Thanks so much! Vanilla Vodka! Pets have a way of getting into things they shouldn’t. You’ll have to see how strong the mint flavor is by six weeks, but it should be pretty good by then. Then I know, for sure, that I’m making the absolute BEST that I can. I was brought up in the city so I’m still familiarizing myself with country living and plants (I love it and would never go back to city life by the way). While it has a light mint flavor and a strong vodka flavor after 4 months marinating, it also turned brown. Thanks, I thought it was fitting And who would have thought those weather men would be right for once! I tried this extract. Close the lid of the jar tightly. What’s the right color for homemade mint when its done after 3-4 weeks. (Love your website name, btw!). Did you use 100 proof? I recently bought 3 big jugs of vodka for making vanilla extract as well as tinctures. How to Make Non Alcoholic Extracts. Give it a shake and set aside in a cool, dark place. i m really excited to bake my own mint chocolate cake and make my own mint ice cream… i m also on 2nd day of my waiting.. i had a good batch of mint leaves growing in my backyard.. but didnt have any alcohol free mint extract Chad, sorry I haven’t experience that with any of my vanilla beans. You are not alone! I kinda want to scream, “, Some folks make alcohol-free extracts using vegetable glycerin, although I have yet to try that. 2. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you so much! And how to store it? I’ve tried making peppermint extract and the plants turn brown within a couple of weeks or more. Do you have any insight into this. You doing vanilla as well? Optional- top with whipped cream and/or marshmallows. Place the lid on the jar and tighten loosely. Peppermint Vodka! (Hold filter in place or tape it before hand) Squeeze leaves to get the last of the extract from them. I’m wondering how long will it last too?! I bought organic banana flavor at Whole Foods. There is a way to create extracts without using booze. Mine kept for 3 months until it got knocked over and spilled everywhere.

Yes… I was going to suggest that. Place in a cool, dark location for 4-6. The alcohol will cook out if you are using it in baking/cooking. Enter your best email for instant access>>, Thanks for all your tips and excellent ideas on so many things. Tomorrow I am going to try the extract recipe. Close the jar lid and shake. XD, Can I use a plastic jar in place of a glass jar. , Thanks for sharing this, How long does the extract keep for in the jar when finished. I just made myself a couple of jars of this bc I wanted to try one with and one without the honey. Pour your extract through a mesh strainer into the new jar. I’m making the mix you posted to give to some friends and family, which sounds so amazingly yummy . Or does this just become flavored vodka ? I usually use the cheapest vodka I can find for my extracts. Keep up the great work friend! Do you make homemade gifts for Christmas? Thank you so much for this helpful method. I was away when I got a very bad abscess and was told to put mint around the tooth or use a mint extract, I used the extract and it drew the abscess out and I didn’t have anymore pain in that tooth. I would like to know if all the other women that had it steeping for three weeks found it successful? I harvest at least 4 times a year when the mint gets about 18″ tall more or less. Did you add honey? Shake it whenever you remember. Thank you for the idea. Do you put a lid or otherwise cover the jar while it steeps? If you'd … Where did I go wrong? The good news is you can make your own mint extract without alcohol! You can leave them to dry on paper towels or just use a small salad spinner. He took me out and showed me all this glorious mint that I plan to harvest tonight to make my batch of mint extract!!

Use the stems for your water for the day and next day. I shook them every couple of days, but it is certainly not minty like it should be.

It’s very easy to, Wash your mint leaves and pat them dry with a towel or toss them in your salad spinner. I had a TON of mint this year (it appears as though it’s the only thing I can’t easily kill…) and it even survived our first snow storm. I’ve read all these comments and seen similar questions, but never an answer. I bet this extract would work in place of the oil, I can’t wait to mix up a batch! I don’t simmer the alcohol out; with the amount that goes in any given recipe there’s really no need to.
I went to the liquor store with my son the other day to get some vodka to make vanilla extract and some herbal tinctures and I felt the same way! Thanks so much for your recipe. Minus the stem. There is barely enough time for that! Is there a way to completely get rid of it? Make sure the alcohol is at least 80 proof.

That was new wine. Just wondering!

Crush and smash the leaves in your hands–this will help to release some of the oils and give the process a jump start. I suppose you could leave them in there too– I just had a lot of leaves and wanted plenty of room for them. You’re so welcome, Rose. Your email address will not be published. I made mine with rum and have never been able to taste the rum.

You could totally make your own mint extract, which is on my list of things to try, however that takes months! The most important thing is that you completely cover the leaves with the alcohol, so they don’t mold. Copyright © 2020 The Prairie Homestead  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Save time & money as you build your homestead with my,,,, Healthy Green Kitchen Homemade Mint Extract Recipe » Healthy Green Kitchen, How to Make Homemade Mint Extract | Herbs and Oils Hub, Mint Holiday Recipes: 15 Minty Treats and DIY Gifts Stupid Easy Paleo - Easy Paleo Recipes to Help You Just Eat Real Food, 30+ Cheap and Easy DIY Holiday Gifts - Don't Mess with Mama, You're Growing How Much Mint?
Same thing happening here. Put in gallon ziplocs and you are good to go. But nobody else in the store looked like they really cared I told my husband he gets to go next time and i’ll stay in the car with my son . I’m experiencing the same thing. BTW, I love your blog! Pack it in my Ninja food chopper and pulse it a few times. […] posts: DIY Mint Extract Recipe from The Prairie Homestead Homemade Mint Extract from Health Starts in the Kitchen 8 Ways to Use Fresh Mint in Dessert from […], […] How to Make Homemade Mint Extract […], […] *original recipe from The Prairie Homestead […], […] used homemade peppermint extract (which is peppermint infused vodka.) I never thought of the vinegar making it buttermilk.

