It becomes an artistic scavenger hunt. I also find a lot of craft items and lots of items from this auction like site call Listia you can get a lot of items there for free but may have to pay of shipping depending on the seller. As you said, I would rather be doing the crafting! Looking to get decent art supplies, but I don't want to spend too much as it'll be for drawing exercises and sketching at this point, not finished work. this is a great article. If you think of any others, please let me know in the comments section so we can all share! BeautyBigBang is a cheap nail art supplies online store. Isn’t the wall of fabrics in a craft store the most gorgeous thing you’ve laid eyes on? Student grades or bargain brands often will have less pigments in them and more fluid in their base, especially in acrylics. If you have any please contact me at Additionally, your local yarn shops might have deals on sites like Groupon. If you’re a fan of garage sales and thrift stores, you can upcycle with little risk. You’ll also see this in oils, where the cheaper paints will have more oil in them. So, there are a few ways to score free art supply samples. Thank you. Public domain vintage illustration, A vibrant vintage scientific illustration, A rich, vibrant public domain print of a tree frog, Vintage frog and cannon public domain print. “Buy Nothing” groups are great for this! I find old curtains, etc. It was even better! Thank you again. I’ve also been fortunate enough to find yards of fabric at thrift stores all you have to do is think outside the big craft stores. Also, scope out your local dollar store. I am in the UK, but much of this still applies. When we remodel or relocate, we want our sparkles and baubles to go to a good home. It never hurts to look for free art supplies on Craigslist. Glues/adhesives or any kind. Chances are, someone out there has stuff to unload and they’ve held onto it because they wanted to give it a good home- like that adorable stack of fat quarters they bought to make a baby quilt and the baby is now entering grade school. Paints are very similar. I see a lot of this frustration with colored pencils. I don’t care what anyone says. Thanks for the tip on the dollar store! I still like to draw on this, for the paper is a beautiful color, and it has a perfect feel to it. I found out that many of these are made in the same manufacturing plants as the art supply boxes, and the only difference is in the price tag. While I never advise using cheap, inferior art supplies, I do have my tricks. There are many of them, old, not-so-old still on cards, etc. A lot of arts and crafts stores tend to be overpriced, such as Michael's (from what I've heard, could be way off here). Usually, people unload craft supplies and fabric in mass here. Another resource for good, natural brushes is your local nail salon. Login to post a comment. If you buy a full set (which often comes in carrying case for travel), the other brushes are very useful: I even use the mascara brush for scratching texture. But before you go off bargain shopping, let me tell you what not to do. so you have to be smarter about your purchases to ensure you get what you need and save as much money as you can on craft supplies. And, like you, I decided to figure ways to beat the system, primarily through Ebay and Goodwill stores. Trash to Treasure example: I was just recently at the dentist and the hygienist was talking about how she has a garage full of clothing and such that she is going to go through and get rid of. When people discover they no longer like knitting or buying the entire aisle of needlepoint supplies, they may want to get rid of it en masse. While it’s good to save money when you can, using inferior quality in your art mediums can produce disappointing results. In my city, I’ve found stellar deals with our local quilting shops for classes and also some of those fun “sip and sew” classes to sign up for with friends. You could also take this opportunity to score free paint samples, fabric, or texture samples from exhibiting designers. I would like to come to your Thrift shop that sells a bag of buttons for only $1. Do you buy your art supplies online, or are there some stores you'd recommend? Jerry's Artarama Art Supplies; my Goods; Plaza Artist Materials; Stuff4Craft; Amazon Warehouse; SmartMart Store; What America Buys; Sponsored Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Of course, this was in the days before things were made for cheap in China and sold at a (sometimes) loss at big box stores like WalMart and Target. Have just bought my beaut’ new machine and want to try quilting, needs some fabrics. I’m making quilts for charity and can always use quilting cottons or nah quilting supplies if you or anyone has any. I would typically find free fabric scraps, paper, and damaged accouterments at these stores. When shopping for craft supplies, wholesale prices like ours allow you to save significantly compared to shopping at an art supply store. Denim from jeans is a great medium to make into skirts, purses, cosmetics bags and aprons. They work with just about every canvas dimension known to man, have easy-to-read info so you can pick the card that matches your canvas/paper dimensions easily, and I added the markings on horizontal and vertical center to help me see exactly where I wanted the subject to sit on my canvas.