Special price of $39.95 is for first mosquito application only, for new EasyPay or PrePay residential customers only, and applies to properties up to 1 acre. This can lead to large patches of browning or even lawn death. The larvae has a “open zipper” raster pattern that distinguishes itself from other white grubs, so make sure to look for this when trying to identify what pest you are dealing with. This has made the European chafer an enemy of lawns. In the Vancouver region, the damage is most intense as March approaches. Be sure to remove excess thatch (a layer of organic material on top of the soil) and to aerate the soil as this exposes the grubs to the air and natural predators. Formerly found only in continental Europe, this invasive species is now found at temperate latitudes in North America. Applications should be made between June 1 amd mid July and this application must be watered into the lawn with at least .5 inches of water. But because they are so substantial, they make an ideal source of protein for birds and mammals. Application includes up to 5 trees, no more than 25 ft. in height. While nematodes are a good solution for many soil dwelling beetle species, timing is critical in the control of chafer beetles. It still requires mowing, but it grows in densely and smothers most weeds. Valid at participating TruGreen locations. The adult beetles emerge in late May, fly to nearby deciduous trees where they mate and subsequently deposit their eggs in nearby lawns where the cycle repeats. Landscaper This feeding continues into late fall before the white grub overwinters as a 3rd instar larvae. If mowed regularly, the leaf size becomes tiny, hence “micro” clover. Ah yes, the European chafer. Be sure to contact our professional team for a free quote so you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant lawn all summer long! Not valid on Fly Eliminators or Gift Cards. There are two methods for controlling European Chafers that TruGreen® recommends: 1. Sales and Customer Service: Grubs hatch around mid-July and immediately begin feeding on grass roots. Home Gardener European chafer grubs. ✧ Guarantee applies to full plan customers only. The damage starts when the chafer grubs feed on lawn roots. © Copyright - Paraspace Landscaping 2020 | Website Designed & Developed by A & G Creative Group. The grubs typically linger within 5cm (2″) of the soil surface, but they will burrow deeper in cold weather. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(456762, '277bb84b-d349-47f9-8a58-e075f9df89b6', {}); Thom is the Founder and Owner of Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for 29 years. Subscribe to be the first to hear about sales, promotions and special offers. It takes only 8 or 10 grubs to ruin a square foot of lawn. Commercial Grower You can view your wishlist by creating or login account. It was discovered in the United States in 1940 when a grub was found in a nursery-growing area near Rochester, New York. The European chafer is a very serious grub pest of turf and can cause more turf damage than the Japanese beetle. Availability of services may vary by geography. In Michigan, the European chafer is now common through all of the Lo… ★★ Requires purchase of full mosquito plan. BBB accredited since 7/01/2012. Happy June, folks! The experts at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help you ensure the nematodes are applied correctly and see the best results possible. The grubs are at their largest (and most appetizing) exactly when local wildlife is preparing for spring nesting and breeding. Growing Information, Tips, New Products and Updates, right to your inbox. European Chafer Control – Nematodes. Admin, Western Nursery & Landscape Association falls victim to pandemic, MANTS 2021 to move online due to COVID-19, Nor Cal trade show canceled due to COVID-19, Oregon Garden Foundation reclaims management role, Disaster loans available for drought-stricken nurseries, Dümmen Orange introduces Ditto series of VitaMum, Fall Creek transitions leadership positions, People’s Choice Award winners announced for the 2020 Farwest Show New Varieties Showcase, Augmented reality app allows New Varieties Showcase voting, Farwest Show launches virtual contest to crown 2020 New Varieties Showcase winners, Growing with the industry: Farwest memories. The beetle emerges in June to complete the life cycle, ending its reign of terror. The clover fixes nitrogen, which acts as a natural fertilizer for the fescue resulting in greener, lusher growth. It does not form thatch, and will not attract chafer beetles. The 2005 study revealed that H. bacteriophora, when used at a rate of up to 3 billion nematodes per acre, can provide significant control of young (1st instar) European chafer grubs in the ground. Kill insects, grubs and other lawn pests before they have a chance to damage your lawn Proper mowing and watering techniques can also help foster a healthy lawn that's more tolerant to lawn pest attacks—plus you'll get a lawn you'll want to live on in the process. Soon after, the females descend and deposit as many as fifty eggs each in the soil. Read on to learn about natural solutions for a chafer infestation. All rights reserved. Here are some of our favourite seeding options: Micro-Clover — This works best if the lawn is removed and newly seeded at a rate of 50g per 100 square feet. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa offers a full range of lawn care services including core aeration, overseeding, slitseeding, and organic topdressing. ©2020 ARBICO Organics. Damage occurs as a result of two things: grubs feeding on roots and animals feeding on grubs. The European Chafer, also known as Rhizotrogus majalis, is a common lawn pest that can be found in many different types of grasses in the upper northeastern states and as far west as Michigan. These control strategies can help mitigate damage to turfgrass. The most important feature of this treatment is that Nematodes are 100% natural, and pose zero risk to the environment, pets, or people. Frequent irrigation in late June can deter female European chafers from laying eggs. For properties more than 1 acre, please call for estimate. The large, white grubs of A. majale feed on the roots of most cool-latitude grasses, both wild and cultivated. For lawns less than 5,000 square feet or for the regular lawn application price for a lawn of any size, please call for estimate. The grubs are most active in late summer and fall, so the most opportune time of year to get rid of the chafer larvae is while they are young and before eggs hatch. Download our free 2-page Chafer Beetle pdf. In May, the grubs pupate in preparation for emergence as new spring adults. Retail Store & Corporate Office Lawns perform best when 2 inches of leaf is left after a mowing. Elementary/High School Control. © 2020 TruGreen Limited Partnership. If you are struggling with European Chafer, don't panic! ◆Guarantee applies to full plan customers only. What's not to love? Order Ahead! May/June Beetle grubs also have these two rows of bristles on their raster, but the two rows do not diverge, giving you a quick way to tell these two lawn-damaging insects apart. Thanksgiving Holiday Closure - Nov 26 - 29, 2020. What type of gardener are you? Home lawns, golf courses, and turf growers have the potential to be most significantly impacted if the European chafer beetle were to become established in … The damage starts when the chafer grubs feed on lawn roots. Apply Hb NemaSeek beneficial nematodes after the last frost date to target grubs. However, adult European chafers do not eat at all and so are not the problem defoliators that Japanese beetles are. Repair damaged turf by re-sowing with grass seed or laying turf in mid to late spring when the chafer grubs have moved deeper into the soil to pupate; Less heavily managed lawns are thought to be more susceptible to damage, so attention paid to feeding, watering and moss prevention may help avoid damaging populations Easily manage your account from anywhere with our new app. The beetle spends its childhood and teen years as a grub in the soil, feeding on the roots of grasses, particularly in lawn areas. Yellow hairs can be found on the pronotum of this lawn pest and underneath the thorax. Nematodes are microscopic worms that actively infect and kill the European Chafer. All Rights Reserved. ★Requires purchase of annual plan. Regionally, European chafers are a much bigger problem than they used to be. This lively beetle (Amphimallon majalis) has an annual life cycle that is worth understanding in an attempt to control it. Mowing your lawn too short may mean a little less work, but will leave your exposed to a host of other problems.