It has to be apple cider vinegar? I have growing about 5-6 varieties including: candycane, choc-mint, orange, lemon verbana and spiramint. You can also make homemade extracts without alcohol by using 3 parts glycerine and 1 part water in place of the alcohol in any recipe.

Thanks! Also saw another unanswered question earlier: does the infused vodka all become tincture or is there vodka remaining, and can you drink it? Strain the leaves, and bottle the finished extract in cute little jars. Literally just vinegar, not even a hint of mint smell or flavour. Sorry you didn’t like it. Place it over a clean Mason jar and pour mint leaves and extract through the filter. If you don't like the microwave, the stove top and a pot work fine, too. Infusing sugar with the flavor enhancers is a great way for how to make extracts without alcohol. Pat dry. Use 3 tablespoons to 1 cup hot water or milk. When she's not wrangling chickens and cattle, you can find her stuffing Mason jars with homegrown food and playing with flour and sugar in the kitchen. .

Needless to say I was not impressed about having to stand outside in February in Canada for 20 minutes while my mom looked around and then waited in line with the same cranky cashier.

2. I’ll be putting the cocoa mix to good use though, thanks for posting! I have used it in the homemade hot cocoa mix (powdered milk) and it didn’t curdle that, so it must just be the regular milk. I thought it was terrible. Now, I’ll know for next year. 6. Although, I personally don’t worry about using an alcohol extract in a drink, even for kids, because it is such a small amount of alcohol. The liquor store workers can direct you to which brands are organic. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to drag kids to the liquor store. Take a peek every so often to see if it’s strong enough for you. Yeah, that snowstorm caught everyone off guard! Oops, I added the honey before. I wish I could have put a sign on my back that said “I would never drink this, I use it to make medicine for my family”! I followed the instructions to the letter, but a month and a half later, all the leaves were brown and it smelled horrible. He told me there was all this mint growing in our yard. If using dried leaves, just a 1/4 cup. Remove your extract from the water bath, chill, strain through a mesh strainer to remove the mint leaves, and rebottle for storage.

Mine are all floating at the top. I filled a two pint jars with leaves, smashed them a bit, then covered them completely with alcohol and put them in a cool dark cabinet for two weeks. Non-alcoholic mint extract ingredients: 1 cup fresh mint leaves (glycerine does not work as well with dry mint) Is that ok or is there a reason for that? Pick and prepare an additional cup of mint and place it in a fresh, clean jar. I made the extract over the summer and am excited to have some and to also give to friends.

If you'd like to make the extract a bit sweeter, you can put jar (Without lid and band) in the microwave and add 1 tablespoon honey. Have you ever tried to use the Mint Leaves for another recipe after steeping and straining from the Mint Extract? The stems stay mainly whole but do pick out what does get cut but it doesn’t hurt if some smaller pieces stay in the mix.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I left mine for 2 months, had the same issue.

Pioneer Homemade Christmas-Day 1 Pumpkin Applesauce Cake | Melissa K. Norris, […] navigation ← Previous Next → Join others and receive devotionals and tips for all aspects of country living delivered straight […]. I make substitute buttermilk using milk and vinegar so I guess this shouldn’t be so surprising.

I found out that we should harvest “Right before flowering, cut the stems 1 inch from the ground. My kitchen smelled great, but I was disappointed. 3. Pat dry. Maybe read what Paul has to say about it , I think that they were just feeling self-conscious about buying SO MUCH of it – that, and bringing their kids into the liquor store.

I do not accept guest posts and will not respond to unsolicited requests for guest posts or links. Remove the leaves from the stems, and discard the stems. Wow! It isn’t exactly the same because the texture is much more syrupy, but it is possible to make mint extract using food grade vegetable glycerine. Add 1 teaspoon mint extract (or to taste) to hot chocolate. I had mint leaves from my herb garden and harvested them fresh. Lol who cares what they thing as long as they see bling and cas register says caching all is well! I HAVE TWO JARS ONE WITH AND OTHER WITHOUT HONEY , AND ARE 7 TO 8 DAYS OLD . I’m curious what your cute little gifting jars look like. Is there any combination better suited than mint and chocolate? I make homemade toothpaste as well and use only coconut oil, baking soda, stevia drops, and mint oil. Use in all your baked goods as you would vanilla. You will need to pour boiling water over the mint leaves and then add glycerin to your jar until the leaves are fully covered. It smells strange and not minty, more like tea.

could I do that now and let it steep for another three weeks? Can I use this in lip balms and salves?