Everybody loves to sleep, right? This night light has super-bright LEDs that give off a warm amber light. Here’s just a few ways putting a salt lamp in your bedroom can help you sleep better: Handmade Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 6-7 lbs, Shiny Wooden Base, 1 Bulb, 6 Feet Long Cord, Dimer Switch. You know, all the yucky things that make you go all snotty. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If you choose to leave it on, be smart and don’t put it too close to your bed so you don’t knock it over and make sure the cords aren’t frayed. ), How to Make a No Sew Eye Pillow in 20 Minutes or Less, 10 Relaxing Sleep Gifts for Her: A Sleep Diva's Gift Guide, 7 Totally Doable Ways to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better, How I Used a Dodow to Relax my Mind and Sleep Effortlessly, 7 Ingenious Hacks to Sleeping Better Away from Home. (or just love to stay in bed! In an ideal world, we would all go to bed when the sun goes down and wake up with the dawn – but try explaining to your boss that you can’t start work until 10am in winter. Blue light suppresses your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone which helps to regulate your circadian rhythm and makes you feel sleepy in the evening. Beneficial nutrients will make your body stronger, and healthier, so this is why they are recommended as well. Can you Leave a Himalayan Salt Lamp on All Night? They can be used on their own, or as a side fruit with something else. Himalayan salt lamps are kind of like Mother Nature’s air purifiers. To satisfy your hunger you can try eating string cheese. Since you’ll be putting this in your bedroom, it’s imperative you buy a natural crystal salt lamp with a safely attached electrical fixture. The more caloric the food is, the harder it will be for your body to absorb it, and you will end up with ruining your diet. Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer Control, Himalayan Salt Lamp with Salt Chunks, Bulb and Dimmer Control, Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp Natural Crystal Rock, 6-8-Pound, How to Choose a Himalayan Salt Lamp for the Bedroom. Sleep deprivation is unpleasant enough here on Earth, but it’s far more serious for an astronaut who’s handling millions of dollars of sensitive scientific equipment in zero gravity. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It’s personal preference, but I prefer rough edged lamps instead of smooth ones. This vitamin stops cholesterol from oxidation, so it is very beneficial for weight loss as well. An average orange has about 70 calories, so they are a safe option for a late night meal. Ohio State University. Some cheaply made lamps aren’t secured very well to their bases, and some don’t even come with an electrical base. Hi, I'm Julia, a former insomniac turned sleep diva who knows what it's like to be sleepless. Do you have trouble breathing at night? This light bulb is designed to give off orange-tinted light, which lulls your body into thinking it’s time to sleep. They found that green light produced rapid sleep onset -- between 1 and 3 minutes while blue and violet delayed sleep. It’s also great for illuminating dark corners of your house, such as cupboards or dim stairwells. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can take it internally and make a natural sleep potion, but I think using a Himalayan salt lamp for insomnia can be just as, if not more effective than taking it internally.