(Mainsail). We did it. Episode 63 | He Can Sail But Can He Dance? Welcome aboard our journey! In this episode, join us as we jump through hoops to check-in to Greece, explore the treasures of the fortified city of Rhodes, discuss greek mythology, and show some friends a good time. This is why we’re taking the sail down. Kraken Kissed From sailing with a monkey in Africa, swimming with great white sharks buying and fixing a boat that they bought for $1 – The GoSea family film it all. Sailing SV Compromise Report. s/v Field Trip Details at https://patreon.com/svdelos . Good job. Delicate. Including this pre-storm Satori bath or as some may call it unnecessary click bait. Today we have a broken dinghy davit to weld back together and not only that! Sailing with Children: what could possibly go wrong? Get in touch. Hmm. You get all the little pieces. (Mainsail). Growing a list here and love to add more, so please get in touch if you know others to include, whether they are actively cruising or have an archive to mine (active and inactive vlogs all mixed up below, sorry… #details for later). LIVE UPDATE: Having successfully brought the boat to Raiatea for repairs, everything starts to fall into place. Sailing the Bakery Russell. Yes. Sunkissed Soeters We’re gonna go meet Russell, our very first patron. Oh, look at that. Secret Water Adventure A chance to go to the naked beach and raw sailing. Treasured Times Cruising Russell, Russell the love muscle. A to B to Sea Family Sailing Vlog S/V Hi5 Good job. He was able to patch the tear and insert a new grommet. MV Cassidy Well, this is awkward. Yeah, you look beautiful. Visit our private server at www.lazygeckos.net. I’m gonna take these reefing blocks off. We’re about an hour away. Irie Islanders Here is what we were posting on Instagram during this video. Almost done with our trailer for YouTube! Facebook. Videos – Season 1 (Florida to the Bahamas), exlore some of the best parts of Minnesota, Ep. Sweet. United States About Youtuber Blue Dot Voyages - SV Pilar is a Sailing Vlog video channel sharing the Catamaran Sailing adventures of Dawn and Stephen Bell on S/V Pilar, a 2015 Leopard48 Catamaran. One Thousand Sunsets – We remove Satori’s Mainsail for some well-needed repairs That is the problem we have. Ebook Cruising Under Sail (incorporating voyaging under sail) with 251 Photographs and 102. Una Vuelta Por El Mundo Would love to share a beer…, love your videos . The Sailing Adventures of Arctic Monkey Yeah, two days in a row. Sailing Magic Genie Andersons Abroad Homeschool Ahoy. Water-log  Today and tomorrow are her recitals for her dance class that she teaches. Dunno but love that so many cruising families are taking up vlogging or starting a YouTube channel! Playing next. Want to crew on Delos? Sailing Catalpa Sailing Celedon That was awesome. The GoSea family has three people and two pets, they share 28 feet of space as they embark on a mission to see as much of the world as possible. And insread of stitching in a piece of webbing, he made a series of wraps using 550 cord. We started what is probably the very first Sailing Vlog, and now we're back at it again, but this time with our kids! Get in touch or check out our latest adventure on Social! A Family Afloat  – We fly to Minnesota to visit friends and family one last time. Well, at least for a year or two. Chasing the Hook Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sailing Booby Bloo What we do for our women. - Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 74. For Kelly’s mom, Lili, there was no threat of getting seasick. No idea what you’re talking about. GoSea Sailing. Even though kelly has been taching for another studio for past past few years, this season is a special one for her. Even though I loved teaching technique and seeing my students grow on a technical level, it is a true joy to create a piece from start to finish and see the story come alive. Grow Sailing That was awesome. 22 – Season Finale “Escape from FLA” (Sailing Satori), Ep. I can wait to see the kinds of shots we get with this amazong camera. Tika Travels The Sailing Family I make the return back to Arrecife and test my skills at tacking and taking on 30kts wind gust coming into Marina Lanzarote. Live Free 2 Sail Fast We fix, fix and fix! Tight Little Tribe The solo sail continues as do the anchor tests. Sailing Karis Topless Under Sail & The Green Flash Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 78. SailOceans Travely Family (Russian) Our FAMILY OF SIX abandoned the ordinary in search of a SIMPLER LIFE - and look at where we are NOW! Yay! The Foster Journey/a> S/V Ibis I think she’s good. Sailing on Annecam It’s amazing how many families on boats are blogging their lives afloat. 15:27. Family Sail (Russian) Where the Coconuts Grow So excited to share with everyone ☺️⛵️#editing #sailingsatori, A post shared by Sailing Satori (@sailingsatori) on Jun 4, 2017 at 10:44am PDT, Our first Blue Apron meal!