For the golfer who likes to practice or warm up we are equipped with a full size driving range where you can sharpen your skills or take a lesson from one of our golf professionals. Open . Pamunkey River (William's Landing) Tom McMahan. “That area of the Perquimans River gives anglers some great fishing opportunities,” said Katy Potoka, the Commission’s district 1 fishery biologist. The water is quiet enough to support lily-pad communities. © 2020 Anglers Channel All rights reserved. Since most of the structure is on the shoreline, we have a year round fishing where we can fish top water most of the day, and some days, all day! 8-9-2008 . August 8 Little River – Halls Creek Ramp. Anglers and boaters love the area, while persons seeking quiet can scarcely believe their good fortune. A day can offer a wind so slight that you’ll travel silently on what appears to be black glass. Perquimans River. Wind governs the depth of the Perquimans. North Landing River (West Landing Marina) Dale Passarella. During the Civil War, Union troops sailed up the Perquimans, destroying bridges in an effort to stop the flow of smuggled goods to Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Jerry, a Creswell resident, has been Tournament Bass fishing since he moved to Va. Beach in 1980.He moved from Louisville Kentucky … Even saw some water up to 43 degrees. 7-12-2008 . Required fields are marked *. A hundred years later, a new bridge was christened, and in 1928 the current concrete and steel bridge was constructed. Enjoy the uninterrupted views of wildlife, waterfowl and cypress forests. If you need assistance with anything relating to the marina after hours, please call 252-426-5751. The club membership is normally between 14 and 20 members. On the Lower Perquimans River Trail a canoeist or kayaker can travel 12 miles down the river to Hertford. “Boaters can expect to catch a wide variety of species such as sunfish, striped bass, largemouth bass, flounder and catfish.” The Hertford Bay Marina has 9 slips with water, 50 and 30 amp shore power, and sewage pumpout. August 22 Yeopim River – Bethel Ramp. Fished the Perquimans River, 1/2/11. Email. Many outdoor enthusiasts believe northeastern North Carolina has it all. Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr introduced legislation calling for designation of the Perquimans as a National Wild and Scenic River. Chowan River (13 bridge Schoups ldg.) There are no rapids and very little current. #derbyday Y’all buckle them PFD’s and attach t, Ain’t it crazy the things just rolling around th, Like, Tag, Follow and share for a chance to WIN a, What’s your go to bait this weekend? Open. The Sound Golf Links has a pleasant and accommodating staff that is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service that will make your golf visit memorable. Whether a novice or experienced paddler, you’ll find a variety of trails to suit your ability. When north winds blow, the river falls, as water rushes toward the sea. Yeopim River (Bethel Fishing Center) Paul Miner. 10-4-2008 . Managed to get about two thirds the way to where I wanted before I couldn't see. Edenton Bay (Pembroke Fishing Center) Robert McDaniel. September 12 Chowan River – Shoup’s Ramp . Every season in Perquimans county offers a different wilderness experience. Cargo bound for New England slipped through Currituck Inlet. Bill Murtha. Couldn't go up river as far as I had planned because the cold water had a thick layer of fog over it. ELIZABETH CITY BASS MASTERS Background: The Elizabeth City Bass Masters is one of the oldest bass fishing clubs in Northeast North Carolina. Frequently seen around the Perquimans are bald eagles, otters, swans, geese and various species of ducks. But, if you look closely, you’ll see a dark sandy bottom and observe fish swimming over it. JOIN THE CIRCUS. Victorian homes line a winding road that follows the banks of the river. After that a rate of $1.75 per foot will be charged per boat. The town of Hertford remained largely unscathed. If you're a golf enthusiast then you owe it to yourself to play our golf course, a fine example of quintessential Carolina golf.The Sound Golf Links offers an assortment of excellent facilities. A favorite recreational fishing ground and a popular place for cruising, sailing and many water sports, the Sound is part of the Intracoastal Waterway. Sweep of wind, not lunar tides, governs the depth of the Perquimans. Give back while Cruising! Club Classic - October 17 & 18 – TBD 2020 Region 7 Tournaments. Creeks along the trail are only navigable by kayaks and canoes due to water depth. The Goodwin Creek River Trail, three miles long, is a short outing that takes in the upper reaches of Goodwin Creek.