Formfitting for fast and light athletic endeavors. This vest is also really easy to get on and off, and encloses your dog over a pretty significant portion of their body so that they feel a hugging sensation. Three-layer construction chest panel cools the core. You also want to be aware of how much reflective surface there is on the vest. Kumfy Tailz Warming/Cooling Dog Harness, 16. A cooling vest for your puppy is definitely one of the best decisions that you can make though, because the last thing you want is for your dog to undergo heatstroke on a hot day. You have to understand how dog cooling vests work, type of environments that are best for certain types of technologies, how you can size them for your dog properly and a whole lot more. Let’s take a close look at five of the best cooling dog vests currently available. The TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat can help reduce your dog’s temperature by up to 15 degrees, for 5 to 10 hours. Every day we scour the web for the best gear and gadgets for us guys, and now it’s your pup’s turn to get in on the action. Three layer design made from ultra-thin material offers cooling and UV protection. Dog Paw Protection. Whichever the answer is, this is definitely a quality vest that does a great job at cooling off your dog. You also want your dog to be comfortable in the vest. You have to understand how dog cooling vests work, type of environments that are best for certain types of technologies, how you can size them for your dog properly and a whole lot more. It absorbs moisture quickly and holds it in a gel for maximum cooling. It provides an easy way to help reduce temperature and protect from UV damage. This is also perfect for breeds like French Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Yorkshire Terriers and Pointers. Dog Packs. Zippered construction provides high performance fit for active dogs. However, gel cooling pads are a little trickier to gauge, but it's still fairly simple. However, let’s start with the basics. As life long animal lovers, we believe that a pet is part of the family and should be treated and pampered accordingly! For example, you want your vest to have durable rings to attach your lease to, you want good, sturdy buckles and you should be able to disengage the vest and slip it off of your dog easily if you need to. You don’t want that to happen to your dog. This RUFFWEAR cooling vest is first up on the list. It features ice packs, and pockets for your supplies. Coolfresh technology uses a unique ice-cooling net design embedded in absorbent fabric. Leash portal on back is compatible with most harnesses. Snug fit provides comfort for anxious dogs. Vest has several pockets for additional supplies. The mechanism involves an outer layer that reflects the sun away from your dog, a middle layer which stores liquid and an inner layer which transfers to cooling sensation to your dog and lowers the ambient air temperature. Outer layer is made from durable, high-quality cotton canvas. We’ve got everything here from ball launchers to beer (non alcoholic of course). If they are outside running around and playing, then they are raising their core temperature and when the weather gets too hot, they are going to be at risk for heatstroke. The problem is, dogs are not able to regulate their temperature like humans do. Some vests offer a great deal of reflective material, while others have a pretty limited amount. If your dog needs more water in their vest, you can usually just pour water over it and it will continue to work. The size of the vest is also important. Constructed from porous microfiber fabric for durability and cooling effect. Some top items you may want to look for are: Cooling Mat; Cooling Collar; Cooling Elevated Dog Bed; Cooling Vest; Cooling Bandana; Cool Boots It is available in 10 sizes, with adjustable girth. Available in 3 sizes to best fit your dog. Fully adjustable neck and chest fit. Adjustable, comfortable design is easy to put on and take off. Making sure that your dog doesn’t get too hot is the job of a responsible pet owner. Able to be put in the freezer before use to augment its cooling ability. Fitting options for neck sizes ranging from 11.4″ up to 23.5″. The Kumfy Tailz Warming/Cooling Dog Harness provides versatile comfort, no matter the season. Simple to use, just wet, wring, and wear. It helps cool the dog’s chest, which is the area with the largest heat exchange. The Suitical Dry Cooling Vest for Dogs is perfect for breeds prone to overheating, or dogs in warmer climates in general. When it comes to a dog cooling vests review, you want to know how effective the vest is. Because each breed is different, vests will sometimes identify breeds that the vest fits. If your dog needs medical assistance, please reach out to your veterinarian immediately. A dog cooling vest is intended to keep your dog cool when they are outside, and if that is not the function of the vest, then it is worthless as a cooling apparatus. In fact, the only way the dog sweat is through a gland in their paw pads. Cooling vests for dogs are just as effective – probably even more effective – than cooling pads for dogs and they go with your dog everywhere. Before you buy a vest, you want to make sure that it is going to fit your dog. It uses frozen water that was pulled from the Great Lakes area of the United States, and that you refreeze in your freezer whenever you want to use it. But dog cooling vests address this problem. Effectively absorbs dangerous heat from the head and neck, and helps to regulate body temperature. Secures at the back with easy hook and loop closures. Any of these five are going to be a solid purchase, and they have been narrowed down from the hundreds that are on the market right now. If you have your dog tied out in the yard, or on the leash taking a walk with you, you don’t want the vest to fail and then allow them to run out into the street.