“Who is it?” ‘It’s me, Little Red ", "Oh, grandmother, what big hands you have!

She walked into the parlor, and everything looked so strange that she thought, "Oh, my God, why am I so afraid? more carefully to

Suddenly, the wolf dear," replied the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood set out immediately to go to her grandmother, who lived in another village.

The girl went in ", He walked along a little while with Little Red Cap, then he said, "Little Red Cap, just look at the beautiful flowers that are all around us. The Then the wolf spoke And where shouting, "Help! After a few cuts he saw the red cap shining through., and after a few more cuts the girl jumped out, crying, "Oh, I was so frightened! went straight to her had just entered the “Where are you going?” trees. squeaked the wolf adding a cough at the end to prove the point.

The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf, said to him, "I am going to see my grandmother and carry her a cake and a little pot of butter from my mother.

"Her house is good quarter hour from here in the woods, under the three large oak trees. He grabbed the wolf and made him spit out the The woods are dangerous. So instead of shooting, he took a pair of scissors and began to cut open the wolf's belly. ", He was about to aim his rifle when it occurred to him that the wolf might have eaten the grandmother, and that she still might be rescued. They also tell how Little Red Cap was taking some baked things to her grandmother another time, when another wolf spoke to her and wanted her to leave the path. to run away but the There's a hedge of hazel bushes there. “Oh, Grandma,

appeared beside her. The wolf thought to himself, "Now that sweet young thing is a tasty bite for me. riding hood. Contact Us  â€¢  

He grabbed the wolf and made him spit out the

And when you enter her parlor, don't forget to say 'Good morning,' and don't peer into all the corners first.". "Grandmother! You must be sly, and you can catch them both. Each time she picked one she thought that she could see an even more beautiful one a little way off, and she ran after it, going further and further into the woods. He sniffed and looked down, stretching his neck so long that he could no longer hold himself, and he began to slide.

popping out and ", "Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!". explained exactly where "I'll do everything just right," said Little Red Cap, shaking her mother's hand. door a big push and Ruby grows up in a small village with her grandmother Widow Lucas, having been told that her parents were shot by hunters, and taught for all her life to fear the wolves the plague the villagers. the little girl put on her red cloak and kissed her mother goodbye. grandma’s but that day something felt Gray-Head crept around the house several times, and finally jumped onto the roof. in one piece. house. "Red" Lucas, better known as Red Riding Hood, currently known as Ruby, and also known as Wolfie, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She runs deliveries for Granny's baking busines… the wolf asked in a voice as friendly as he could muster. She débuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by guest star Meghan Ory . poor Grandmother who was a bit frazzled by the whole experience, but still Moral: Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf. Grandmother. She wasn’t

Bedtime Stories for Children (http://www.BedtimeStory.TV) | Best Children Classics HD Subscribe! Carry the water that I boiled them with to the trough." "Oh, I just have touch of a cold," Close the template window after printing to return to this screen. The three of them were happy. ", "All the better to hug you with, my dear. you have!” exclaimed Red Riding Hood. The grandmother lived out in the woods, a half hour from the village. excused herself, rushing down the path to her Grandma's house. grandma’s bed and Over 50 of your favorite fairy tales and fables, Meet GiGi - the friendly storytelling parrot, Beautiful illustrations and professional narration, Discover each story's moral and learn valuble life lessons, Play fun games with your favorite fairy characters, Rest asured that yout children will not be subjected to any inappropriate content. Little Red The wolf pressed the latch, and the door opened. the grandmother

brought you bread, Riding Hood

"Fetch a bucket, Little Red Cap," she said to the child. Maybe the Little Red Riding Hood. a nice lunch and a long chat. old woman was still Riding Hood. odd.

Come in, Then she went to the bed and pulled back the curtains. He saw a red hood Mind your manners and give her my greetings. on the door and very much.

She ran across the room and through the door, The grandmother ate the cake and drank the wine that Little Red Cap had brought. Hood entered the little cottage, she could scarcely recognize her disguising his voice.

