1.87 mol C8H18, Determine the number of moles of oxygen atoms in each sample.a. Find the molecular formula. Name each molecular compound.a. NaCl (table salt)b. Na3PO4 (sodium phosphate)c. NaC7H5O2 (sodium benzoate)d. Na2C6H6O7 (sodium hydrogen citrate), Calculate the mass (in kilograms) of chlorine in 25 kg of each chlorofluorocarbon (CFC).a. Ca(NO2)2b. Which elements are normally present in organic compounds? Why is it useful? CO b. N2O c. C6H12O6 d. NH3, Explain the problem with this statement and correct it: "The chemical formula for ammonia (NH3) indicates that ammonia contains 3 grams of hydrogen to each gram of nitrogen.". Calculate the molecular formula of the compound. A compound of X and Y is 13 X by mass. 0.1187 g C8H18d. Al b. Na+ c. Cl d. Cl-, Write a Lewis symbol for each atom or ion.a. Another sample of mass 2.35 g is found to contain 0.199 g of N. The molar mass of benzocaine is found to be 165 g>mol. 1 - Solve these problems about lumber dimensions. Why do the names of some ionic compounds include the charge of the metal ion while others do not? 1 - How are the molecules in oxygen gas, the molecules... Ch. XeO3 b. KClO c. CoSO4, Calculate the formula mass for each compound.a. 1 - How do molecules of elements and molecules of... Ch. Identify the element X. 1 - Convert the temperature of the coldest area in a... Ch. Find the atomic mass of M. Write the structural formulas of two different compounds that each has the molecular formula C4H10. 1 - We refer to astronauts in space as weightless, but... Ch. Have you ever seen... Ch. How many atoms are specified by each of these prefixes: mono, di, tri, tetra, penta, hexa? Answers to all problems are at the end of this book. If an undersea vessel descends to 1.5 km, how... An ice calorimeter can be used to determine the specific heat capacity of a metal. A mixture of 50.0 g of S and 1.00 * 102 g of Cl2 reacts completely to form S2Cl2 and SCl2. 1 - Calculate these masses. 1 - Many chemistry conferences have held a 50-Trillion... Ch. 1 - Indicate the SI base units or derived units that... Ch. CuNO2 b. Mg(C2H3O2)2c. The American Dental Association recommends that an adult female should consume 3.0 mg of fluoride (F-) per day to prevent tooth decay. What is the volume of... Ch. See more. 72.1 mmol SO2d. Find the molecular formula of estradiol. 155.2 kg Na2SO4, Determine the number of moles (of molecules or formula units) in each sample.a. A compound of molar mass 229 contains only carbon, hydrogen, iodine, and sulfur. 195 kg CaO, How many molecules are in each sample?a. It is a symbolic representation of a molecule’s composition. Molecule of a compound consists of different … How do they differ? C3H2N, 312.29 g>mol. MgBr2 b. HNO2c. How big is the nucleus of an atom in comparison to the sphere used to represent an atom in a molecular model? 0.0885 mol C4H10b. Molecule is the general term used to describe any atoms that are connected by chemical bonds. CFCl3c. Why do chemical bonds form? 6.5 g H2Ob. ), A particular coal contains 2.55% sulfur by mass. 1 - How does a heterogeneous mixture differ from a... Ch. (A metric ton is 1000 kg. methyl butyrate (component of apple taste and smell): C 58.80%, H 9.87%, O 31.33%b. Explain how to name binary ionic compounds. All compounds are molecules, but not all molecules are compounds. Within a covalent Lewis structure, what is the difference between lone pair and bonding pair electrons? SrCl2 b. SnO2 c. P2S5, Name each compound. Combustion analysis of a hydrocarbon produced 33.01 g CO2 and 13.51 g H2O. C2H6c. What is a chemical bond? Elements can be divided into metals and non-metals. The foul odor of rancid butter is due largely to butyric acid, a compound containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. 