You’ll get a list of these below. • Take the chickpea flour. Keep massaging in circular motions for 10-15 minutes. You can even mix almond oil with Vitamin E oil. In this article we will provide the best ways to remove unwanted blackness from the skin of the neck using the following methods: Before we do, we explain more about how black patches on the neck appear and whether you need to do anything about them at all. The skin on the neck can turn dark due to various factors ranging from genetic origin to the action of external agents. are you facing embarrassing situations due to your dark neck or Black neck and apparently, you are tired of facing irritating questions on personal hygiene? • Wash off with water. See comment by Menchie Naval-Alegre below. Hyperpigmentation in the neck can be due to different factors, although one of the most frequent causes of its appearance is a skin disorder called Acanthosis nigricans. Collect the white Vitamin E oil and with fingertips massage it well on the neck area. Repeat this remedy daily for treating dark neck. • Leave it for about 15-20 minutes. To remove tanning from your neck, apply potato juice and to make this remedy even better, add lemon juice in it. Massage it gently for a few minutes and let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes. Excellent home remedies to treat dark neck problems. • Water- 2 cups. Do not expose yourself to the sun during this time. Combine the orange juice and grated orange peel thoroughly. Ways to Remove Dark Skin on the Elbows, Knees, Neck and Underarms . Mix all the ingredients to get a paste of medium consistency. Honey and lemon are used widely for treating dark skin. Add the tomato juice and rose water to get a thick paste. Olive oil and lemon. There are several ways of using lemon for treating the dark complexion of the neck area. For someone with a plethora of freckles on their face and neck, this could give off the appearance of a neck that is darker than the rest of your skin. It is also a mild bleaching agent with its sclerosant properties that help in improving the complexion and skin tone (5). Mix these two and apply to get fair neck. Kindly suggest something for unwanted facial hair, Thank u very much for the information I will try and let u know the results. Here are some of the top reasons why you may be dealing with a dark neck: Hyperpigmentation – For many people, hyperpigmentation is something that is all too common. Directions: For faster results, add lemon juice to potato juice and apply this mixture on your neck. If you expose your neck to the sun for long periods of time then you run the risk of having the skin on your neck being darker than the rest of the skin on your body. You will see the results in less than a week. The enzymes found in papaya help generate new skin cells thus giving your dull skin of neck a new glow. Here’s a video that talks about some of the remedies in this article –. Repeat this every day for a week or so, and you will start noticing results. The combination of baking soda and water will help a lot in removing the hyperpigmentation that forms around the neck. Other symptoms include dark, thick patches on the neck, and sometimes the skin is dry. work well when it comes to dark neck home cure. It is not only the face that needs attention and proper care, but each part of the body needs cleaning so that we do not feel awkward. Rinse your neck every time whenever you wash your face to clear the dirt, impurities and dead cells. Here are some ways in which to use potato remedy for dark neck. Take three tablespoons of Yoghurt. Repeat the process daily to get the desired result. Vitamin E inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, hence exerting a depigmenting effect on the skin. Stir well to make a thick paste and apply this paste on all around the neck. Fruit masks made with such ingredients as banana, apple, orange, papaya, avocado etc. The bleaching properties of potato juice lighten and brighten the skin on your neck. … • Water. A dark neck may really put your personality in a poor light. • Mix tomato pulp to it to get a paste-like consistency. • Wash off. Ans: Other than natural remedies, you can use some cosmetic creams that work well in lightening your dark neck area without much side effects. We have all had that moment where we let our hair down or we catch a peek in the mirror and we see the dark patch of skin on our neck. And, even if you do wash and scrub your neck, you might forget to moisturize. You will need: Leave for 15 minutes and then wash off with water. You may develop dark patches on the sun-exposed areas of the skin. • Take the grated cucumber and apply it on your neck. There are various reasons that cause this skin pigmentation disorder. They help you get rid of the dryness that may be responsible for the darkening of the skin on your neck (11). However, do not stop and continue cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing your skin. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which smoothens and rejuvenates the skin. Mix yogurt with lemon juice, apply and wash after 15 minutes. All rights reserved. • Honey. