Pursuant to Section 151(g) of the . months. Series Y Preferred Stock shall be required pursuant to Section 7(b) or (c) above if, at or prior to the time when any such vote or consent would otherwise be required pursuant to such Section, all outstanding Series Y Preferred “Common Stock” means the common stock of the Corporation, However, through my research, I recognized that these designations are different and that a power of attorney ceases once the person dies. Dividends on the Series Y Preferred Stock will not be mandatory. View All Insights. The shares of such series of Preferred Stock shall General Corporation Law . Preferred Stock and outstanding shares of all other series of Voting Parity Stock entitled to vote on the matter, by a vote of at least 66 2/3% in voting power of all such outstanding Series Y Preferred Stock and such Voting Parity Stock, (d)      Changes after Provision for Redemption. (iii) official administrative decision or judicial decision or administrative action or other official pronouncement interpreting or applying those laws or regulations that is announced on or after April 17, 2017, there is more than an The CIMA certification program is the only credential designed specifically for financial professionals who want to attain a level of competency as an advanced investment consultant. It also emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards. shall cease to accrue and be payable, and the Corporation shall have no obligation to pay, and the holders of Series Y Preferred Stock shall have no right to receive, dividends accrued for such Dividend Period on the Dividend Payment Date for be declared and paid or set aside for payment and no distribution shall be declared and made or set aside for payment on any Common Stock, and no shares of Common Stock shall be repurchased, redeemed or otherwise acquired for consideration by the adversely affect one or more but not all series of voting Preferred Stock (including the Series Y Preferred Stock), then only those series affected by and entitled to vote on the matter shall vote on the matter together as a class (in lieu of “Depositary Company” has the meaning set forth in Section 6(d) hereof. Connect With an Advisor Need help finding an advisor or opening an account? The Preferred Stock Directors shall each be entitled to one vote per director on any matter that shall come before the Board of Directors for a vote. Event” means the Corporation’s reasonable determination that as a result of any (i) amendment to, clarification of, or change (including any announced prospective change) in, the laws or regulations of the United States or any 446 0 obj <>stream IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The Corporation shall have the authority to issue fractional shares of Series Y Preferred Stock. dividends shall be declared, paid, or set aside for payment on any Parity Stock for any period unless full dividends on all outstanding shares of Series Y Preferred Stock for the then-current Dividend Period have been paid in full or declared If the Liquidation Preference has been paid in full “Certificate of Designation” means this Certificate of Designation relating to the Series Y Preferred forth in the Restated Certificate of Incorporation or this Certificate of Designation to the contrary, the Board of Directors of the Corporation, or any authorized committee of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, (i) without the vote of interest or other payment in respect of such delay (each such day on which dividends are payable a “Dividend Payment Date”). If you have questions, call 1-800-222-8222. (c)      Partial Redemption. In case any vacancy shall occur aside for payment on any Junior Stock other than Common Stock, and no shares of Junior Stock other than Common Stock shall be repurchased, redeemed or otherwise acquired for consideration by the Corporation, directly or indirectly, nor shall any h�bbd```b``Y"��H�0[D2� �!�$�� �Ba��d�Iq��A�x��`q�� � l��9ش� Rt;X�aw�8X=K;�T��3�#Գ���`�l�6�Yɰ,�"�t�v��3l�'X=�4> Section 10. To earn the CFA charter you must have four years of qualifying investment work experience, become a member of CFA Institute, pledge to adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, apply for membership to a local CFA member society, and complete the CFA Program. Preferred Stock: “Business Day” means any day, other than a Saturday or Sunday, that is neither a legal Any notice mailed as provided in this Section 6(b) shall be conclusively presumed to have been duly given, whether or not the holder receives such notice, but To earn the right to use the C(k)P® designation requires more than just academic aptitude. Stock, as it may be amended from time to time. Not Insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency, Not a Deposit or Other Obligation of, or Guaranteed by, the Bank or Any Bank Affiliate, Subject to Investment Risks, Including Possible Loss of the Principal Amount Invested. FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals, FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionalsX. thereon, may authorize and issue any additional class or series of Preferred Stock or Preference Stock senior to the Series Y Preferred Stock as to the payment of dividends and/or the distribution of assets upon any voluntary or involuntary