Ashwini Nakshatra, spanning the zodiac Aries, is the first of the 27 Nakshatras in the Indian astrology. Name syllables for Moola nakshatra babies: Purva Ashada, also known as Jal nakshatra, is the twentieth star sign in the Vedic astrology. Adornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most important, Ornament, Unequalled, First, First Ray of the Sun, Calm, Red, Brilliant, Another name for the Sun, Long lived, One with long life, Duration of life, Fragrance, Strong, Auspicious redpowder traditionally applied during the festival of holi, Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality, Name of a sage, One who humbles even the mountain, Sacred wood apple tree, Time, Creeper, A vine, The Jasmine creeper, Boundless, Unstoppable, Victorious, Unopposed, Full of Joy, Mountain strength, Ireland, Peace, Sunray, Fair, Open minded, Pure, Brilliant, A pandava Prince, Bright, Of the Aryan race, Ancient, Warrior, Speedy, Another name for Indra, Kind, Benevolent, Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God, Age, Man, Long lived, One with long life, Duration of life, Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous talented, Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna, When the Moon just becomes visible, Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod, Pole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm, Steady, Lord Buddha, Remover of darkness, Full of life, One of the seven rishis, One who enlightens, Joyful, Kings of the hills, Kind hearted a sweet, Delighted, Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity, Fortunate; Blessed; Prosperity; Wealthiness, Conqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious, Indian saint in 1440, Great, Famoussufi saint, Noble, Imagined, Creative, Appropriate, Exact, Invented, Talented, Intelligent, Ear, Document, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit, Shortform of Lord Krishna, compassionate, harvest, One of the most popular gods, the eighth and most important avatar or incarnation of Vishnu, The spirit that gives the unquenchable thirst for the unknown, fire, that which is unperceived, A mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, Sound of the sacred syllable or Religious word OM, Fragrant herb, Atmosphere, galaxy, gates of Heaven, Ascending, Blossom, Another name for Vishnu, rising, A dagger with two sharp prongs curving outward from the hilt, originating in Okinawa and sometimes used in pairs in martial arts, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, theology. People belonging to this nakshatra are believed to be leaders in their fields. Autism In Babies: What Are Its Signs And How To Manage It. Some of the straightforward boys’ names we think of as English — like the royal Charles, William, Henry, George, and Louis — all have non-English roots but may carry nicknames like Charlie or Bill that are distinctively English. The exalted nature of this nakshatra is evident by its symbol, the cow’s head. Name syllables for Shravana nakshatra babies: Dhanishta nakshatra, deriving its power from the eight ‘vasus’, happens to be the 23rd birth star in Vedic astrology. Indian astrologers consider both nakshatra and sun sign to paint a thorough picture of a person’s personality. Parents look up to numerology to pick a name that will bring luck to the family and will go well with the surname. The Nakshatra reflects the attributes of its ruling deity Indra. A Chitra Nakshatra baby has an innate charm, which makes him or her endearing. People belonging to Jyeshta are brilliant. Hindus believe that nakshatra plays a significant role in shaping their baby’s life, character and destiny. People born under this nakshatra have high moral values. Therefore, a name based on the birth star will reflect the child’s personality. A person’s nakshatra is determined by the position of the moon at the time of his or her birth. Tamilians believe in preserving their culture and heritage so as the tradition of naming the child is celebrated with much gusto. Its symbol, a bunch of roots tied together, drives home the fact that every event happening in the world is associated with some reason or the other at its root. People of this nakshatra are very caring towards everyone, especially children and grandchildren. Name syllables for Chitra nakshatra babies: Swati nakshatra, the symbol of art, creativity, and freedom, corresponds to the western star Arcturus and spans through Libra zodiac. People born under Ashwini nakshatra have a gentle personality and are skilled in whatever they do. One of the most positive features of this nakshatra is the people are capable of immense love. Purva Ashada belongs to Sagittarius zodiac. Consult your astrologer for the final decision on the name. Astrologers believe that nakshatra can give an insight into the baby’s personality. Name syllables for Punarvasu nakshatra babies: Pushya, residing in Cancer, is ruled by Brihaspati, the chief advisor to the gods. People belonging to Arudra nakshatra emphasize strongly on their mind and thinking capacity. The details help him calculate the position of the moon at the time of the child’s birth. Name syllables for Rohini nakshatra babies: Mrigashirsha, spanning Taurus and Gemini, is symbolized by the Orion constellation surrounded by three stars that form celestial huntsman’s head. People born under Purva Phalguni have an artistic side to them, which is why most are lovers of music and other forms of art. Below we’ve listed the syllables related to each nakshatra. The birth star is associated with strength, prosperity and wonderful marital qualities. The symbol of Uttara Phalguni is a bed. But before browsing through the names for your baby boy, ask yourself: How does the baby boy name sound with your surname? The essence of Brihaspati is embodied in the three stars in the constellation of Cancer. The symbol representing this birth star is drum or ‘mridanga’ and the flute. With its ability to strike a balance between the contradictory forces, Anuradha symbolizes the fusion of joviality, sociability, and energy. Being guided by the planetary force of Mars, this birth star stands for adaptability, prosperity, and symphony. And since Bharani is a bright and active star, people of this nakshatra also take interest in multiple fields.