Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If Sherlock hears Batman's voice, be it through a recording or in real life he would be able to pin down Batman's accent. This will allow Chimp the buffer time to catch L. Bonus Round 3: L vs. Moriarty from "Elementary". Arthur Conan Doyle'un ünlü eserinden uyarlanan yapımda, kahramanlarımız Sherlock Holmes ve Dr. John Watson günümüz Londra'sında sıradışı cinayetleri çözmeye çalışıyorlar. who catches Riddler? L (from Death Note) vs Sherlock Holmes (from BBC's Sherlock). He causes chaos by his crime riddles. I don't think L could catch Sherlock because his whole plan that got him Light would not have worked, and Kira could be basically anyone on Earth. 3: This is a bit tricky, since we don't know the full extent of moriarty's abilities and resources. 3a) L has without a doubt spent a great deal of effort to keep himself anonymous, and I'd wager that he'd rather die than become unmasked to the world. b) I think Batman in some cases would be considered Sherlock's detective equal with wealth that should far surpass what L has to offer. L has just about all of Interpol to help him with anything he needs. Not necessarily lazy writing, but it serves a similar enough purpose that it might even the playing field. Huysuz Sherlock ile insancıl John, maceradan maceraya atılırken, izleyici kendisini aksiyondan komediye uzanan bir koşuşturmacanın içinde buluyor. Round 1: L. L is 24 at the start of the anime and has solved around 2000 cases. Sherlock has a pretty distinct style of deduction, and I think L can latch onto that. Sherlock figures out Kira pretty quickly after meeting him. Round 2a: Riddler lives to be found out. Round 2: Riddler terrorizes London. Round 4: Sherlock is in Death Note universe. My own theory is that L's true name is only known to him and Misa. a) L is in position of Sherlock and is against Moriarty (Show version). (bbc Sherlock and Moriarty, anime L, and any version of batman). a) L and Sherlock work together. L suspects this is not accident, although Sherlock was careful. Edit: Shit. Round 1a: I think Batman can actually get away with this round. L had no evidence of any kind, no leads except that all deaths were caused by a heart attack and that they generally took place outside of school hours. Round 3: Sherlock purely because Mycroft has so many connections and is potentially smarter than even Sherlock himself. Both detectives find it interesting that Batman never kills a criminal he is fighting, even as self defence. Sherlock is a sociopath. c) Sherlock is curious about L's identity and tries to find it out. ), Same as round 1, but this time, Sherlock has Mycroft and L has Near. So I won't address most of this, but I'll cover my thoughts on a few. Moriarty decides L isn't worth his time and goes back to being a consulting criminal, and I don't think L could catch him because he is completely hidden unlike Light. L would find out batmans identity by predicting were the next crime will be and capturing batman there. L is tasked to find out who "H" is, he must prove it with proof. Sherlock create a ruse to bait L into revealing himself some way, and then capture him. Maybe he's fighting someone. It must have happened years ago, because Batman has been active for a long time. I don't think L gets his way on this one. Did I misread the prompt or did OP edit it? Besides the FBI, who have no idea if L is a person or an organization, plus there have been multiple efforts to try to find him, even still people don't know what he looks like, in the books he twice shows up in public and FBI Agents didnt know it was him. His name is Lawliet. I have doubts that any name L used (in the anime) was his real name. Please!). b) Sherlock and L are working together to catch Batman. Suppose Batman is, for some reason, on the streets of London. L, who was able to trace Kira worldwide and pinpoint it to one single region to Kanto from one single death. I am trying to compare two great fictional detectives. b) Sherlock fakes his death, after 3 years of working underground and preparing, he adopts name of "H" and works under shadow like L. He has access to Mycroft's resources. Sherlock Holmes is called to Japan to help with the Kira investigation. c) Sherlock in position of L. Can he catch Light? I just don't think he has the feats to win this at all, the only advantage L has is in terms of resources. Which one will do more important job, L or Sherlock? Sherlock would have won. They are working separately, but they share information as soon as they gain it. c) Sherlock, as he certainly has a much higher English vocabulary than L. d) Go is much more popular in Japan than in England, so I think I'd give L the edge. Can L take this? This is the contest I would love to see, although if we take S2E3 Moriarty, he's got the computer supervirus that can crack all encryptions etc. Who catches Kira? L must not kill him. The end. 5a) No. L is aware of Sherlock's actions. b) L tells H his suspicion of Light, H tracks down