Scottish Bannocks Inspired by Outlander - Brownie Bites Blog When I made bannocks for that Scotch & Scones post I mentioned previously, that’s what I used — whole rolled oats. (. Prep Time So using rolled oats (what we call oatmeal in the US), makes the bannock much chewier. Explore recipes inspired by global flavors: British | Caribbean | Chinese | French | German | Greek | Indian | Italian | Japanese | Mexican | Polish| Spanish | Thai | American. I finally decided to use it, reasoning that Mrs. Fitz would have milk on hand (i.e. Mix together the oatmeals and oats and spread out on a, Bake for about 15 minutes, shaking the tray occasionally, until they start to smell toasted. Bannock bread originated in Scotland, where it was first made as a quite heavy and dense loaf with a barley or oatmeal dough and no leavening. So oatmeal = porridge oats (top row) & oat flour = oatmeal (bottom row)…who knew? I got really lucky and I have already seen the first two episodes. Scottish Bannock recipe … Bake for 20 minutes, then very carefully turn them over and bake for 10 more minutes until they feel hard and dry on both sides. I struggled with whether I should use milk or not because many of the modern recipes I saw used water instead. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Outlander has a lot of references to food so I decide to try out a recipe for Bannock, one of the first foods mentioned in the first book. There was a lot of discussion on that Outlander Facebook thread about how thick to roll out the bannocks. Bannocks are well-known across Scotland, but it’s hard to find a traditional bannocks recipe because everyone has their own version! The sum total of this realization was that I needed to grind up the rolled oats I used into a sort of flour before making the bannocks. I did find a use for them though (see the picture below). Heat a cast iron pan over a fire or on the stove on medium high heat. The one that I bake is from a lady in Scotland who shared it on an Outlander Facebook group. I ran out of rolled oats, but I figured that my makeshift oat flour was coarse enough to get the intended texture. I've got lots of suggestions for sweet and savory ways to use your fed sourdough starter and sourdough starter discard. A good test of this for your bannock is if your bread starts to smell (or look) like the bottom crust is burning after less than 10 minutes in the skillet, then things are too hot. Most of the recipes I found online used some form of leavening (usually baking powder), which I didn’t think would have been around then. Mix until it forms a dough. Nov 23, 2017 - This article may contain affiliate links which support this site at no cost to you. Side by side, which bannock will emerge the victor? We’d love to hear how it compares to what you remember! 49. (, Dust each side lightly with oat flour, mark a cross into one side of the bannock with the handle of a wooden spoon, then carefully transfer it to the dry cast iron pan. I discovered your blog using msn. Sign up for our newsletter to receive cultural tidbits & tasty dishes! They're great topped with butter, jam, or both because they can go sweet or savory. I’ll be looking for them! I wonder if he used too much salt. Then, being careful not to overwork the dough, gently pat into a round disc about ½” thick. Not to be troubled with the details, they began making their bannock dough thicker and simply wrapping it around a stick to be cooked over the open flames. As always, I’ll note in italics my comments and any changes I made to the recipes. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at @scotch_scones, and find her on Facebook at @scotchandsconesblog. Maybe the next time the modern bannocks will come out better because that toasted flavor was really nice. Cut the butter in with a, Stir in the milk — you should have a very wet dough, but not soupy (add a little more milk if the dough is too dry). Cook for an additional 5 minutes or until baked through but not burnt on the outside. Copyrights © 2017 NOVABLOG. I love how the Europeans use weight measurements instead of pesky volume need to convert anything (well, except for temperatures because I'm still an American and we use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius in our ovens). Looking at the picture above from Season 1 Episode 9 (and yes, I know it’s Lallybroch instead of Castle Leoch, but it’s the example from the show that I found), a bannock looked like the size of a large cookie, and was thick as well. Repeat with the barley. This is the place where I share recipes, crafts, DIY projects and real family life. Pack together well and flatten or roll out with a well-dusted pin until it is about ¼-inch thick. Discovering Outlander after Season 1 first aired, Tammy quickly went down the rabbit-hole on social media and podcasts and found a world of like-minded fans who not only tolerated her obsession, but encouraged the madness! naturally leavened without commercial yeast...that's another example of how I replace the commercial stuff with homemade stuff when I can). Hello! Well, you don't know me that well yet, so I'll forgive you for not immediately answering in a loud, confident voice, "No!". Carefully