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to get a paste of medium consistency. How to get rid of dark neck? Exercising Your Neck Tilt your head back and stick out your lip to strengthen the front of your neck. The traditional ubtan is generally used to brighten and lighten the skin tone. Add tomato pulp in oatmeal and apply it to gain white neck. Yogurt has natural enzymes that act with the acids in lemon to give the desired results. Use it to exfoliate your neck. Black neck is a term used to describe a condition in which the skin on your neck is noticeably darker than the surrounding skin, also referred to as “dark neck.” Those having the dark neck with pigmentation can use aloe vera gel which is one of the best cleansers for skin. We pamper our face with regular facials and massage treatments at the salon. It can lighten … Apply this paste on your neck and let it sit for 15 minutes. • Wash with lukewarm water. Do not make a powder of it, keep its course so that it can exfoliate your skin. Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Incnut Digital. Tomato is the most common vegetable in all kitchens, and it has lots of uses for skin problems like sunburn, erase pigmentations, etc. Other common causes of neck spots are: In the next sections we provide some home remedies to combat hyperpigmentation in the skin of the neck or armpits. Use chick pea powder to get rid from darkened neck. Whenever you go out, apply sunscreen to your neck along with your face. When not saving the world with her articles, she likes to hang around with her Siberian Husky (because, aren't dogs the best?). Rinse with lukewarm water. Filed Under: Home Remedies, How To Tagged With: Dark Neck, How To, Skin Care. In addition to the neck, spots of skin blackness occur more commonly in other areas such as armpits, knuckles, neck or groin area. Here are the tips. • Take a handful of dried orange peel and grind it into a dry powder.• Add two tablespoonful of milk and one teaspoonful of honey into it.• Blend all the substances to make a smooth paste and apply it on the pre-washed dark neck area. Use it for desired results. Cleanse and exfoliate your neck skin regularly along with your face. Remember, washing, exfoliating and moisturising are the three important steps for white and fair neck. It also helps remove the dark patches and makes your skin tone even. Yogurt is one of the ready to use an ingredient that can fix many skin related problems. If you haven't looked after your dark neck; it is time you do now! This article has been reviewed and fact-checked by doctors and other experts from the medical fraternity. Here is the list…. After that, wet your fingertips and start scrubbing your neck gently. [ Read: 12 Best Beauty Tips For A Younger Looking Neck ]. How To Use It? • Apply it on your neck, leave for 10 minutes. The following two tabs change content below. Stir well until you get a creamy paste with a consistent texture. There is an enzyme called catecholase in potato which helps in lightening the skin color of your neck. • Turmeric powder (optional) – a generous pinch The bright younger looking neck gives you greater confidence in turn! Too much sun exposure and exposure to pollutants and excessive usage of chemical-laden skincare products may be few causes of a dark neck. One of the main reasons skin damage will happen is because you do not apply proper sunblock when you go outside. The coarse oats will have an exfoliating effect to remove dead skin cells from your dark neck. Side Effects of Baby Diapers and How many Diapers Does a Baby use? You will need: Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes.• Then wash it off with lukewarm water.• You can feel the moisturising effects immediately. • Wash off with water. Sometimes it can also be a sign of lymphoma or a cancerous tumor. Once it is done, rinse it off with water. • Now gently rub with your fingers as if you are scrubbing your neck. Men, you guys are no exception either. • Take a medium-size potato.• Peel it and smash in a grinder to extract the juice from the paste.• Stain the juice in a bowl.• Get a cotton ball dip into the juice and apply on the dark neck• Let it dry and wash after 30 mins of applying to get the best results.• Potato juice contains catecholase enzyme which acts as a natural bleacher. Lack of proper cleaning is the most common reason that we develop a dark neck problem. • Strawberries- 2. How it lighten Dark Neck: Coconut is a moisturising agent that promotes the production of melanin which removes dead cells from the neck region thereby lightening it. When you do not get rid of the dead skin, what will tend to happen is that the accumulation of dead skin will inevitably result in a darker complexion than other parts of your skin. Ans: It is quite common to get dark discolouration around the neck during pregnancy and this condition is known as melasma or chloasma. Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is a lightener used to treat dark spots, not only on the neck, but also on the armpits, elbows or knees.