Diseases Know More Click to Call . Papaya can be cultivated in any weather. The pits should be e filled with top soil along with 20 kg of well decomposed farmyard manure (FMY), 1 kg of neem cake and 1 kg of bone meal. Bamboo baskets with banana leaves and lining material should be used for packing and carrying the fruits from field to local market. Therefore, for the proper establishment of papaya plantation, suitable windbreak should be planted at the orchard boundary. Waxing of fruit and storage under low pressure (LP) has also been successful in reducing the disease incidence and increasing the shelf life papaya. In mature leaves, chlorotic patters is light color between veins accompanied by numerous small rinds ranging from transparent yellow to tan yellow. Place harvested fruits in picking bags, galvanized containers or pails. Forestry Plants. Whether we can get ready seedlings of papaya for plantation. Papaya has become popular all over Asia. What kind of soil is best for papaya cultivation. The yield of well-managed papaya plantation is 35 to 40 tons of fruits per hectare which is roughly 4 times the average yield (national) of 10 tons per hectare per year. Earthing up should be carried out before or after the onset of monsoon to avoid water-stagnation and also to help the trees to stand erect. Irrigation in Papaya Farming:- Usually, in papaya farming, it requires to irrigate every 2 weeks in winter season and 9 to 10  days in summer. It can also be a profitable enterprise. Start fertilizing when seeds are planted or when seedlings are transplanted in the field. Papaya can be intercropped with coconut, banana and vegetables also. When papaya trees grow older, harvesting is done with the use of ladder. apart and covered with fine compost or leaf mold. How many number of papayas can be produced in single plant? to get started., Email me at besbremisana@yahoo.com, Your email address will not be published. The major advantage of Red Lady papaya is that the ripe fruit has a longer shelf life, said papaya sapling entrepreneur Sreekumar Kooppillil. Spray Malathion at rates recommended by manufacturers. With natural fertilizers, good yield is not possible for commercial papaya farming. As these fruits are highly perishable in nature, they can be stored for a period of 1 to 3 weeks @ 10 °C – 13°C and 85 to 90 % of relative humidity. COST AND RETURNS FROM ONE ACRE At this stage, leave one tree seedling per planting hole. The distance between windbreaks varies with location. You have mentioned maxoof 250 kg/year/acre. For plant density and other papaya project details, You can read this : Papaya Growing Information. We are cultivating papaya for the last 16 years, especially 786 Taiwan red lady hybrid papaya seeds and plants. The fruit should be packed properly for dispatching to market. Papaya helps in kidney disorder cases ands found that the juice obtained from the papaya leaves helps in the dengue fever treatment. – Cut all infected trees and remove them from growing trees and other cucurbit plants. Papaya plants should be clear with stored water, so draining is very important in papaya plantation. Papaya requires a constant supply of moisture for continuous growth and production, but it is not possible in the hills of this region. Propagation in Papaya Farming:- Generally, Propagation is done through seeds. Always keep one meter area around the trunk free from weeds. Papaya Farming Information Guide. Papaya roots are very sensitive to waterlogging or standing water. Factors such as soil types, rainfall, locations, cultural practices, and age of plant influence fertilization practices. Transport For local markets the fruits are transported in trucks while for distant markets it should be preferably sent through railways. Care should be taken not to disturb the root system. Pests and Diseases in Papaya Farming:- The common pests found in papaya farming are  fruit flies, ak grasshopper, aphids, red spider mite, stem borer and grey weevil.