Created by our team of learning professionals, each guide is direct from the award-winning DoodleMaths work programme. Here’s where we cover what teachers need to know to make every place value lesson count. Teaching Addition in KS2 Maths. Created for teachers, by teachers! Teaching Number and Place Value in KS2 Maths. Year 1; Year 2; Year 3; Year 4; Year 5. The mats are designed with different terms in mind so children’s ability with different numeracy skills can be tested at regular intervals in a fun way. Year 5 teaching resources for 2014 National Curriculum Resources. Fun place value games for KS1 and KS2 . Professional Key Stage 2 teaching resources. Maths for 9 or 10 years old children (level 8) : additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, problems, numbers and measures exercises... Maths For Kids Age 9-10 England : Key Stage 2 Year 5, United States : 4th Grade, Australia : Year 4 Easy place value grid to make at school or at home. Week 1 – Number: Place Value; Week 2 – Number: Place Value; Week 3 – Number: Place Value; Week 4 – Number: Addition & Subtraction; Week 5 – Number: Addition & Subtraction; Week 6 – Statistics; Week 7 – Statistics; Week 8 … These maths mats include maths games for KS2, with year 5 specific content. Step by step interventions plan for place value in Year 5 and Year 6. Year 5 maths curriculum topic guides See what children learn in Year 5 maths and practice tricky topics with our collection of curriculum-aligned maths topic guides and practice questions.