Location. Sapwood very narrow and hard to distinguish. Huon Pine Coasters - Set of 4 . The timber was used for everything where durability and ease of working were required; in furniture and tables, in washtubs and ships and in machinery and patterns for casting. It has been used in ship-building in Tasmania since 1815 due to its amazing durability and workability. The wood contains a natural preserving oil with an unmistakable perfume, and its fine and even grain make the wood exceptionally easy to work with hand tools. Huon. The timber contains quantities of a natural preserving oil called methyl eugenol which allows it to survive on or under the forest floor for centuries. Texture very fine and even. These days the industry is carefully controlled, with stockpiles of logs collected prior to the flooding of their habitat by hydro electric schemes being the mainstay. Huon pine forests are abundant in western Tasmania and more than ninety per cent of such forests are protected in large permanent reserves. $155 (22) Sold Out. In spring they develop pin-head sized male and female cones. Please do not purchase Huon pine timber or logs which could have been illegally removed from Tasmania’s National Parks, World Heritage Areas or State Forests. It is sometimes referred to as New Zealand Red Pine. For buildings not protected with a sprinkler system, a maximum smoke development rate of 750 percent/minute applies. assesses nominated products for Australian Standards compliance through a quarterly mill audit. A stress grade is defined in AS 1720 as the classification of timber for structural purposes by means of either visual or machine grading. Average Specific Extinction Area is determined by the volume of smoke measured over the mass loss of the tested sample per test carried out in accordance with ‘Cone Calorimeter Test’ AS/NZS 3837. Figures are approximate. Growth rings are conspicuous and usually wavy. IST Geeveston also sell craftwood logs, stumps and sawn timber. The ‘Piners’, early timber getters, searched the inhospitable wilderness of Tasmania’s West Coast to cut and haul out Huon Pine logs. Search through our latest projects and articles to find your inspiration for your next project, Join the community and give your insight into projects and news. We look forward to telling you more about Hydrowood. Poles - celery-top pine & craft grade Huon pine. Selected craftwood grade Huon pine logs are offered in the regular tenders at IST Geeveston and IST Strahan. Its richness of colour, fine grain and figure, such as birdseye, make it one of the world’s most desirable furniture and veneering timbers. S1 and SD1 yield the highest strength and stiffness whereas S7 and SD8 yield the lowest. Every log is thoroughly assessed and carefully cut and seasoned to maximize the timber quality and quantity, and even the smallest offcuts and sawdust are made available to craftspeople for value-adding. Milling, seasoning and timber services are also available. Australia’s oldest living tree which produces Tasmania’s iconic specialty timber. ) Sold Out. Huon Pine is the prince of Tasmanian timbers. EFH Spread-of-Flame Index is a material's propensity to burn rapidly and spread flames based on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 means that the materials will not cause flames to reach the ceiling and 10 indicates that the material could be expected to cause flames to reach the ceiling of a room within 10 seconds of ignition. Measurement is % value. © Huon Pine @ Tasmanian Special Timbers 2019 -. Huon pine trees are endemic to Tasmania and found near many west and south coast rivers but also on fertile sites with high rainfall within about 75 km of the west coast. Three large Huon Pine Blocks (some cracking) Red Heart Leatherwood (quite rare) a range of sizes, $15 per super foot. Grain straight. Measured in MPa. They were intrigued by the fact that the logs had evidently been lying there for many years, but were intact, untouched by the rot and insects that normally decompose fallen timber. Cheese slicer features a hand turned timber handle from Tasmania's unique huon pine - a perfect addi.. $28.00 . Huon pine was once the most prized boat-building timber in the world, and our sawmill still regularly supplies boat grade timber to boat builders and repairers. Furniture and wood-turned items are other major uses. It is based on an arbitrary scale of 0 to 10. IST Strahan has a large stock of salvaged craftwood logs, limbwood, and stumps for sale. Its richness of colour, fine grain and figure, such as birdseye, make it one of the world’s most desirable furniture and veneering timbers. In a process that, today, would be called ‘value – adding’, the settlement quickly developed into a boat building yard – the biggest in the British colonies at the time. Birds Eye Huon Solid Timber bookshelf SOLD CAN BE RE-ORDERED. Tea Caddy and Coffee Jar Scoop. Huon pine embodies the gravitas of history. Modulus of Rupture (MOR) is a measure of maximum stress which timber can momentarily sustain when loaded slowly and continuously as a beam. A. Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) is of importance in determining the deflection of a beam under load, the greater the stiffness, the less the deflection.