Below are the categories. Let’s talk! Porsche Built a Street Version of its 919 Hybrid, The Ferrari SF90 Spider Is Faster than a LaFerrari, There's a 704-HP Ford RS200 Evolution for Sale, The C8 Corvette Convertible Is Super Friendly, BMW M3 Generations: Everything You Need to Know, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Let us know in the comments below. It has an icon that looks like a shop as shown below. From the displayed options, to access Facebook Marketplace, tap. If you are selling watches, it gives you an idea that the apple watch sells more. On the News Feed, click on Marketplace. Victor writes "How to" guides, "Fix it" guides, reviews and buying guides. More so, Facebook Marketplace has 1.79 million active users. Set the budget. Before you proceed with your search, go to the location section and click on it. Never agree to having an item mailed to you. Find great deals on new items shipped from stores to your door. All that is required is to create a listing and Facebook will take care of the rest. Make sure you add clear photos, and as many as you can to give the most information about the item. Your products are now listed on the Facebook Marketplace. This Itechguide teaches you how to access Facebook Marketplace. Items that sell well in the marketplace include refurbished or newly painted furniture, toys, maternity clothes, cabinets, shoes, bags, etc. Book a demo with one of our Lead Gen experts today! Next, Facebook will ask you to enter a title. The top-performing items are always listed at the top of the page. With Craigslist now charging users to list cars for sale, deals on the site are fewer and farther in-between than ever. A prospective buyer made a choice of the vehicle he/she wants (The 2013 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback) and arranged to meet with the dealer. Make sure to choose "500 miles" from the dropdown menu. With the Facebook Marketplace, businesses can: a. However, Facebook does not facilitate sales transactions but provides a place for sellers to advertise their products without getting involved in price and shipping processes between the buyer and seller. Read a detailed blog post on the Facebook Lookalike audience to know how it works. Whether it will succeed in a crowded market is yet to be decided but if you are curious about how to use it, follow our step by step guide and you should have your first item for sale on Facebook in no time. Why Facebook Marketplace is a great opportunity for Businesses? Next, Facebook will ask you to enter a title. Learn about how taxes work for something you sold with Marketplace checkout. What is Facebook Marketplace? For the sake of this walkthrough, let's say I'm willing to spend up to $15,000, and want a car with under 150,000 miles on the clock. Select your audience. Amy Karasavas helped launch app directories, developers' resources, and user testing tools for Facebook. In the top blue portion of the app you will see a section where it says “Search Marketplace”. Do you have a different strategy for finding rare cars or great deals on Facebook? You can edit this later if you like. Search Marketplace for the item you want. It will also take you to your items management area, where you can communicate with buyers and edit your items. This helps you to give them the needed product information before they lose interest. Below is the step-by-step process to list products on Facebook Marketplace. 1. Sellers can upload their products directly through the marketplace app. The product is visible to buyers who search for the item through the search box or check categories for the product they want to buy. What to sell on Facebook Marketplace Availability of different marketing tools. Buy or sell new and used items easily on Facebook Marketplace, locally or from businesses. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I hope you found this Itechguide helpful. Today she works as a freelance writer and marketing strategist. Your ads will be in the review, and Facebook will approve it if it meets the regulation. 5. The good news is that you need not be a professional photographer to take pictures of your product. 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Search 2,345 jobs in marketing, advertising, creative and media. I once listened to someone describe the process of listing multiple items to Facebook as something that was easily accomplished with a tasty beverage in one hand and their phone in the other. After setting the price, ensure you describe exactly how the product looks like. Ensure you deliver the product directly to the buyer. 5. To sell on the Facebook Marketplace as a business owner, you first need to have a personal or business Facebook account. With this, you make more money than what you asked for. Now Facebook will ask you to add a description for your item. 10. Use Facebook Marketplace to test new products. The second way to maximize your ROI is to create a Facebook custom audience from your customers’ list on the CRM or autoresponder and integrate it with Facebook Marketplace through Leadsbridge. There are up to 11 categories with each of them having subcategories. You'll be pleased to know Facebook updated its Marketplace settings a couple of weeks ago allowing users to extend the site's search radius to 500 miles, up from the previous maximum of 100 miles. Second, check for similar items on local Facebook groups or the Facebook Marketplace itself to see the prices of items you want to sell. Cheques can also bounce. To increase your visibility in the marketplace, use the right categories. Now that your products are listed on the Facebook Marketplace, it is time to reach more people so you can get more conversions. 2. Finally, for more Social media Itechguides, visit our Social Media how to page. You can quickly tap the blue “I’m Interested” or “Make Offer” button to let the seller know you’re interested without having to compose a more in-depth message. Facebook Messenger is a free service that makes it easy for businesses to carry out transactions without exchanging addresses or phone numbers. You will be prompted by Facebook to add a photo of the item you are selling. Second, the store page also allows you to answer questions and provide more useful information about your products. If you don’t have one, you can create it. Facebook does not offer sales transaction services in the marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace app is available on iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, and computers. Then tap the 3 lines on the top right of the App (Android) or bottom right of the App (iPhone). Facebook Marketplace is free for all businesses to use for listing and managing products. Sellers can list their products for sale in their locations. First, integrate Facebook Marketplace ads with different CRM, autoresponders, and emails through Leadsbridge. Here we will use the “item for sale” option. Not every product can be sold on the Facebook Marketplace. It is free and easy to set up and as such, you don’t need to pay before listing your product. This makes it a viable platform for marketers to boost conversions and sales of products. An automobile dealer (EchoPark Automotive) listed their cars for sale on the Marketplace. One of the most popular products in the shop is pinned to the top so that more people will see and buy it. I agree to the use of cookies for the uses described in the cookie policy and I agree to the use of my personal data in pre-fill forms as set out in the Privacy Policy, Facebook Marketplace is used in 70 countries of the world by 800 million people. This method is the next best thing. Having cleared that out of the way, you can sell any product that is not listed above such as eCommerce products, automobiles, and houses. Helping publishers increase engagement, improve monetization and drive new audiences.