Mannion is a tremendous positional fit, and he’s also a good systematic fit. Coming out of the pick and roll, Mannion gets doubled quite often so often he’ll look to use hook passes with a little touch to a popping screen man. He gets caught in the air when attacking and often has no where to throw the ball. By Wes Morton @Wes_Morton Oct 26, 2020, 7:30am EDT Could the Hawks look to add more ball handling and passing in the draft? He doesn’t finish plays above the rim unless out in transition. 2020 NBA Draft scouting report: Nico Mannion . He can whip passes with either hand across the court and into some rather tight windows in the half court. Without having the pressure of creating his own shot, Mannion’s shooting percentages should increase dramatically. Watch any Arizona game and it is easy to tell that the first thing that stands out about Mannion’s game is how poised he is. Mannion' draft stock has slipped a bit and he's no longer a lock for the 2020 first round. It is absolutely vital that teams have both guards and big men who can play in the pick and roll. In the NBA, forced attempts lead to failed attempts. Mannion also operated mostly out of the high pick and roll which will also help him adapt to NBA offenses that run most of their P&R at the top of the three-point line. They signed Brook Lopez to a long term deal and have Giannis, Middleton, and Divencenzo in their frontcourt, so those positions aren’t needed. I prefer guards who go to the ball because they know that they can make a play in the open floor. In today’s NBA, it is vital that your guard can shoot the three. The pick and roll is so essential in today’s NBA because it creates advantages in the half-court. Nico Mannion is an explosive point guard with excellent ball skills, advanced vision, and strong finishing abilities. Mannion sometimes forces the issue driving to the basket and needs to improve his decision making. At 15 years old, Mannion was the subject of an in-depth Sports Illustrated profile that chronicled his emerging talents and adolescence. Wingspan: 6 foot 2 (and a half) Mannion is always looking for the ball to start a fast-break which is an overlooked quality for point guards, in my opinion. He is quite an explosive athlete who can finish above the rim with either hand. Both players are very good ball handlers with an excellent change of direction and speed. You’ve probably seen videos of Nico Mannion on Instagram or Twitter crossing up guys in high school and making the gym go wild. Statistics show that he has trouble making passes to pick and pop or spot-up shooters, but he is excellent with his downhill attack and his pass to the roller. Weight: 190 lbs Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When in the open court, Mannion’s decision making is usually pretty good. Mannion’s bright spot defensively is against the pick and roll. Failed attempts lead to a spot on the bench. Selecting Mannion, however, would alleviate their need to address their weakness at point guard, and add another element to their offense. Shooting will be another area to monitor as his shot has been inconsistent from deep. As a shooter, Mannion possesses solid shot mechanics and has range that can step out past NBA range. This past season, Mannion produced 0.983 points per possession (PPP) which ranked in the 50th percentile. Mannion will need to add muscle and get stronger to improve this. Mannion will need to improve his efficiency if he wants to make an impact in the NBA. These low percentages do not scare me, however, and I believe Mannion will be a fine shooter once he improves his shot selection. Mannion’s inability to guard other positions hurts his stock as an overall player. He appears to be a near lock for a lottery pick, but could rise up even further if he can consistently knock down jumpers. Basketball Society is a multimedia lifestyle brand that provides the most diverse coverage and brings the real basketball experience to society. As the primary defender of the pick and roll ball handler, Mannion only allows a PPP of 0.494, which ranks him in the top 10% of players in the NCAA in that category. At the NBA level, Mannion’s shot selection will mostly be catch and shoot jumpers early in his career. Nico Mannion was one of the most anticipated players coming into the 2019-2020 collegiate season. He is superb with the ball in open space and reads defenses at an advanced rate for a 19-year-old. Both of these guys need to improve their efficiency still; neither of these guys have met a shot that they didn’t want to take. Mannion is offensively refined with a smooth jump shot and tight handle. Mannion’s offensive game relies heavily on his ability to quickly pull up at any given moment. He has to put on some muscle if he doesn’t want to become a defensive liability in the NBA. Defensively, Mannion does not struggle; however, he does not excel either. You have entered an incorrect email address! Nico Mannion with the crossover and then the one foot floater for the finish…that's an NBA move right there, — ZonaZealotsFS (@ZonaZealots) November 30, 2019. