grrrrr…. There has never been a day in the history of Katz's Deli when they would just give a customer a tiny sliver of salami and pretend like that was in any way ok.  How hard is it to say "I'm really sorry, we're out of whitefish salad..."And you know what? Presumably, the fish was smoked first for preservation purposes and then, when it was time to serve, fancified with sour cream and onion and egg to transform something meant for survival into something meant for pleasure. I tend to like mine salty and smoky, definitely on a toasted bagel. One of many, but this one made me salivate – on a full stomach! We heard good things about this place, and decided head over one weekend morning. I could pretty much go on a shopping spree at the deli counter. If you go, order an everything bagel (don’t say toasted, they don’t toast!) Get what you want, when you want it with Postmates When I lived and worked in Queens I used to stop at a bagle bakery on Queens Blvd (and 69th Street I think) and get a fresh baked hot bagel each morning on the way to work. The worse your breath, the better the bagelage. My dear friend’s mother is kind enough to invite me to all Jewish holidays at her house, and these days she always seems to find a way to bring a “nice Jewish boy” for me! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! #4 - Hot Pastrami, Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese. This one one of the last places in the area with the good sense to serve proper hasbrowns rather than some vile, gluey chunk potatoes. Even dinner is aight. We found great results, but some are outside Los Angeles. They were so good and tasty that i could eat one plain as often as not. Actually, what is white fish anyway? Submit corrections. It can be a little pricey for brunch or lunch, but quality ingredients cost money.Saul's, I love you. Bacon?, oy vey!) For Passover we ordered some take-out from Saul's. the ruben (yes i tried it again in the same week) was better than the first but, where was the flavor!! MY trip to the restroom....I walked across the was OILY...oily....not slippery that I had to catch myself on the railing that runs behind the dining area without a rug in front of the kitchen....a waitress saw me going down and helped me....she asked if I was alright...I said I was shaken up because I could have fallen and broken a hip! Luckily, I work by one. Walked in after coming back from the safeway. The whitefish salad had that lovely smoky signature flavour, with a nice amount of fish oils giving a richness that was not overpowering. I’ll have to check it out! Hello: I live in Seattle, WA, and while visiting relatives in Petaluma, CA, I have had the Acme Salad from the Costcos around their area.