I spritzed myself liberally throughout the day with my generous 5 ml tester, and only at the end of the day, after pressing my nose against my shirt where I had fired away repeatedly did I get a whiff of Heeley-like incense, faint, thin, definitely not sweet which is good (I love the Heeley which is substantial on my skin). I think what he did there was take this formula and tweaked it a bit to get more followers. Incense Rose sounds like something completely different (and rose is making me slightly apprehensive...hmmm). It smells like an old wooden bench in old Catholic church. Nutmeg and the coriander as mentioned in the notes. out of I like to dream that this is how "perfume" smelt in biblical times. It is a fine composition, cool and warm at the same time, but way too intense for my taste. The fragrance has captured the roughness of semi-desert climate where Boswellia tree grows. Perfumes form people that really knows how to make them! The scent takes me back to St. James Church in Elkins Park Pennsylvania, circa 1981... the last year I believed in god. A perfume built around a natural CO2 extract of Boswellia serrata, aka incense; it captures the roughness of the climate of the semi desert where Boswellia trees thrives. The salty air of the sea, the old, dried-out and sun-bleached wood, and wisps of incense that have been infused into the church over hundreds of years. Why not be the first? It smells nothing like the frankincense I know and love. It was created in 2007 and is available as 50ml (1.7 fl.oz.) It's not bad, but it's not revelatory, either. 05 Incense Extreme by Tauer Perfumes is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. in glass vial with spray pump Minimalist, intense, clear. For whatever reason, I seem to like the more "professional" scents of this type, such as Black Tourmaline, which I only wear every couple months anyway. Incense Extreme is a dry, austere, woody-spicy fragrance that boasts Tauer's classic quality without his famed longevity. Tauer Perfumes Incense Extreme From £105.00 Quick Buy Close. In any case, I do not think AT went for great complexity on this one, which might account for the impression you get. My untrained nose gives this one a thumbs down for redundancy. Public Space Perfume: Etiquette or Paranoia? Insofar as I perceive anything much at all it is a very light, "thin" odour. The frankincense fades and mellows as the life of the fragrance progresses. Best incense I've ever had. Like its doppelgänger Zagorsk, Incense Extreme will stun you with a bizarre carrot soup note. The Favourite is the latest fragrance by British brand Penhaligon's and the story behind it is inspiring. If you've ever been inside a Roman Catholic Church on a Holy Day of Obligation then you have smelled this before. In fact, after about 40 minutes or so it almost entirely disappears. I really like this one. IE just strikes me as an unpleasant smell. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Andy Tauer. There is something refreshing about its purity. Where conditions are extreme and nightly fires a must. Dry, almost harsh (cedar), but magistrally orchestrated to result incredibly likeable. 494 votes. This definitely does stray a bit from the typical warm incense scent, which I appreciate. Incense Extrême is a shared / unisex perfume by Tauer. Andy Tauers fragrances are usually quite special - among his creative and often surprising creations none has ever been there for me before. Not a heavy, smoky scent - I find it light and airy. The name says it all. Not looking at this from a incense perspective, from a earthy, spicy and woody fresh perspective with Tauers dna in there, I just knew I was going to end up with a full bottle of this. Respecting a Perfume vs. Actually Wearing It, War of the Worlds: Naturals vs Synthetics, with Perfumers & Industry Insiders (by name), How to Calculate How Much Perfume is Left, How to Pick Different Editions & Date Vintage, How to Successfully Do Fragrance Layering. I would urge people considering to buy this one to first test LDDM. I have found some winners already mentioned by several, but this is not one imho. and hit Publish.And you're set! Minimalist, intense, clear. An incense chypre - this is my impression. It ingrigues me no end. It's just...wow. After trying CdG's incense series, Montale's Full Incense and a few other fragrances composed around this note, my search is over: I found the one. Rating: ( 3 product reviews ) Minimalist, intense and clear, Incense Extreme is a perfume built around a natural CO2 extract of Boswellia serrata, aka "incense." Super! Wear it at your peril. I am very confused and so disappointed.I have waited years to smell this. Wet cardboard smell + incense on a woody background. To me this smells like LDDM (L`Air du Desert Marocain) from the same house. After a brief blast of petitgrain the incense which it is named after arrives without delay - no procrastination in this Tauer. To me, this scent smells similar to L'air du Desert Marocain, except there's added layer to the dryness from the incense. It has a cooling effect probably from the petitgrain. I guess this is what the creator was intending, but its just not what I was expecting at all. Why am I smelling this? Her writing has been twice shortlisted in FIFI Editorial Excellence Awards and is extensively quoted by authors. The beautiful aromatic spice shops full of exotic resins from the Roman East burnt along with the blooming orange trees, wooden constructions and gardens spreading their incensuous miasma all over the Mediterranean World. It is a fantastic smell. The longevity is above-average. Starts out with a strong blast of resins with a dirty, woody almost earthy undertone. CDG cannot even be compared with this. "Oh my how is this not in my collection?" I get a powdery, green vibe from this. perhaps there is a point to this. The other caveat is that once you smell the “carrot soup” as such, you can’t un-smell it. Sweet coils of incense smoke, lazily floating over sun scorched, exotic woods; smokey, resinous and very, very dry. exceptions are: juozas statkevicius, AG encens flamboyant & amouage XXV for man.in catholic churches incense is used quite a bit & people tend to faint because of the heavy smell.but being curious as always i´ll sample that one for sure (still haven´t ordered andy´s l´air - yes, i chose that one, you were absolutely right :) ! She is an evaluating expert on Osmoz.com. I have a small sample and have tested it no less than three times in a vain attempt to find some redeeming quality....um, sillage is good, has great lasting power...(unfortunately)but thats about all I can come up with! I admire Andy Tauer and his work and I really like this. Being a huge fan of frankincense (olibanum) resin, and church incense in particular, I must say I was extremely disappointed with Tauer's Incense Extreme. Might knock you out easily - that stuff... Don't drive or perform tasks which require concertration while having this on. I didn't love this scent at first, but after use the dry down is very frankinscence and the perfume is lovely on me. The incense is very distinct, and yes, it does smell somewhat ceremonial on my skin. This stuff is wow, in your face strong....dry intense incense, ALOT of Cedar, waaaaay to much for me. This fragrance is classy and turns heads. It even inspired me to write and mingle new melodies on my piano. For Tauer to call name this an incense has me just as puzzled as why to name Rose 31, well Rose 31 as it is dominated by woods. Superbe! Anyway - bravo for capturing the old wooden bench scent. A translucent smell of camps on endless undulating horizons. Maybe I suffered one of those power-batches again? What may have helped this for me would be a touch of sweet, a faint hint, or some smoke, but there is neither, it's dry, raw and sharp. Maria,OK, now you sold IR to me: I am looking forward to trying it! He started his creation, Tauer Perfumes, in Zurich, Switzerland where he still produces his liquid oeuvres and fills them in the classical pentagonal flacon.