I can only imagine that the French have endorsed the same anti-fat dogma as the rest of the world, and as they too are seeing outsourcing becoming more and more common, what these cantine programs do is limit students’ options. I am always telling families, “If you only feed kids what they like then they will never learn to love what’s good for them.” The French seem to understand this, as do many other cultures. for extra pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. Love your blog, by the way! However, your suggestion is backed up by research: the foods that mothers eat during breastfeeding are passed into the milk, and can affect babies’ later food preferences (this is even true before birth, as the tastes of what a mother eats are passed to the baby via amniotic fluid!). Remember, students are strongly discouraged from bringing lunches from home; so if they want to eat halal, they can’t eat at school. I know the main subject of this article is about what food is served, however my question is not about the food. Given the large Muslim population of France (although statistics are not kept, it is estimated between 5 to 8% of the population), this is a potentially serious issue. Great site. | SOLARIS, Pingback: What are the best appetite suppressors? Kids lunches, health and food security are all passions of mine. There is no cost to parents of children in the state system. You will find a list of easy recipes for kids here at Easy French Food because we have a resident kid chef, Max, who is eager to share his recipes and tips with you. And what to do about it? Or, for a general overview of how school lunches in France are organized (and some criticisms of the current system), keep reading on this page. (My French is minimal.) Wednesday is grilled guineafowl with provence herbs, and organic cauliflower and broccoli. Even without national subsidies, these meals cost, on average, $3 per child (and prices for low-income families are subsidized), not significantly higher than the lunches provided through the National School Lunch Program in the US. Having just spent a year in Sydney with our kids at the Lycée (Moyenne section et CE1) – we are back in Toronto. For statistics, and my thoughts on a French view on breastfeeding, see this post: http://bit.ly/MiuUz6. Japan Japanese schoolchildren had to depend on UN handouts during the poverty-stricken postwar years, but the traditional school lunch, or kyushoku, has been a fixture of life for young children since the turn of the century. Interesting – thanks for sharing your story. I’m a pediatrician that sees way too much obesity and unbalanced eating in children. Monday is a duck parmentier with organic mashed potatoes and butternut squash. "American foodie culture is much more of a cult obsession and pastime, but in France, it is ingrained in the overall culture from the beginning with a very specific formula. Sharon, Pingback: The history and institution of the Kyushoku — Japanese School Lunch « EDUCATION IN JAPAN COMMUNITY Blog, Pingback: French Food for Cheaper and Healthier Eating | Credit Tips Today. | Skip Jump Jersey, Micro-Mindfulness: 5 Quick Tips to Make Any Meal More Satisfying | Share Yoga, Égalité of the stomach, at least | Rachel Hope Cleves, New York City Tours | newyorkcitytours-abc.com, Creating Kids Who Eat Anything - Created for Living | Living Well | Healthy Living | Created for Living Well. Some, but not many, children are entitled to free meals. Also, perhaps they haven’t had the horror of seeing a child going into anaphylactic shock and/or being rushed to the hospital for a tracheotomy or worse. There is little any fried food (which can only be served a few times per month, according to Ministry of Education regulations). I don’t have children, but think and write about training children’s appetites. In Paris, for example, most families pay $3, the wealthiest families pay $7, and the lowest-income families pay 20 cents per meal. But this is changing, notably over the past few years–there is much more discussion of gluten allergies than in the past. AustraliaMeat pies, sausage rolls and hotdogs have been traditional staples in Australian school tuck shops. Children from families with incomes at or below 130% of the poverty level are eligible for free meals. Reporting on what you care about. Although many French schools provide substitutes for pork, they do not serve officially certified halal options, leading to the potential exclusion of devout Muslim students from school. I have 4 grandchildren and our family loves cooking and eating together. Because people are under the illusion that the food is being paid for by ‘someone else’ (and not by taxes which we all pay), school lunches have been made into its own holy institution. They have a “corrupted palate”, as some chefs like to put it. So the French don’t spend much more than we do, yet their kids eat seem to eat, on average, better than ours do–even in the smallest villages and poorest towns of France. For dessert: French almond nougat, one of the best French candies. The whole menu is really extra, with a different French cheese everyday. What other aspects of French schooling do you study? But above all else, we aim to enable children to spend joyful, convivial moments together, to learn a ‘savoir-vivre’, to make time for communication, social exchange, and learning about society’s rules–so that they can socialize and cultivate friendships.”. I think the family that eats together stays together! - Beauty Mommy | Nada Manley | Mom Style | Mom Makeover, france, children, obesity, diet, childhood obesity | FOODSCIENCEACADEMY, French Cheese Taste Test: Traveling from the Kitchen, What Do I Feed my Little Critter??? Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Humans have a strong instinct to be autonomous, children included. Even at state schools, school meals are not free, though help is available to low-income families. The French Ministry of Education has strict regulations governing portion sizes, nutritional composition, and cooking methods. French food vocabulary terms are listed together with their English translations. (They presented as true allergies, for instance, turkey would cause hives and breathing difficulties.) I'd rather have pizza everyday than this fancy shit. I really enjoyed hearing about your Head Start program, which sounds wonderful (scratch-cooking–good for you!). Three-course (or even four-course) freshly-prepared hot lunches are provided to over 6 million French children in the public school system every day. Everything is at least all natural, in some cases organic. La France se défini comme un pays ou la religion n,a rien a faire a l,école public “laicitée,”Malheureusement il y a de plus en plus d,école confessionnel en France et dans ses écoles les valeurs républicaine n,y ont plus leur places Je sais que cette conception est incompréhensible pour un américain mais la révolution française c,est faite contre le roi,la noblesse et aussi l,église catholique.il existe la loi de 1905″ séparation de l,église et de l,état”.On ne vous la pas dit en France on peut devenir président de la république sans croire en dieu .