This is the perfect example. The best part is, it’s only 320 calories per pint! How much better could a coffee ice cream be than the classic Häagen-Dazs coffee pint? And while I am A-OK with a standard flavor like chocolate or strawberry, if you’re looking for some unique icy flavors this year, Walmart has introduced four new ones that are sure to make your spring and summer extra-special. Serendipity is making quality pints with thoroughly thought out flavor combinations. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to, Chocolate Spice Banana Bread Is A New Version To Bake For Fall, Buy Harry Potter Butterbeer-Flavored Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Will Warm You Up On Chilly Fall Mornings, Buy Harry Potter Butterbeer-flavored Peanut Butter. It’s so salty that it’ll remind you of making vanilla ice cream with rock salt as a kid and accidentally getting some of the rock salt in your batter. I’m calling out the cookies and cream, but really any part of this four-pack would hit this list before vegan offerings from most full-blown ice creameries (including many of the other brands on this list). And definitely the best strawberry flavor I’ve had in a long time. Bottom line: Another great example of McConnell’s distinct ability to produce flavors that feel bright, un-muddled, and natural — while also coming up with creative plays on classic flavors. The pie crust in this flavor, made with rye flour, is the heartiest crust you’ll find in any ice cream and 99.99% of actual pies. This is a legit sea salt ice cream with caramel running throughout (and not too much of it, either). A … Really, really good coffee ice cream. Whereas low cal ice creams were definitely a thing (which I campaigned vehemently against) for a while, this year saw releases that were every bit as fatty and sugary as their dairy-filled counterparts. We have confirmed with Walmart that you can also order them for grocery pick-up or delivery (if available in your area) if you’re staying inside due to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, a fair bit. Even better, the new ice creams are under $3 for an entire 48-ounce container. Our Rich Chocolate Ice Cream Is Chock Full Of Fudge Brownie Pieces, Chocolate Flakes, Truffles, Malt Balls, Chocolate Almonds And Marshmallow. It’s more like a modified-vanilla bean, with new flavor notes but no overwhelming sugary-gooeyness. This creation was inspired by a great persimmon cookie recipe that I have. That way, you can enjoy them all summer long. Well, what can we say? But this year… when did summer even start? All the existential angst of 2020 slowed down our ice cream rankings, to be sure. If your approach is similar, you’ll love these flavors. If you’re looking for some other new treats this summer, check out these new Load’d Cones from Blue Bunny. Bottom line: The best pint of ice cream I’ve ever had and a lock as the dessert during my death row meal. Wow! But by the end of the pint, you won’t mind if the caramel is gone — the salt is powerful-yet-balanced, the texture is pure silk, and the sweetness ratio is spot-on. Is it defined by weather or ease-of-living? The Three Queens Coffee Blend, from Allegro Coffee, is produced in East Africa by three different collectives of female coffee farmers and entrepreneurs across Malawi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Serendipity is new, but the ice creamery behind it, Serendipity 3, is a New York institution. Of course, you can also just eat it without the tequila for a refreshing, salty-tart treat. But that might be for the better, because they clearly know how to make a vegan flavor taste like the real thing. Especially amongst celebrities, a point the property is very eager to make on their website. 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There is nothing standard about the four new offerings from Walmart’s Great Value brand, which include Circus Cookie, Mango Habanero Coconut, Margarita and Root Beer and Vanilla Float. Ripple is less of an ice creamery and more of a plant-based dairy — selling a variety of vegan milks and powders. This year’s entry is four things all at once: The alcohol infusion is legit without being overpowering here and the “peaches and cream” concept with wine really seems to work. And this isn’t even McConnell’s best flavor of the year. Here are the best new ice cream flavors for the Summer of 2020 to help you finish the season strong. Unless I’m mistaken, Salt & Straw — the dominant food-truck-turned-multi-city-scoop-shop that really defined the hipster ice cream boom in LA and Portland (in San Francisco it was Bi-Rite Creamery; NYC had multiple entries that could lay claim) — didn’t have any new, non-vegan pints come out this year. Bottom line: This is a more balanced, brighter strawberry ice cream. Tart in a way that ice cream rarely is (that white grape/ vinous tartness). Bottom line: This is the Impossible Meat of ice creams — you won’t know it’s vegan. This one combines habanero mango sorbet with sweet coconut ice cream. I know what I’m getting into when I have a bowl of ice cream, I embrace it. Whereas other coffee flavors are just that, this is actually definable as a light roast, with layered notes of chocolate and tropical fruit and a fantastic aroma. Developing new flavors of ice cream is a passion of mine and there are very few ingredients that I won't experiment with. Originally Published: April 16, 2020. I think perhaps the best thing to say about this tart-savory combo is that with 50 pints for testing in the freezer, it was the only one I found almost empty when I got around to trying it. Because life hasn’t felt easy since March. A perfect summer treat, the Root Beer Float flavor combines — you guessed it — vanilla ice cream swirled with root beer sherbet! Mango Habanero Coconut, on the other hand, will add some spicy heat to your ice cream. There is nothing standard about the four new offerings from Walmart’s Great Value brand, which include Circus Cookie, Mango Habanero Coconut, Margarita and Root Beer and Vanilla Float. This year, I discovered that if you buy storebought waffle cones and toast them in the oven for a few minutes, even previously stale cones will crisp up enough to taste homemade. From the LA -based creamery that brought you guilt-free Chocolate Covered Banana, Caramel Macchiato, and Pancakes and Waffles ice creams: Say hello to Peaches & Cream. Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors. From boysenberry pie to rosé to s'mores -- these new ice cream flavors will help maximize your enjoyment of the strangest summer on record. Bottom line: The best thing to happen to rosé since the memes. Now that spring has officially arrived, it’s time to lay off the cozy soups and comfort foods and ready your tastebuds for the best warm-weather treat in existence: ice cream! Over the past four years, I’ve covered new ice cream releases in early June. This pint is the flavor that brought salted ice cream to the masses. The graham cracker swirl gives a nice textural balance, while the fudgy chocolate is gooey, which works nicely. Well, the Circus Cookie Ice Cream flavor is swirled with those classic animal cookie pieces to stir up some childhood nostalgia. Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. Which, technically, means they’re not on our list. Get Recipe . The secret here is that the marshmallow bit — the ice cream base — isn’t saccharine sweet. Thre are a few flavors this year that are just really, really good riffs on a classic ice cream iterations. This is a list of notable ice cream flavors. All that said, don’t be fooled into thinking that we’re talking about healthy ice cream here. Plus all the national brands (and many local ones) ship anywhere in the country these days. The first time I’ve really found myself wanting more of anything Rosé flavored, including the wine itself. the “best ice cream flavor of summer 2019” award goes to… “honey and cornbread cookies” by mcconnell’s “HONEY AND CORNBREAD COOKIES” BY McCONNELL’S Steve Bramucci Time to shout out the flavor that made Salt & Straw famous: Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons. This brand-new offering has a vanilla and cream-flavored base starring plump peach swirls. Sure, “salted caramel” was around — but it was still overly sweet. While it doesn’t have alcohol, the fat-free lemon-lime sherbet is pre-salted, so you could easily plop it in a blender with your favorite tequila for a perfect summertime cocktail! Pro Tip: As a maker of ice cream, a lover of ice cream, and a man who weighs a solid 20 pounds too many because of ice cream, I take my home-eating experience very seriously.