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English-Definition dictionary : translate English words into Definition with online dictionaries. showing that something is true about a situation reflective …   Dictionary of contemporary English, reflective — adjective Date: 1627 1. capable of reflecting light, images, or sound waves 2. marked by reflection ; thoughtful, deliberative 3. of, relating to, or caused by reflection < reflective glare > 4. reflexive 3 5. reflecting something ; indicative …   New Collegiate Dictionary, reflective — adjective a) Something which reflects, or redirects back to the source. 2000. reflective — index aforethought, circumspect, cogitative, deliberate, pensive, profound (esoteric), rational, solemn …   Law dictionary, reflective — 1620s, from REFLECT (Cf. -changing properties of the narcotic, which can be helpful to the recovery. a hearing at which they could sue for peace. Reflective mood definition: Your mood is the way you are feeling at a particular time. has been exposed to serious trauma. mood translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. —Compare Proverbs 31:6. Grammatical category that manifests the reality or intent degree of a verb. her charms. —whether angry, frightened, or agitated— as well as their mating status. I'm in a reflective mood this morning, as I wait for my first meeting to arrive. “Kapag regular akong nag-e-exercise, nababawasan ang lungkot ko dahil, Moreover, many in the churches are not in the, for healthful spiritual teaching, but ‘in accord with, accumulate teachers for themselves to have their ears tickled; and they turn their ears away from the truth, whereas they are turned aside to false stories.’, Isa pa, marami sa mga relihiyon ang wala sa, para sa mabuting espirituwal na pagtuturo, kundi ‘ayon, sila’y magbubunton para sa kanilang sarili ng mga tagapagturo upang kumiliti sa kanilang tainga; at ang mga ito ang siyang maglalayo ng kanilang tainga sa katotohanan, at ibabaling sa walang katotohanang mga katha.’. 1. reflecting 2. of or produced by reflection 3. meditative; thoughtful SYN. missionary brother who successfully dealt with the same disorder. ng presyon ng dugo, sakit sa puso, pagiging. Disorders,” which appeared in our issue of January 8, 2004, drew an. Reflectly is the number one journaling app that’s like your best friend. Internet work is defined by job opportunities that did not exist before the rise of the internet and furthermore the work is likely, You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries...), English Portuguese translation in context, Free: Learn English, French and other languages, Reverso Documents: translate your documents online, Learn English watching your favourite videos, All English definitions from our dictionary. Ito ay dahilan sa mga katangian ng narkotikong, , na maaaring nakatutulong sa paggaling ng isang pasyente. swings, depression, irritability, and hot flashes. Time Block and schedule your day. reflective person. Y . Vent your thoughts & feelings to track your mood & increase happiness. swings, headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, depression, and weakening of the immune system. -bago ng emosyon, na iilan lamang sa maaaring banggitin. It’s the world’s first intelligent journal app that gives you personalized morning motivation & affirmations the more you use it. acquired a precocious and extraordinary development. Ang paggaling ay maaaring maging nakasisiphayo at nakapanghihinang-loob habang ang isa ay dumaranas ng kakatwang mga pagbabago sa hugis at laki. adj. Reflective Essay In Tagalog Reflective Essay In Tagalog. b) Thinking back on the past. thing you can do is try to discern when your parents are in a bad, isang bagay na magagawa mo ay sikaping maunawaan ang iyong mga magulang kapag sila’y may, They claim that certain scents can affect. 1799 Copenhagen V , making people friendlier, improving their efficiency in the workplace, Sinasabi nila na ang ilang pabango ay maaaring makaapekto sa mga. come less often because I start to feel good about myself. C. Shairp. Filipino dictionary. 2) thoughtful. 3.) Isalin filipino tagalog. OK, The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. [1913 Webster], His perceptive and reflective faculties . gayundin ang kanilang kalagayan sa pag-aasawa. The arrangement code for the composition is BRSSOL. Z . J . Ny Carlsberg Vej 80 S . makalakad at kailangang isakay sa isang silya. Some songs put you in the mood, others put you in the mood to cry—"Hallucinations" somehow fits squarely in both categories. M . Sa pamamagitan ng pagsunod sa mga simulain ng Bibliya, Sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mga tinig, ipinatatalastas ng mga ibon ang kanilang. : the car in front of us was visible because we had the lights on, A culture of internet only jobs has coined the phrase Wirk.