Keep up the good work and keep us all inspiring with excellent recipes. I’m Swasthi shreekanth, the recipe developer, food photographer & food writer behind Swasthis recipes. Just mix the ingredients, soak them in curd and blend quickly to get the dosa batter. Keep rocking!!! Egg dosai – One of the popular street foods of Tamilnadu known as mutta dosai. With the advent of restaurants serving a dosa varieties they became very popular since they tasted addictively delicious. The way they are presented with photographs, the procedures , everything is simply superb. These are a cheats version of the andhra pesarattu. These are made with just 3 ingredients rice, salt and water. Wash the rice and dal together. 1/2 tsp. an easy and no-hassle instant breakfast dosa recipe made without fermentation and grounding. These dosas are crisp, golden-hued and super tasty. Be it oats or any millets, I can have it in idli form more than porridge or upma. Today I am sharing a recipe for the Potato masala that is stuffed in Masala dosa, Mysore Masala dosa and any other type of dosa that has masala into it. 175+South Indian Curries / Subzis Our collection of 120 Variety Dosas Recipes ranges from Corn Dosa to Moong Dal Dosa to even Dosa Lasagne. your ear wakes up your gastronomic juices as soon as it hears the vendor sprinkling water on the hot tava before pouring the batter and spreading it into a thin, crisp dosa, which is then rolled up and served along with sambhar and other chutneys. It will have thickened to coat a … 30+Karnataka Cuisine Moong dal chilla / Moong dal cheela. Banana Dosa; Masala Dosa; Besan Dosa; Bread Dosa; Cabbage Dosa; Carrot Dosa; Chinese Dosa; Coconut Dosa; Corn Dosa; Cucumber Dosa; Dosa Batter; Egg Dosa; Kal Dosa; Maida Dosa; Masala Dosa Filling; Methi Dosa; Mixed Dal Dosa; Moong Dal Dosa; Neer Dosa; Oats Dosa; Onion Dosa; Palak Dosa; Paneer Dosa; Paper Dosa; Pesarattu Dosa; Plain Dosa; Poha Dosa; Ragi Dosa; Rava Dosa; Rava … If you have left over dosai batter, you can just add some ragi flour to make these dosas. Made with bread, rice flour and semolina, this Bread Dosa can be made without much pre-planning because you don’t need to ferment the batter. Key Features: - Different type of Dosa and uttapa Recipes in application. You may also like other collections,Vada RecipesPakora recipesSandwich RecipesPasta Recipes. South Indian Recipes > Dosa and adai recipes varieties[64] Dosa, adai, paper roast dosa & uthappam recipes varieties[67] Cucumber [Vellarikai] dosa. Here are some collections of dosa recipes, uttapams, and pancakes which are very authentic and yummy. Most of these can be made for breakfast or a meal and can be paired with any chutney or vegetable curry or tiffin sambar. Jowar dosa – Healthy thin and crisp dosas made with whole jowar or and urad dal. This App brings unique collections of dosa Recipe in the telugu Language. By swasthi , on May 11, 2020, 16 Comments. I have also explained about certain tips and solutions to make the dosa a most favorite one for the kids. 5 Best chutneys for Dosa and Idly | Best chutney recipes : No matter how good and tasty a dosa or idly is made,its always an incomplete breakfast without a right chutney to serve along with it.I am so lucky to be a part of that place in Karnataka where most of the authentic and traditional dosas and hence the chutneys have originated,UDUPI ! Make this any time just under 25 minutes. Uttpam Recipes using Dosa Batter. Awesome recipes. Wash the lentils in a large bowl at least thrice. My aim is to help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested recipes. 45+South Indian Chutney Uttapas can be made with simple dosa batter, with a combination of dosa batter and vegetables or other ingredients, or a completely different batter of millets, sprouts, and so on. ! These can also be served for dinner along with a chutney, sambar or curry. 1/4 cup white urad dal. Enjoy our collection of different types of 120 dosas recipes and South Indian articles given below. This is usually served with upma or with ginger chutney. Here are our 10 best-loved dosa recipes, each one with its own twist. Popular on street corners is the Mumbai Masala Dosa and the Chinese style dosa, Schezwan Chopsuey Dosa. The batter is then spreaded to a thin crepe on a hot seasoned griddle and cooked for short time. Very healthy for growing kids, pregnant women and for everyone. 1 cup plain rice. These turns out to be delicious & crisp. Sago dosa-Soft javvarisi dosa. 1110 best dosa recipes! Whole wheat or atta dosa – Instant crisp atta dosas made with whole wheat flour. After this fermentation, stir the batter well. From Sada Dosa to Wheat Dosa, from Mysore Masala Dosa to Rava Dosa, this section takes you through a tour of several possibilities, so you can take your pick for breakfast, evening tiffin or dinner. Combined with chutney and Sambhar, Dosas are sumptuous and tasty, fit to be had not just for breakfast but for evening tiffin or even dinner. Thanks a lot Siri. To make pesarattu, batter needs no fermentation. The most important thing is to make the batter. Privacy Policy: We never give away your email. Add plenty of water and methi seeds.Allow to soak for 7-8 hours or overnight. Then ground with water to make a thick batter and fermented. Last but not least, the Insant Oats Dosa requires no grinding and fermenting. 55+South Indian Rasam This dosa vantalu app will help you prove this and win hearts of your family members and friends. Welcome! Soak for at least … Dosas are thin, crisp pancakes cooked in a tava with little oil. Mushroom Corn Masala Dosa Recipe Using Ragi Idli Dosa Batter. Instant moong dal dosa – Delicious, healthy, crispy and protein rich breakfast or brunch recipe. Some batters need to be fermented while some do not. 90+South Indian Sweets © 2012 - 2020 - Swasthi's Recipes. Bookmark this page for future reference as I will be updating this post on a regular basis with different dosa, uttapams or pancakes recipes. So it is just soak, blend and use the batter. instant dosa recipe | instant dose recipe with sooji flour in a detailed photo and video recipe. 1. 10+South Indian Podis We have a large collection of 120 different types of Dosas. / 4 Types of Dosa – Dosa Varieties – VIDEO RECIPE. Easy and quick sweet dosa made with a combination of flours and jaggery, perked up with grated coconut and spiced up with cardamom! Set dosa : Karnataka style soft sponge dosas similar to the one we get in karnataka tiffin hotels. Let us know about the health benefits and procedure of dosa. Enjoy our collection of different types of 120 dosas recipes and South Indian articles given below. Mysore Masala dosa. 15+Kerala Cuisine Read more.. I really loved the pictures that were captured while preparing the dishes. Most of the recipes are Instant breakfast recipes, you could make in no time. It is very nice madam, you can add more information along with photos it will help youth generation, especially now a days they are running behind the time and competition. Not only the taste but the aroma and texture of the dosa also varies according to the ingredients used in the batter. 50+South Indian Sambar View Mailer Archive. These are made with urad dal, poha and rice. While they were made using only rice in the olden days, soon people began to use black gram dal/ urad dal which was widely and easily grown in the dry lands of south India. Chana dosa – Thin crepes made of soaked white chickpeas or kabuli channa. The word 'neer' literally means water. Add a ladleful of dosa batter on a heated pan. One of the healthy Dosas is Healthy Oats Dosa which is a great South Indian snack or breakfast recipe.