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The future looks bright for him and it won’t be long on draft night before we hear his name called as I think he could very well go in the top 10 or even the top 5. Mannion is often targeted by opposing teams in isolation situations. This should improve his percentages dramatically. Furthermore, Mannion’s success in the open court would add another dimension to Dallas’ already top-ranked offense. The Mavs currently have the 21st pick in the NBA draft, and I would not be surprised at all if they select Nico Mannion there. For some odd reason, the Magic haven’t selected a guard in the draft since Victor Oladipo in 2013 who they then traded for, yes, another forward. On the offensive end, Mannion turns the ball over by trying to force the right pass in the wrong window at times. His weakness guarding bigger, stronger, players, however, will be an issue in the NBA. I believe that he will be selected anywhere between 15-25 in the first round. He also displays his hustle by going after rebounds in traffic, despite being undersized, and by jumping passing lanes that he turns into quick transition buckets. Of that 30%, he produced a PPP of 0.829 as the ball handler, which is very solid. I doubt that he’ll be asked to create his own shot, but rather, let the offense come to him through system play. An underrated aspect of Mannion’s game is his motor on the defensive end. Mannion needs to get better at making decisions when attacking the basket and passing the ball to an open teammate when he does not have a clean look. You can’t rely solely on quickness at the NBA level. Thank you James Naismith for the game of basketball. The Mavs have some depth issues at small forward and center, so it’s hard to say where they’ll go positionally at pick 21. It is clear that he needs to improve his game in several areas, but overall, he has all of the tools to translate into a useful NBA pro. Mannion’s first step is quick and will be hard to defend at even the NBA level. You’ve probably seen videos of Nico Mannion on Instagram or Twitter crossing up guys in high school and making the gym go wild. Mannion’s success in the pick and roll is what truly makes him a first-round pick. Overview Nico Mannion was a tale of two players during his freshman campaign at Arizona. Both guys can play in the pick and roll and sometimes have an erratic shot selection. He will need to rely on creativity and shot making to maximize on his potential. Mannion only shot 39.2% from the field and 32.7% from deep. Orlando is a pick and roll team in the half-court, so I think Mannion would be an excellent fit here overall. Age: 19. College: Arizona. His body movement when making an attack move is elusive, which helps him create separation. Luka is naturally a combo-guard but is the primary ball-handler and facilitator for Dallas. He’s unselfish, which is an excellent quality to have as a guard, and he looks to make the best play for the team, rather than the best individual play. He did more of that at Arizona University. Nico Mannion was one of the most anticipated players coming into the 2019-2020 collegiate season. I look forward to seeing where Nico lands and what he does in the NBA. Eric Bledsoe is a defensive-minded point guard who is great at attacking the rim but struggles shooting the ball. I want my point guard to want the ball in his hands at all times. Mannion looks to get out and push in the open floor often, which is going to translate very well into today’s ‘pace and space’ NBA style. His offensive IQ is high, but shot selection must improve. Ability to play on and off the ball. Last season, Jalen Brunson and Delon Wright did a serviceable job, but there is definite room for improvement. Against shooters, he’ll get over the screen. Is Tyronn Lue what the Los Angeles Clippers need? The Atlantic Files Ep163: Fred VanVleet has options. He will have trouble getting by bigger, stronger, defenders if he doesn’t bulk up a little. Can stop on a dime and quickly pull up before allowing the defense to get a hand up to contest. He isn’t a high-flyer by any means, but Mannion is definitely athletic enough to play in the NBA. This is something that Mannion needs to continue to do moving forward. Quickness is also a big area to be worried about when it comes to attacking and defending from the point of attack.