Light and it's over in 5 minutes flat. Who can catch him first? Chess is all memory, not invention, monopoly is tedious and luck based, "of course that's a word! He is intelligent and has imagination. That was pretty damn stupid too). After a matter of time he would have figured out someone else had it, the memory loss when giving it up, Misa's involvement, and everything else, after Light was safely in custody. L has access to all his resources, Sherlock has access to Mycroft's resources and has John Watson helping him. Sherlock has better tools than Light did and also has the advantage of magic. Sherlock is a relatively well known detective while L was raised in secret in a secret orphanage to solve crimes. Sherlock takes this fairly handily - this version of Sherlock is more mature, calm, calculating, thoughtful, and insightful into the human mind. The game is never mentioned in either Death Note or Sherlock as far as I know, so I can only speculate. Promptly figured out that the desk drawer was amiss, then figured out how to get the Death Note out without burning it. If all of Batman's enemies can't catch him then a couple of detectives certainly will not. His identity is public. He has Watari's financial backing as well as years of money from being paid to solve mysteries, so Bruce wouldn't be able to throw money at the problem. L has access to all his resources, Sherlock has access to Mycroft's resources and has John Watson helping him. a) Sherlock and L should catch him in 1 riddle. If his identity is a secret, then all he needs is 5 minutes with Light. L is unaware of Sherlock's actions. While L can certainly find Nygma, I think time is too much of a buff for Holmes. On L's name, you're right; none of the names he used were even anywhere close to his real name. However, expect a last minute surprise for L after he's 'won'. This will be a game of who is the better detective or who can figure out someone's identity first. However, I am inclined to say L, because his feats are fairly well explained, and you can see the process of what he does with what he has, what tricks he uses and why. Moriarty has no way of attacking L. But on the last episode of sherlock we see that Moriarty might still be alive. Again, Sherlock is the one getting caught and solving the riddle. 2) I know virtually nothing about Riddler, but Sherlock spent an entire episode just cracking riddles, some of which I think L could not possibly figure out. I reckon L will likely be the winner of this one, because of his better connection to human emotions and all that stuff. Round 3: L vs. Modern Moriarty from Sherlock, this one goes to Moriarty. In round 4 I think I addressed Sherlock has secret identity "H". Can they solve all riddles? Press J to jump to the feed. The World's Greatest Detective (Detective Chimp). L lives in a time so distant from Sherlock. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 6a) Sherlock once neglected to play his brother in chess to play Operation, so he might be a little less than confident in his skill at chess. You have a massive prompt and I'm on mobile. Sherlock uses a lot of hard science and logic to accomplish his goals. Kira is probably about as clever as Moriarty I would say, but still has the benefit of a magic book. What? However, L gets very close - because L is straight up terrifying in his intelligence, and is, in fact, smarter than Moriarty. 1: L would stomp all over Sherlock. L or Sherlock? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Kira developed a pattern and broke that pattern harshly first putting him on L's radar. Round 1: Batman arrives in London. Alongside L, he is tasked to catch Kira (Light Yagami). That being said, I believe L would also take this, because he IS thorough and he ALWAYS pays attention. So I'm going to project my own thoughts on the DN series a bit here. Sherlock stands no chance against that - let's be real. This gives him a massive time advantage against L in catching the villain. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Sherlock, right before his death, was a small-time celebrity in London. One thing to note, I only have the anime for reference. I think Kira fucked up real big by sticking mainly to heart attacks and unlikely deaths. With moriarty, it seems like many of his feats are just plot convenience, and that his plans require too many coincidences to succeed. L tries to find out who is doing it. But it's hard to tell, since he still hasn't shown his full hand yet. Round 3a: Considering it took magic to find out the real identity of L, sherlock is hooped. Moriarty leaves no evidence, constantly plays as though someone smarter than him were around because he HOPES there will be, and is just in general more devious. c) I think Sherlock would find people progressively closer to L, and eventually find someone who has knowledge of L's general whereabouts. L almost immediately correctly suspects Light. Why? Original Sherlock is the only Sherlock that lays traps that are worth a damn.