I've changed doctors because I wasn't happy with the lack of answers. On July 8 th 2011 I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery. I haven't gotten the authorization for it yet anyway...I haven't seen the op records but my worker's comp attorney has them. Well, that timeline has long passed and I am in worse pain than before surgery. It looks all like there are raised lines because the bandage was just on pretty tight. I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery in January 2015. Gotta be your own guide. Ulnar Nerve Surgery paula, if Neurotin is the only medication you have tried for the nerve pain there are many others used to treat nerve pain. When physical therapy and other forms of nonoperative treatment fail to control pain and restore function, nerve release surgery may be the best option to address symptoms. Yikes! and asked if they would sedate me to do it. Now unless you are a doctor or nurse or have had problems with your elbows you may not know what your ulnar nerve is. The surgery was done because of a repetitive motion injury at work which caused cubital tunnel syndrome. So far two weeks later, way better at elbow but forearm to pinky a bit rough. Hi paula & welcome to Healing Well. If not I would obtain a copy. Whether it takes injections or another reoease surgery you have to keep up on it. Surgery for Ulnar Nerve Entrapment. Unfortunately it doesn't seem there is a check ahead of time to determine which is the choice to use.. although in my case nothing was lost by trying in situ, I feel zero effects from that procedure and have just a small Z shaped scar on my elbow from it. My new orthopedist put me on Celebrex last month and I feel no different. I have new doctors now and so far, they haven't given me much hope for new treatments that will work either. In the acute setting, this may be experienced as difficulty with specific activities or strength maneuvers. I'm going to ask my new orthopedist if he's read the surgery notes next time I see him. It was pretty close between left and right.. but not as 'sharp' feeling on the surgery arm (even close to the incision it felt more like a long scratch than individual points). If you’ve ever hit your funny bone, you know the pain associated with the ulnar nerve, which runs down the inner side of the arm. I had monster nerve pain for two years after a transposition and dreamed nightly of chopping my arm off. The surgery was done because of a repetitive motion injury at work which caused cubital tunnel syndrome. Combo of lidoderm patches, tramadol, and 1200 mg gabapentin knock pain down like 30%. Ulnar nerve injuries and compression are the worst. Ulnar Nerve Surgery If ulnar nerve entrapment is left untreated, the condition can cause impaired joint mobility in the fingers and hands, irreversible muscle wastage, and permanent lack of strength and hand-grip. If the cause is not the tunnel being too tight and the nerve is being pressed on my other structures (muscle) then in situ decompression doesn't seem to be the right choice to resolve it. Thank you all for your support and understanding. Ulnar nerve surgery can be used to treat ulnar nerve entrapment of the elbow. Just had it re released a elbow where there was massive amounts that f scar tissue around the nerve. subluxated ulnar nerve in 50% of patients under-going revision ulnar nerve surgery after failed de-compression in situ.