They also have a lot more conditions for maintaining the warranty validity. This is unacceptable. Share your thoughts with other customers!
  • The fiberglass is so bad in my boys room its all over the walls we replaced there bed and all new sheets with new pillows and bed covers $380.00 later and one visit to the hospital do to the fiberglass giving my boys a allergic reaction this is the worst thing I have ever had to deal with its like you can’t get rid of it everytime I turn around in my house I see fibers in other parts off the house this is going to cost a fortune we are literally about to put the house on market not even joking I am so mad this mattress should have never been able to sell in stores. The microfiber creates a soft plush surface that instantly relieves pressure when you lie on the bed. Was seeking information on what it was…now I know ugh. 10”-14” mattresses have a bit more give, making them ideal for side, back and combo sleepers. Anything we should do to seek help? I have been placed on antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and nebulizers, but the symptoms persist while I am in my house. We have my 6 month old baby sleeping in the same room and she has had a dry cough since we started sleeping on this mattress which I now am fearful is due to inhaling glass particles! I’m not sure if I still have the receipt ? The company recommends rotating the mattress every few months to prolong its lifespan. Ironically my husband started with a chronic hive issue he takes shots for. The tags on both mattresses actually instruct to remove the outer cover and machine wash cold and dry on gentle air cycle. My COPD got much worse during the time I had those beds, but I never thought it was them, till now. know that refreshing zing that hits you when you first get into a cool bed on a hot night? Omg I am not the only one! Of course, doing laundry over three years has caused my sheets and clothes to cross-contaminate. Please help us. The Zinus class action lawsuit states that on Feb. 14 2020, a news piece entitled “Hidden Hazards” aired on a CBS affiliate in St. Louis documenting “the danger lurking in your mattress.” The news story outlined the plaintiffs’ experience in this case when the Zinus mattress released a large amount of glass fibers, causing life-threatening injuries to their family. This is a positive, encouraging and wholesome community. I bought a full size Zinus mattress from Amazon. That’s when he realized that it’s fiberglass and now our whole upstairs is contaminated with fiberglass. I am covered in tiny abrasions and am having chest pain. is_redirect && ! What are we breathing in our lungs? Great choice for: Anyone looking for a low-budget mattress that is guaranteed to last for at least 6-7 years. I’m going thru the exact same thing. I have a year old baby. My boyfriend has been having skin problems since shortly after we got the mattress. This mattress is ideal for … Here are some of the important materials used in Zinus memory foam mattresses. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Great, now what? Grandson has stingy feeling after laying in mattress. I’m only 130 lbs, but for whatever reason fiberglass is dusting the ground beneath my bed. Everything had to be washed again and again, and finally, taken to a laundromat, where it had to be washed 4 more times before all the glass was gone. I have COPD and my wife has Chronic Asthma. Yesterday I was changing the air filter for air purifiers in the living room and the master bed, and when I opened up the air purifier in the master, the inside filter which has been changed last December (it’s been serviced by the technician sent from the air purifier company prior to this time so this was the first time I did it myself) and was covered with white powdery dust completely!!