flip the dough over with a large spatula. If it seems too wet to hold together, add a little more of the medium oatmeal, but it should be quite damp. Check out Mary & Blake's new podcast dedicated to This Is Us on NBC! Print If you try it, let us know how it goes! I just discovered it was Scottish while reading about the battle of Bannockburn. Your goal is to keep the heat to the skillet at a steady medium level, so that the bread cooks, but doesn’t burn too quickly. *If using all all-purpose flour, you may need to add a little less water to your dough to get a good consistency. Welcome to our occasional series, “How They Made It.” We’re baking bannocks the way Mrs. Fitz in Outlander would, then updating them to the present day. She has traveled extensively and enjoys bringing the flavors of her travels back to create easy-to-make recipes. Bannock is a simple, flat loaf of bread that bakes up with a texture similar to a scone or biscuit, with a fluffy center that is slightly crumbly. As for the modern recipe version, the couple that survived baking almost intact were crumbly, nutty, slightly sweet, with a crunchy texture from the pinhead/steel cut oats…in other words, really tasty. However, while the flavor was definitely more pronounced, their lack of any cohesion was a disappointment. These are all examples of regional native flat breads that developed separately but with a common purpose. It's interesting to me how many cultures have the same type of bread, just different based on the grains used at hand. Today I am making another one tbis time substituting tigernut flour for the barley. Just move your skillet to a cooler section of coals (or off the heat completely if things are way too hot). Turn out the dough onto a floured surface and roll out to desired thickness, between 1/8- 1/4-inches. Coupling that with my appreciation of scotches and bourbons, I love to bake stuff, jot down my whisky tasting notes, and share my experiences with you! First, I tried the recipe using whole wheat flour (you know, to up the fiber a bit). Thoroughly confused, I decided to use Outlander Kitchen’s recipe for Jocasta’s “Auld Country” Scottish Bannocks simply because Theresa Carle-Sanders did her homework, and she said that this version would be something Jocasta Cameron (née MacKenzie) would have eaten when she was at Leoch. Cooking for less than 10 minutes on a side will result in bannock that is not quite done in the middle. Also, are bannocks supposed to be hard, thin, and brittle? Variations of North American bannock were made with corn (maize), making a loaf similar to a skillet cornbread. Loved it! Dump the dough in to the pan and push it out a bit to spread out. Turn heat down to medium. Hopefully some nice Scot will write to me and tell me it's ok and not to overthink things too much (and maybe send me a picture of a puppy...I love puppies). Outlander fans rejoice – the new TV series starts soon! It's worth a quick read (and a laugh). Cook the bannocks in batches until golden brown on both sides, about 5-7 minutes/side. Bannock: Scottish Heritage. To cook your bannocks on the stove top, preheat a large cast iron pan over medium-low for 5 minutes. 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour It is wonderful for breakfast spread with some jam or served for a main meal alongside your stew or main dish. Veggie Recipes Great Recipes Dessert Recipes Favorite Recipes Desserts Bannock Recipe Bannock Bread Scottish Recipes British Recipes. Grating it cold is the quickest way to incorporate butter into a dough for bannocks, scones and pastry. Find out more about her and our mission on our About Page. What fun memories! (If you will be taking this mix traveling with you, you can make this dry mix ahead of time and store it in a sealed plastic bag or container until you are ready to make your bread.). I’ve just discovered this site and love it! Hello There. Outlander Bannock Recipe. Sign up with your email address to be the first to know about new products, VIP offers, blog features & more. I could see putting these bannocks in a saddlebag and heading out to collect rent (assuming I could get the shape right). The egg will also add a bit of richness to your bannocks, and that can’t be a bad thing. In a large mixing bowl, combine the oatmeal, flour, baking powder, and salt. The next time we go camping, we’ll be bringing a bag of bannock mix with us and trying the stick method of cooking it over a fire! Heat a cast iron pan over a fire or on the stove on medium high heat. Here are a few samples... And, if you sign up for my mailing list, I’ll send you a link for my Extra-Tangy Sourdough Bread recipe! I had no idea oatmeal was different in the USA to over here (I’m an English chicky). Overall, I like the texture better using ground rolled oats than the way I made them in the past. Joining the staff of Outlander Cast as the resident baker has brought Tammy full circle, from a podcast fan to a contributing writer. Enjoy with butter, jam, or whatever toppings you'd like! Hmmm…perhaps a honey glaze for a finishing touch???? Learn how your comment data is processed. In the US, “oatmeal” refers to rolled or steamed oats, the stuff with which you make, well, oatmeal.