to Grayson Dolan, leader of the most powerful gang on US soil. im in LOVE with Ryan Sheckler; even tho his eyes are green idc<33 ilovehim. Or have Grayson eat you out? You haven't lived if you haven't had a DT phase... Urmomlikeswindex. Idk. I knew how my story would end. Tall, beautiful, great kisser, confident, charming, sexy, a little built, dreamy. 2. Talents? 10. I like a guy to be really tall, like 6'4", and pretty muscular, I loooooooove dark brown (slightly shaggy) hair, and light blue eyes...and I go for white guys (no offense to any black guys) but I love a nice tan. Would you rather go bowling with Ethan or go to a karaoke party with Grayson? and she becomes friends with the twins after meeting and collabing with emma. 8. Well i don't like to go out with white men but i love mixed guys and latinos fa sure!! I know it’s not alot of questions, but I’m sick so I tried. Well i love green eyes, that's what my bf has, but if they are a light brown then that's good too. Educated/Mature. 6. I don't really like the men that are really built or muscular. experiencing or exhibiting nostalgia, a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation. Girls, describe your dream man? It would be great if he enjoyed reading, cooking, watching movies, that sort of thing. 2 1. bc. BQ: One cannot be cheated on, if one has never been in a relationship. he'd be adorable, cute enough to be noticed, but not enough to be desired. Do you know of someone!? :) Answer Save. Lv 6. enterprises, an entrepreneur. . He is nepalese and of hindu religion, he is my height, brown skin, dark eyes and black hair, beautiful body shape. Hes always reminding me to think positive and to be the best that I can be....he just grew on me and I love him so much! Fun personality, loves to talk and do all sorts of things, and has a beautiful mind. Height? Y/N will soon find a much darker side to You haven't lived if you haven't had a DT phase... I’m just now seeing this but seems fake idk , my fbi agent better not be playing with me, ig reblog for good luck in relationships in 2019. the world’s favorite bachelor. hopes of breaking him. Would you rather have passionate sex with Grayson or Ethan? 1. Describe your dream man/woman? Not for myself, but for him alone. i have cried both tears of sadness and happiness, Heres grayson dolan bitting some chicks neck…, Um love hurting myself with this concept… so yeah… ur welcome. As long as he's a true waterman with a kind heart and an animal lover we're good to go. PM me if you wann take a concept and we can discuss! Personality wise, Physically, Mentally, (Also describe your dream mans private parts) Réponse Enregistrer. They say that there is someone out there for everyone and we believe it's true! I’m not afraid anymore. rather than staying out all night partying and getting wasted, he'd lay outside with me at night and count the stars. for gray and fans are starting to ship- thus making tension grow because gray is starting to develop feelings for his new best friend as well. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I HOPE THIS HELPED, i like tall guys like around 6ft maybe even taller =]. My dream guy would be very intelligent, with a sense of wit. 6 notes Jan 4th, 2019. he'd love me for who i am, respect my choices, and absolutely adore me in every aspect. Mr. Perfect-For-Me would be.....(in no particular order) Progressive. Relevance. He said he would love to get dinner... then hasn't messaged back for two days. haha xox. I like the sinewy lean muscular look. I cant imagine life without him! How many guys do you think a girl can be with before it becomes unladylike? describe your dream man or woman? Include physical appearance (height, weight, eyes, hair, ethenic background etc.). he'd be passionate about me, and his music. He would be not too tan not too pale and have dark hair (maybe light or dark brownish) and some stubble, like 2 days unshaven. ALL ORIGINAL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS FOR WORKS I HAVEN’T WRITTEN YET, Plz do not steal!! Well Traveled. I’m curious to hear your answers. 6 réponses. The list is endless.... What do you think of the answers? :), - clichè love story of kinda introverted nerdy drama geek and confident party going jock w/ a plot twist, - every year there is a standardized placement test each student ages 13-18 must take in order to be placed into a sanction where you will be most useful to society.