Thus, each employee has to make a flexible work arrangement that aligns with and will help them fulfil their individual needs. A strong communication plan can help leaders set expectations and successfully orchestrate a diverse group of distributed employees. You should also ensure that they are able to adapt to these changes. As can be seen in steps put forth in this article, workplace flexibility is very important in order to have a diverse and all-inclusive workforce which is important for a business to thrive and move forward. (Flaws and Can You Get Fired), Strategies for Retaining Employees and Minimizing Turnover, Five Things Your Employees Need to Know About Their Benefit Options, 50 Best Office Christmas Decorating Ideas, 25 Types of Hazards in the Workplace And How To Prepare, 50 Workplace Stress Relief Activities (For Individual, Team, Group and Company). Diversity, on the other hand, refers to the presence of a diverse range of people with different circumstances and backgrounds within your workforce. Information provided in this blog may not reflect the most current legal developments and may vary by jurisdiction. Ensure that the option of flexible working is included in the recruitment process so that prospective and new recruits will know the options available to them in a particular department and role within your organization, 5. Workplace flexibility refers to a situation whereby employees have a choice as to how, when and where they work and accomplish their tasks. By Karen Kelly|2019-04-11T10:39:40-07:00February 9th, 2017|Categories: Work Flexibility Best Practices|Tags: collaboration, leadership, remote work, virtual team|. June 5, 2020 • by Mary Beth Downs in Risk Management. The future work paradigm will be “the right work with the right person can be done from anywhere”. Diversity is very important if a company is to remain competitive as it is a requirement for innovation and creativity due to the simple fact there are different people from different backgrounds and with different experiences that will bring new and diverse perspectives to problems facing the establishment. This is how workplace flexibility comes in and encourages diversity. For employees, there will be time to work on and achieve other things such as take the kids to school, attend a variety show or a football match and so on all of which will lead to happiness and satisfaction. Workplace Flexibility: Best Practices for Staff Requesting a Flexible Work Arrangement A verbal conversation with your supervisor is the best way to initiate an interest or request for a flexible work … This is because the availability of this will take off the stress of having to make arrangements to drop off the kids before coming to work or arranging for a nanny for them. For instance, the needs that a flexible workplace can accomplish for a young unmarried man is different from those that it can accomplish for a family man. Thank You for Supporting Work Flexibility! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. If all these are put in place, your business will be well on its way to becoming an all-inclusive workforce and as such, top talents will be attracted and will be interested in working with you. Topics include: Click here to read more and download a copy. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly. Copyright 2013-2020 1 Million for Work Flexibility. With how easy it is to communicate in real time these days, employees can choose to work from anywhere, receive instructions and input while at the same time submitting their output simultaneously. Do You Have a Plan? The presence of childcare facilities: organizations that have childcare facilities where parents with small kids can drop off their kids are also encouraging diversity through workplace flexibility. Quite a number of these has been mentioned in this article, some of those benefits, however, are a boost in career ambitions, a boost in productivity and employee engagement, and a reduction in absenteeism. 2488. Workplace flexibility has many benefits to offer both the employee and the employer. As such, every. Wondering how to work seamlessly while traveling? 0. Also, to ensure that employees do not misuse such an opportunity, training programmes should be organized as well as a means of communicating effectively. All rights reserved. Yes, diversity is important in the workplace. During this 1-hour webinar, we’ll break down what you need to know and do now to stay compliant. Unless there a flexible workplace exists, such an individual would leave the organization just so he/she can have time to cater to the needs of his/her family. This will help ensure that parents with small kids have a place within the organization’s structure and that they can give their best without any hindrance. 9 Templates to Help Your Company Boost Flex Efforts, How-To Guide: How to Manage Team Time Zone Challenges, Research Explainer: Changing Managers’ Attitudes May Boost Flexibility, Work Flexibility Tax Implications for Businesses, Building Virtual Power Teams for Top Performance, How to Help Your Remote Workers Feel Less Remote. This particular arrangement does not only benefit employees, it also benefits employers. Here are a few to consider as you craft a new policy. To keep and attract talent, all companies will need to have a policy with best practices to accommodate work flexibility. 1 Million for Work Flexibility is the first national initiative bringing people together to create a collective voice in support of work flexibility. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Workplace flexibility is very important for the growth and development of an organization due to the fact that it can lead to a boost in the happiness and satisfaction of the workforce. Employees can then work with the organization to create a flexible arrangement after factoring in their role in the organization and whether or not this will afford them to opportunity to have a flexible work time. It refers to informal policies that allow a superior to grant flexible worktime to employees based on his/her discretion. It involves working from a remote location while maintaining contact with your office via the internet. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. To keep and attract talent, all companies will need to have a policy with best practices to accommodate work flexibility. To help companies implement work-at-home environments during this COVID-19 pandemic, they have updated their Workplace Flexibility and Remote Work Best Practices Guide. How diverse and inclusive an organization’s workforce is can be the deciding factor of how competitive they are in their industry. By Peter Ivanov|2019-04-11T10:39:35-07:00April 5th, 2017|Categories: Work Flexibility Best Practices|Tags: collaboration, remote work, virtual team|. What is Office Etiquette and Why is it Important? So, what is workplace flexibility and diversity? For things to work smoothly, however, you should ensure that your managers are receptive to the changes that will be brought about by a switch to this arrangement. The information and materials on this blog are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal or tax advice. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We’ll be joined by experts from ESM, Fisher Phillips, and the Sequoia Risk Management Team. Observe and monitor the productivity of those utilizing the options workplace flexibility provides them so that you can ensure that their work output is duly recognized. Are Employee Engagement Surveys Really Confidential? A diverse workplace affords an organization the opportunity to have a wide range of talents working to help fulfil its goal and drive it forward. Workplace flexibility is a means by which you can ensure that your workplace is inclusive and that it has a diverse range of workers from different backgrounds and with different circumstances for example, working families. Formal and Infomral Workplace Flexibility policies, 1. As such, every business will benefit greatly from implementing and adapting this arrangement in their workplace. Research has clearly shown that for most employees who have any type of remote work arrangement, they: Met their goals more reliably; More productive; … Ask them to make suggestions and give their opinions on better and innovative ways to work, 3. All Rights Reserved. 25 Problems with Social Media in the Workplace (Employee and Employer Adverse Effects), Over 2,500 Workplace Professionals listed on OSW List, Over 11,000 Coworking locations listed on OSW. These cookies do not store any personal information. Your name and email will always be kept private, and you can always unsubscribe at anytime! These are; The formal workplace flexibility policies refer to those policies regarding workplace flexibility that are officially sanctioned and approved as human resources policies, and which has a due process that has to be followed when an employee is seeking for flexible worktime or other types of workplace flexibility while the informal workplace flexibility policies is the opposite as it is not official and does not follow official channels.