While you opt for a cage that provides you with an easy access to all its parts, make sure its door will also remain tightly shut and inaccessible when you mean to close it. Avoid cages with wire flooring; spending time on wire flooring has been linked to small cuts that can lead to bumblefoot in rats. Avoid the pink portion (the quick) that may be visible inside the nail; this is where there are blood vessels and nerves. Possible issues range from tumors to respiratory or digestive conditions to neurological problems. Measuring 30.5” L x 18” W x 30” H, this cage can easily provide a roomy habitat for one rat or two. (Cage decor rating from 1 to 10). A rat cage should have ½” of bar spacing to be considered escape-proof. Apr 8, 2019 - Explore Kayla Easler's board "Rat Habitat" on Pinterest. Moreover, this rat habitat includes two durable full-width plastic floor pans to provide solid flooring and to maximize play area. Domestic rats typically eat a pelleted diet with a supplement of fruits and vegetables, Bercier says. If you have a pair of fancy rats, then you’ll have no issue with this cage. See and discover other items: mouse habitat, gerbil habitat, hamster cages and habitats, pet rat supplies, rat cages There's a problem loading this menu right now. When it comes to purchasing a rat cage, a rule of thumb is to purchase one that is as big as your budget. Rest assured that even baby rats or kittens won’t be able to escape, which is critical if you have other pets that may prey on them. ), but the wire type commonly found in pet stores isn't very safe for rats who can get feet, toes, and tail caught; a solid surface wheel is preferable. You won’t find grates or barred surfaces either and thus, this greatly reduces the risk of your pet from getting feet injuries. Nonetheless, you may opt for a smaller rat cage if you only need to house kittens or baby rats. While bigger is always better when it comes to rat cages, there are many reasons why this teensy cage is a must-have. Limit access to the cage by other household pets; a rat will feel threatened by a hovering cat or dog. Before you take a rat home, make sure you have the following awaiting in his fur-ever home: warm beddings, a water bottle, a ceramic food bowl (filled alternately with dry rat food and fresh produce), a hammock, and lots of physically and mentally stimulating toys. It is currently housing seven females. At the bottom of the cage is a storage compartment where you can place all your pet essentials. Avoid direct sunlight or drafty zones. Another good thing about this cage is how narrow the bar gaps are; hence, even baby rats won’t be able to squeeze themselves out. As for your convenience, Critter Nation installed full-width double doors, so it is easy for you to clean and maintain. Other possibilities include a flowerpot or jar turned on its side. Measuring 29.9” L x 18.1” W x 18.1” H, the AmazonBasics Rat Habitat is inarguably a small cage. This condition usually develops when a small wound on the foot becomes infected with Staphylococcus aureus or E. coli. Nonetheless, there are casters to make it easy to push or pull around when you need to change its location. There is no way your naughty pets can chew their way out or for predators to chew their way in. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage, 5. The shelves are made of heavy-duty plastic, which is ideal as it prevents your pet’s tiny feet from foot injuries. With two twin handles, carrying this carrier is as easy as carrying a picnic basket. Nail trimming is not difficult, however, your rat will probably object and try to squirm away. Also, assembling or dismantling the rat cage shouldn’t be that troublesome. Its full-width shelves are also adjustable so you can fix it according to your pet’s preferences. Observe daily cleaning practices. Make sure a supply of fresh clean water is always available. They live in ports, woodlands, dumps, sewers, barns, sheds, basements, attics, cities, suburbs, and more. Dispose visible waste and dampened beddings as soon as possible. With a large cage, you can add toys and paraphernalia to keep him entertained. Unless you have limited space or budget, then choose a cage that can provide at least 2 cubic feet of space for each pet rat. While rat blocks should comprise the basic diet, a variety of fresh foods can be used as a supplement to aid in keeping rats healthy and prevent boredom with the pelleted diet. It may not be as heavy-duty as the Critter Nation cages, but this unit is fairly sturdy without being too weighty. A rat needs 2 cubic feet of space to be comfortable. If you wish to get a temporary housing for your baby rats, then choose a cage that has ¼” bar spacing. A check-up every six months is the best step toward preventing or managing disease. With two full-width double doors, the Critter Nation 161 by MidWest is such a fun cage to own. If you need to separate the bucks from the does, for instance, you may simply block the middle part of this rat cage to create two separate compartments. Here is finally a nice picture of my rat cage, freshly cleaned and equipped with a hole role of toilet paper. Even though they are naturally short-lived pets, they can develop a variety of health issues. Housing the Rat A large wire cage is best, especially one with horizontal bars that allow the rat to climb on the sides. Unlike chip beddings, these beddings are dust-free and exhibit a paper-like absorbency. If your pet rats can easily open the door, then the cage fails to serve its purpose. This feature also helps prevent deadly accidents due to a heavy fall. Not only will this cause sprains but also serious damages to his tiny feet that may require amputation. The Kaytee My First Home Habitat may not be a heavy-duty cage compared to its expensive counterparts, but as long as your pets aren’t much a chewer, then you won’t be having issues with its plastic parts. Rats are highly intelligent and hence, they can easily unfasten a feeble latch.