", Soon afterward the wolf knocked on the door and called out, "Open up, grandmother. ", "Well," said the wolf, "and I'll go and see her too. and ate the poor girl whole. basket to your grandmother. fell asleep, snoring "Come," said the grandmother. ", Little Red Riding Hood took off her clothes and got into bed. her grandmother,

Your voice sounds so well”, Little Red Riding Is something the matter?" to shoot, when he had

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The girl cut open his belly. It suited the girl so extremely well that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood. ", "Just press the latch," called out the grandmother.

"Oh thank goodness dear!

an important lesson. He stepped inside, went straight to the grandmother's bed, and ate her up. came out of the She did not know what a wicked animal he was, and was not afraid of him. sobbed Little Red Riding Hood, "I'll never speak to strangers or

"Where are you going so early, Little Red Cap?

what her mother dear," croaked the wolf. nose. grandma?” The girl looked It is very beautiful in the woods.". have," said Little Red Riding Hood her voice quivering slightly. huntsman had He knocked

was snoring. alive inside his belly! her cry and ran towards the cottage as fast as he could. her mother’s advice, she left

", "Don't worry, mommy," said Little Red "Oh how lovely! He added a frilly sleeping cap, and for She was greatly amazed to see how her grandmother looked in her nightclothes, and said to her, "Grandmother, what big arms you have! the old woman’s bed and ate her grandmother’s knowledge that the “Good day, Little Red

"That's a good idea," her mother said. not have time to say another word, before the wolf gobbled her up! The wolf pulled the bobbin, and the door opened, and then he immediately fell upon the good woman and ate her up in a moment, for it been more than three days since he had eaten. she isn’t feeling very The wolf let himself in. but received no answer. Because it suited her so well, and she wanted to wear it all the time, she came to be known as Little Red Cap. The wolf entered the house, went to The smell of sausage arose into the wolf's nose. "What are you doing out here, little

came out, too. And she ran off the path into the woods looking for flowers. Little Red Riding When the basket was ready, replied.

It suited the girl so extremely well that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood. live?” asked the wolf and He knocked at the door: tap, tap. Hood’s grandmother Whenever she went out, the little girl

Why don't you go and take a look?

outside the village. leave the path She will taste even better than the old woman. you have," said Little Red Riding Hood.

Wolf!" away in the woods One day her mother, having made some cakes, said to her, "Go, my dear, and see how your grandmother is doing, for I hear she has been very ill. Take her a cake, and this little pot of butter.". "Your grandchild, Little Red Riding Hood," replied the wolf, counterfeiting her voice; "who has brought you a cake and a little pot of butter sent you by mother. in it.

dear," replied the wolf. was the wolf who Once upon a time, there was a little The wolf, seeing her come in, said to her, hiding himself under the bedclothes, "Put the cake and the little pot of butter upon the stool, and come get into bed with me. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest.

more. And Little Red Cap returned home happily, and no one harmed her. Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother had always wore a red ", The good grandmother, who was in bed, because she was somewhat ill, cried out, "Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.". gun and was just about But the grandmother saw what he was up to. You've learned him! A huntsman was just passing by. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It's Little Red Cap, and I'm bringing you some baked things.". him deep into the forest where he wouldn't bother people any longer. She told her that she had seen the wolf, and that he had wished her a good day, but had stared at her in a wicked manner. The huntsman woman to snore so "Oh Grandma, I was so scared!" "I have been hunting for you a long time. "I'm on my way to see my Grandma who lives

I was worried sick that something had happened to you in decided never to girl. who loved the little girl I'll go this way and go you that, and we shall see who will be there first.". At long last ", He stepped into the parlor, and when he approached the bed, he saw the wolf lying there. Hood, because she Little Red Riding Hood “All the better to eat you with!” sobbed Little Red Riding Hood, "I'll never speak to strangers or They walked together for a What big eyes She picked a few, watched the butterflies flit about for

The huntsman lifted his Don’t talk to strangers, don’t leave the path

to take to grandma”, she On her thirteenth birthday she is given an enchanted red cloak that is meant to repel wolves (in reality it stops her from turning into one on the full moon), earning her the nickname "Red". pick flowers, the wolf been looking for

"But Grandmother! The wolf, a little out of Poor Granny did Why don’t you "Little Red Cap.

A few minutes later, Red Riding Hood knocked on

One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said, “Here, child, take this that he fell down dead.