Complete a minimum of 12.0 credits of additional business and/or non-business electives. The Netherlands  The PDF will include all information from this edition of the undergraduate catalog. And your life is shaped by the choices made by other people, some of whom live far away. In addition to the "four Ps" of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion—students will be introduced to how marketers create customer-driven marketing strategies based on their research and understanding of the marketing environment and customers. The world is a big and interconnected place, especially nowadays. In-class delivery is available for most courses in the program, and some courses are also offered online. Course Number. Required for Global Studies minor. This is supplemented by advanced research seminars and colloquia. In these modules, students learn about at least two different world regions and their entanglements and transregional ties. Learn more about GS Sections and how we can improve your skills and knowledge with our qulaifications. There is a continuous flow of goods, people, cultural norms and ideas happening. It exposes students to issues and problems that inevitably arise in international business when managers have to deal with culturally determined differences in values, attitudes and behaviours. You will need to position yourself within the issue you are studying and to think through the ethical issues of whatever intervention you propose. This diploma provides a formal framework and a credential for students completing their business studies at our exchange partner schools or through participation in our International Summer Field Schools. Prerequisites: BSYS 1001. Global Studies also operates a Quality Monitoring Board (QMB) to ensure delivering accredited courses and resources to meet your learning needs. Download the programme overview 2020/2021 to see the courses per semester. 4/5) Regional and Thematic Specialization. 10) Research Seminar and Thesis Colloquium andMaster’s Thesis. What if I don’t meet these English requirements? 1300 Elmwood Avenue • Buffalo, NY 14222 • (716) 878-4000 Prerequisites: FMGT 2100 or FMGT 2105 or FMGT 2152, Analyses business strategy formulation to give the student practical experience and confidence in handling complex business situations. Courses in the Business Administration program are classified as follows: View the Course Tier Guide [PDF] for a list of Tier 1 and 2 courses. International Careers: Global Studies is an ideal course of study for students wishing to work for international organizations either governmental organizations or non-governmental ones (NGOs). Students entering this program may have previously completed a number of courses in the program matrix that exceeds the 50 percent transfer maximum. Meet with us in-person, over the phone, or via Skype to learn more about the Global Studies program. As they have grown, so has the demand for competent employees that are skilled in the activities associated with this new breed of global company. 6200 MD Maastricht Secondly, we will observe the flows of globalisation as they apply to fundamental rights, legal practices, economic development and political institutions. The goal is to learn skills that will help students to be effective in a variety of cultures. P.O. This course examines the complex relationship between the "local’ and the "global’ by exploring the processes of globalization and the manner in which these affect the prospects of diverse societies around the world. NOTE: Students scoring below "C+" in level 1 COMM are required to take COMM 2003 instead of COMM 2203. This course explores various frameworks and practical techniques in cross-cultural management in the global context. The concept of a Centre for Global Studies was a central element in the UVIC Challenge Campaign launched by UVIC President Howard Petch in 1990/91. Contact with the BCIT program name in the subject line. It covers routine memos, letters, request and reply letters, and oral presentations. Computers and information technology are the foundation of business today. *Students must complete a total of 27.0 Tier 2 credits in their option courses. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Emphasis is on maximum use of pre-programmed calculator and practical applications from the field of Financial Management. Take care when selecting your elective courses to ensure that you will meet the Tier 2 credit requirement. Stresses measurement and determination of national economic activity, the role of monetary and fiscal policy, and the understanding of inflation, unemployment and growth in an international environment. This communication course teaches the business writing skills needed to produce effective business and technical reports: inspection, trip, incident, and progress reports, proposals, feasibility studies, formal reports, oral reports, summaries and graphics. International business is the cornerstone of a globalized business world. The course consists of a one-hour lecture and a two-hour lab each week. Applicants who have completed post-secondary studies outside of Canada, the United States, the United In-class courses usually total 36 hours of classroom time delivered over 12 sessions. All correspondence regarding your application will be posted to your online myCommunication account at This page displays courses that meet the criteria for Global Studies courses and fulfill the Global Studies requirement for General Education at Eastern Washington University. Twitter Prerequisites: None. We'll send you an e-mail when a new message is posted. Courses transferable to open electives can have been taken many years ago and need not be in a business subject to qualify. Topics include consumer and commercial credit, simple and compound interest, financial instruments and discounting, annuities, mortgages, loans, sinking funds, leases, depreciation methods, capitalized costs, cash flow analysis, NPV and IRR. The PDF will include all information from this edition of the graduate catalog. Equivalent Course: IST 100 For more information, please contact Student Financial Aid and Awards.