1 - To prepare for a laboratory period, a student lab... Ch. A phosphorus compound that contains 34.00% phosphorus by mass has the formula X3P2. Explain how to name molecular inorganic compounds. The remaining sample has a mass of 2.69 g. Find the number of waters of hydration (x) in the hydrate. C2H2d. (Refer to the nomenclature flowchart found in the Key Concepts section of the Chapter in Review.)a. Account for the detergent p... For the reaction 2H2O(l)+2Cl(aq)H2(g)+Cl2(g)+2OH(aq) (a) calculate G at 25C. 1 - Make the conversion indicated in each of the... Ch. cobalt(II) bromide, Determine the chemical formula of each compound and use it to calculate the mass percent composition of each constituent element.a. What mass of S2Cl2 forms? Write a Lewis symbol for each atom or ion.a. Ch. Explain how to write a formula for an ionic compound given the names of the metal and nonmetal (or polyatomic ion) in the compound. The density of water is 1.0 g>cm3. Find the molecular formula of benzocaine. These compounds are very different from ionic compounds like sodium chloride. 1 - A barrel of oil is exactly 42 gal. 0.0237 mol H2CO3d. What additional information is required? If the leak is allowed to continue, how many kilograms of Cl are emitted into the atmosphere each year? potassium and chlorine, Write a formula for the compound that forms between calcium and each polyatomic ion.a. Find its molecular formula. Why is the lattice energy of potassium bromide more exothermic than the lattice energy of rubidium iodide? cyanide, Write a formula for the compound that forms between potassium and each polyatomic ion.a. C5H10NS2, 296.54 g>mol, The molar mass and empirical formula of several compounds are listed. Compounds that are composed of molecules are called molecular compounds and contain more than one type of atom. What is the mass of 4.00... Ch. In what ways are double and triple covalent bonds different from single covalent bonds? In 2005, researcher Woo-suk Hwang reported that he had made immortal stem cells from human patients. Determine whether each compound is a hydrocarbon. 1 - Calculate these volumes. Unless otherwise noted, LibreTexts content is licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. A metal (M) forms an oxide with the formula M2O. A compound of molar mass 177 g>mol contains only carbon, hydrogen, bromine, and oxygen. How do the properties of compounds compare to the properties of the elements from which they are composed? Li2S e. CsF f. KI, Name each ionic compound.a. The nucleus of the ion has a mass number of 27. Mg3N2 b. KF c. Na2Od. Iron in the earth is in the form of iron ore. Common ores include Fe2O3 (hematite), Fe3O4 (magnetite), and FeCO3 (siderite). List and describe the different ways to represent compounds. 1 - Is a meter about an inch, a foot, a yard, or a... Ch. Read “The Molecular Revolution" box in this chapter on seeing atoms. Mg3(PO4)2 b. BaCl2 c. Fe(NO2)2 d. Ca(OH)2, Determine the number of each type of atom in each formula.a. hydroxideb. What is it used for? 1 - When elemental iron corrodes it combines with... Ch. Write a ratio showing the relationship between the molar amounts of each element for each compound. SnCl4 b. PbI2 c. Fe2O3d. NH/(aq) + ... 50. 1 - Many medical laboratory tests are run using 5.0 L... Ch. sodium and sulfurc. Combustion analysis of a 12.01-g sample of tartaric acid-which contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen-produces 14.08 g CO2 and 4.32 g H2O. If the fluoride is consumed in the form of sodium fluoride (45.24% F), what amount of sodium fluoride contains the recommended amount of fluoride? cobalt(II) phosphate octahydrateb. What is the volume of 25... Ch. rubidium hydrogen sulfatef. Calculate the empirical formula for each compound.a. 1 - Milk is sold by the liter in many Countries. Al(NO3)3d. Calculate the empirical formula of the hydrocarbon. phosphatec. What characteristics must Earths core have to generate a magnetic field? Determine the empirical formula of ibuprofen. 1.3 mol CH4c. What is the empirical formula? Al and O, Use Lewis symbols to determine the formula for the compound that forms between each pair of elements.a. Find x and y. How do you determine how many dots to put around the Lewis symbol of an element? 1 - Complete the following conversions between SI... Ch. 1 - Classify the following sets of measurements as... Ch. Why do these tiny droplets fall at different speeds? boron tribromideb. 1 - Give the name and symbol of the prefixes used with... Ch. According to the Lewis model, what is a chemical bond? How many grams of C and H are there in a 100.0-g sample of this substance?